12 thoughts on “Blockchain Economy | William Mougayar | TEDxIndianapolis”

  1. I've been assisting a research paper concerning Blockchain and the new Economy & would have thoroughly enjoyed the Blockchain summit2018 in Russia, but everywhere is on high war alert so that's really putting a damper on moving this thought forward. Maybe G8 ⚖will fix that so we can all be "movin right along". ?

  2. My question is – How you centralised decentralised economy with technology of blockchain? Does computing processing for managing data cryptocurrency come from each personnal computer of peer-to-peer for doing commerce? Or, from centralised computing center of an X company from where each peers has to subscribe to get the service, but then do we still call this decentralized commerce in practical?

  3. Disappointing TedX conference, not concrete (how blockchain will cut off all intermediaries, it would be great to have examples of blockchain technology allowing to avoid Uber as he said) and not taking account the current situation (cryptocurrency is right now not a viable solution, what needs to be done?)
    Blockchain will certainly play a pivotal role in the future of our societies, but this conference is just too superficial and shows nothing but some vague ideas. Execution is key, and here there is nothing related to how to execute the blockchain technology properly to change the statu quo.

  4. Yes i think Mr M is correct in his predictions.

    It'll be interesting to see which crypto comes out on top. Given that a currency is a tradable assets that represents the perceived value of its economy, surely the most resourceful of economies – those that take under employed resources and up-cycle them into experiences that money can't buy – will come out on top?

  5. how we can use and exchange so many currencies? and use them to buy real thing like food? So many currencies is hard too know what are good currencies that have real value.

  6. Awesome talk. I'm getting into Blockchain because of this TEDx talk. I picked up his Blockchain book at this event and have not stopped learning.

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