Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in 2018 | Interview with Karl Seelig

my name is called silic I founded a company which is in proctoring technology between BLX we just started the company this year and before this I was a CEO for telecom colouring class which now a change to the blockchain great do you mind if I ask Allah what made you decide to start going into the blockchain industry I'm also listening to technology during we develop products in telecom and I was really interested in this technology for the inspection of this technology was showing me opportunities which are outside cryptocurrencies which is really interesting very cool how do you think that blockchain is gonna further develop and grow and have an impact in 2018 I think we will see a lot of things in blockchain we've see you'll see a lot of lunches of cryptocurrencies but we will also see other things like launches in Internet of Things where protein will be used we will see it most likely in different applications in the medical field where we see that protein will be used for scramble for pharmacies for prescription and so on so I think it's a new thing it's just like it was before an Internet then it was voice over the Internet now it's proctoring over the Internet do you think that you know crypto currencies volatility and reputation and all of the rhetoric around it actually hurt the development of blockchain or do you think it's a force of good that sort of pushes it forwards well everyone is in the same boat and from a marketing perspective everyone involved in the blockchain right now it takes advantage of the boom in the cryptocurrencies so everyone tries also when it's far away in just a little part of the business to say I'm involved in blockchain just to take advantage what the cryptocurrencies right now do but doing this has also negative thing when the cryptocurrencies would crash so we'll also all the other stocks go down in the blockchain so it's really important right now for everyone involved in court chain to have a strategy what will happen then there would be basically depreciation of the cryptocurrencies and do you think that's gonna happen there's always a market adjustment internet stocks went also down in 2000 and we make now more money over the whole internet then we did ever before so when I'm a pessimist and I say yeah one day the stock market will crash I'm surely right and of course one day the world will also end that's you thank you very much for talking thank you very much

10 thoughts on “Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in 2018 | Interview with Karl Seelig”

  1. Seeling is a thief. This joker sold people absurd phone plans, knowing Sprint would shut him down. Look up the drama surrounding RingPlus. Damn thief.

  2. However, I would also like to hear how the blockchain is used in practice in his company.
    And about the volatility there's a million of opinions and no one has 100% probability.

  3. Cheerful optimist. I believe that this is correct, that many companies implement blockchain and not simply convert their name to increase the rating.

  4. I think he made some points in blockchain now being adopted by other businesses not just cryptos. Also touches on businesses who benefitted from adding blockchain to their names, without having blockchain tech, experiencing drop-offs in stock when crypto currencies fall as well. 
    An example of this is like when Long Island Iced tea company changed their name to Long Blockchain, experienced a 500% increase in the stock market, then decided they weren’t really going to get into blockchain. To avoid penalty they now are really going into blockchain tech but their intent was to first benefit from the blockchain buzz being made by crypto currencies but not fully commit to it. 

    Whats ChainBLX though? Does anyone have a link?

  5. This guy is from chainblx. He should have spoken about what they really do. I saw a full paper that he had at the Forum, about the value of cryptocurrencies, and it was way more informative than this video. He’s obviously just trying too hard not to say anything wrong instead of getting into the really informative material he puts on the website.

  6. wow, that video taught me nothing. it didn't even entertain me… nice of you to interview people, but I assume finding better guests shouldn't be too difficult.

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