Blockchain Cryptocurrency Changing The FACE Of MONEY

You see, cryptocurrency is probably the biggest
thing ever in your lifetime.. ummm… in these last five years there hasn’t been a better
uhh opportunity, a better wealth-creating system, uhh a better opportunity than cryptocurrency.. Real estate, than property, than gold than
any of the traditional assets, because cryptocurrency is what’s known as “digital money”. And I want you to think about this because,
guys, digital money just like Bitcoin. Some of you have heard of Bitcoin but there’s
lots of people that don’t know what Bitcoin is. There’s lots of people that DO know what Bitcoin
is, but they don’t have any. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Bitcoin machine. FutureNet is a Bitcoin machine! You can take all your commissions into Bitcoin
and build a digital asset of bitcoin. Many of our members are building bitcoin because
the’re taking their commission out, instead of dollars they’re taking it into Bitcoin
and they are making incredible, uhh, profits with Bitcoin. Now, alongside bitcoin, we want to introduce
you to FuturoCoin. FuturoCoin.. ummm.. is a product that this company
has developed – they’ve developed their own blockchain – so the words I want you to understand
is these four words: blockchain, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, FuturoCoin.. ok that’s today’s financial
education. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, FuturoCoin –
LISTEN to those four words… The blockchain is the biggest technology to
hit the planet since, since e-mail. If you think about postage in the old days
– you had to write a letter, you had to fold it on a paper, you had to put it in an envelope,
you had to stick a stick a stamp on it, you had to walk to the post office, you had to
wait three days, five days for it to travel across the world before the other person received
it. Ladies and gentlemen, that was called “snail
mail”. What changed snail mail was electronic mail,
e-mail.. where you can type it and it auto-corrects this (you don’t even need to spell it auto-corrects
it for you) and you can send it instantly anywhere in the world, in seconds. That changed the face of.. of conventional
postage. E-mail, electronic mail. Well, ladies and gentlemen.. the blockchain
and cryptocurrency is going to change the face of money. Change the FACE of MONEY? Let’s do it!

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