Blockchain for Smart Homes – Proof of Concept (IoTeX & NKN)

Today, NKN and IoTeX are unveiling our blockchain proof of concept for the sharing economy. We wanted to redefine how homeowners can control and share their smart homes. Today, platforms like Airbnb own our personal data and have high fees, while public listings lack trust and security. NKN and IoTeXs’ blockchain technology addresses these issues and offers a new decentralized alternative to short-term home rentals. In this demo, we showcase some of the blockchain & IoT building blocks we’ve been working on. We integrated lightweight IoT devices to the blockchain – smart locks, thermostats, and lights. And developed a DApp running on NKN’s peer-to-peer network and IoTeX’s smart contract platform. It lets users control and authorize access
to their smart homes in a fully P2P fashion. It’s the first step towards the “Airbnb
of the future”. Homeowners can securely authorize access to their smart homes. Authorized guests can seamlessly control lights, thermostats, and other connected devices and can even unlock “add-on” rooms or equipment
closets in real-time through a convenient mobile application. With blockchain, homeowners can enjoy full control of their smart homes and data, while offering renters the same convenience and
a custom rental experience. To bring it full circle, access can be securely
shared with multiple people, and all terms between parties are enforced by smart contracts. Our collaboration shows the possibilities
of blockchain & IoT technology, and we’re excited to build this out further in the coming
months. We’re premiering our live demo at the Telecom
Infrastructure Project summit later this month in London – come check it out if you’re
in town and look out for more updates soon.

4 thoughts on “Blockchain for Smart Homes – Proof of Concept (IoTeX & NKN)”

  1. I’ve worked in R&D teams for some of the most we know smart home development companies.

    Can someone give me a run down how this solution improves on the multiple other solutions for connections such as Bluetooth,mesh networks, wifi?

    I hold a very large amount of nkn but I have no idea how this platform has benefits over the above mentioned alternatives .

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