Blockchain-based Microgrid in Brooklyn, New York

a single block in Brooklyn is pretty self-sustaining we rely on each other I don't have to go far to get what I need it's a place where I raise my family when my kids go to school our community really provides the foundation of our lives there is a constant interaction and exchange with those around me even though we share all of these products and needs with our neighbors the one thing we haven't been able to share is the one needed to make anything happen energy the micro grid a power system in miniature is changing the way we think about community and how we can interact with our neighbors using a network of community solar panels it strengthens the infrastructure providing additional power generation storage and transactions between households neighbors can harness excess energy and sell to other tenants in their buildings or neighbors across the street utilizing lo3 blockchain ledger technology this exchange of energy is made possible by Siemens micro grid software which couples the lo3 blockchain program serving as a virtual backbone of the entire system it enables the transfer of energy between prosumers and consumers and also provides real-time analysis of supply and demand across the system it actually allows you to put a safe to your energy provider and not just any face your neighbors the micro grid aims to strengthen your local grid and reduce disruptions that are caused by incidents tens or even hundreds of miles away leaving you unaffected dangerous situations like hurricane sandy while the rest of city may lose power it is you and your family remain ok literally powered by your communities micro grid community is redefined every generation how we interact with one another is constantly involved this technology is bringing something fundamental to the neighborhood and with software that makes the whole microgrid smarter Siemens is working with lo3 to help neighbors across America control their own energy and their future

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