49 thoughts on “Blockchain and World Poverty – IMPORTANT Keynote Programmer explains”

  1. Smart Contracts. In the real world there are often times when after signing a contract both parties realize that they need to make a change to the contract for practical purposes – an addendum. How does the current smart contract on the blockchain handle a needed addendum?

  2. I am bereft of interested people in the area I live.

    I tied to talk to them and I went around and talked to many local mayors about the future of block chain and how I can help them to refinance their broken municipal funding mechanisms.
    They think I'm "crazy." 🙂
    This a 'Blue state' (Delaware model) and there has been so much fiat money in this system it has made them drunk with power and loosened their minds.

    They have also robbed the Govt. pension funds and many of these 'leaders' will be leaving soon to go to their Cayman island home and I think I'm the only one who won't be surprised.

    The people in this area will have to learn again – the HARD way. They do not have the energy or the motivation to learn. They enjoy life to be 'soft and easy…' They no longer 'waste energy' on efforts, and the path of least resistance is their focus.

    Most of them won't venture outside their front door and instead they hover around their TV's all day and night while they wait for their EBT cards to fill and watch outside for the 'food bank' to bring them 'free' GMO bread and a (highly watered-down) Bible tract…. I live in Washington State (USA) and it is too late here. The people have been 'rendered' unto death. They have lost their ability to THINK.

    I will have to leave this Gitmo and find friends elsewhere.

    When I do, I will make sure to find the time to view one of your presentations in another city and I will get to meet you in person. Perhaps in Hong Kong. I will share some ideas with you then… Thank You for all you do to educate people for this new dynamic and 'coming dispensation!'

    A word of advice to all:
    If you sell pieces of yourself to gain temporary control of a current situation – one may be at risk of losing their 'autonomy.' One must be aware of all and measure ALL of the assets they bring to the table when 'making the deal…'
    Think on that for awhile…

  3. Very good!!

    18 minutes..this is longer…my coffee was very good this morning!

    Video liked…now spamming others with this link, mass adoption!

  4. Hey Ivan, A great talk as always. I have a query and I hope against all hopes that I would get a reply from you. There seem to be many blockchain app development platforms have came up such as Ethereum, Neo, Lisk, Cardano etc. Just need to know one thing. If someone who is already into software development and would like to give a head start on learning DAPPs development, then how would you recommend the person to start with? Will it learning the solidity on top of ethereum and developing dapps first? Or it's up to the developer to pick any one of the available platforms?

  5. Thanks! Your channel has been highly valuable in the past months and hoping the public speech & other fields keep growing too. I know this talk could only scratch the surface of world poverty (and I am very much aware of Agenda 2030 as I teach it in Finland), so maybe that can be elaborated in the Crypto Pub or elsewhere.

  6. Only problem I have with cryptocurrency is the fact I need to provide my ID to purchase them. I know you can purchase without ID but the price and fees are soo high.

  7. Hi Ivan, How do you see Hashgraph? Do you see it is a possibilities to be a improved version of blockchain? Pls comment

  8. I love your videos Ivan I hope to see you in the UK one fine! blockchain day! could you do a step by step guide on buying cryptos using different exchanges please?

  9. awesome that you're traveling and giving talks all over the world..yet, at the same time…

    whoa!!…too fast for an audience where many people in it are new to most of these concepts (as you described them being a certain kind of group)..for instance:

    for a bank worker/banker new to this, explain that the "ICO" acronym represents the term, Initial Coin Offering. similar to what, for people working in finance, would know as an, IPO.

    terminology..and every noun, specific to the crypto-currency universe, for those who are new..or even 'new-ish,' to it would be, ideally, explained clearly..as, even with the *ICO definition next on the screen, they still sounded uncertain about what it meant..and there are clever ways to incorporate definitions into a talk – so, no need for anyone to sound as if they're reading down a list of crypto glossary words. ?

    but it can help an audience to understand better: tokens, coins, exchanges, ICO's, online/web wallets, hard wallets, offline wallets, purchasing and trading options, mining, blockchain, smart contracts, etc.

    not that every relevant topic will be covered in a talk, of course – but whatever is being covered, the words used, understood, will make all the difference…including​ knowing that, no, not everyone knows about Satoshi Nakamoto and the mystery around his/her/their identity.. i mean, definitely make a point to explain that more clearly, lol!..because, if nothing else, the listeners, largely, will find it intriguing – since nearly everyone loves a good mystery!?

    anyway, it's details like that which can determine if one keeps or loses the majority of an audience, even if they are too polite to let you know they're 'lost in the (crypto-currency) woods,' from the first few minutes..you want more citizens of the world on board, not running ? ? for the hills, away from it all.

    for most people, the basic Crypto-currency language is all new!..let alone the more specific 'dialects' within it having, specifically, to do with programming and/or software development or exchanges and mining, etc.

    so, really import to not assume everyone is getting it..try this on:

    if you're not a medical expert, imagine being in a room full of people or listening to a talk making use of the 'languaging' and terminology re: medical diagnosis practices..or the registered nursing processes, specific to the systems used, specifically for the nursing diagnosis practices..both the physiological and the psychological modes…and the presenter is speaking a mile a minute, using all of that terminology..as they're assuming you know enough of it to be able to build on your only basic medical learning and knowledge, with every sentence.

    in other words: take the care and time to understand and consider the demographics of your audience..and tailor the presentation, as well as a Q & A,..to the people who welcomed you in to talk to and with them about this amazing and fairly new technology and currency system.

  10. Blockchain would not solve poverty, and it would not make life of ordinary people better. But it could surely make a small portion of people rich.

  11. Thanks! Great presentation. I am a javascript and node developer and I would like you to suggest me good books for Enthereum and smart contract programming. I want to one of the first people with Deep understanding of Blockchain in Africa/ Nigeria

  12. Ivan, science and technology must free the poor because religions and governments have never done it and will never do it. ?

  13. great talk man. the passion you have for this subject is palpable. you paint an exciting picture for the future!

  14. yooo~ you killed it. Great presentation Ivan. Only thing I would update about this presentation would be explaining a little more about how "blockchain technology" works so people new to the concept can understand the technical theory.. personally think "system of incentive" doesn't do justice.. I have hard time explaining to family members all the time…

  15. The only criticism I have for your channel is that your good looks is distracting. Have you tried changing lighting so you don't look that good so as to be a less distracting? It is up to you because it is your channel but I am just saying because maybe other people agree. Thank you and keep the awesome work!

  16. Hi Ivan, fantastic presentation, am from Kenya and have a project complimentary to yours talk in poverty, let me know how I can share with you the details.

  17. How about bitbronze & cpu phone mining for the destitute? where is all that info Ivan? … I don't care about lawyers & insurance bisness & banks!!! they ARE the corrupt, THEY are responsible for the financial inequity of our civilisation. Qu'est que fuq Ivan? Let's go let's do this get the ball rolling man, I'm only a farmer; you have the brain = you have the responsibility to either get relevant people involved or get 'er done your self :/ Cheers even if I think this is wrong title for video. Peace

  18. Excellent presentation Ivan! You helped me so much when I first began this exciting journey into this space earlier this year (what happened to the spiral notebook with your scribble? Lol ?) Love how you make the complex easy(ier) to understand. Recommend your channel all the time !

  19. “Yup and but this particular picture is from the UN” lol Ivan basically said you missed the point!!!!

  20. The number 1 goal of UN is to protect the ruling regimes against the peoples. It is a club for the regimes and that is that.

    You mean the number 1 STATED goal of UN.

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