Blockchain and Cryptocurrency 101 1 Introduction to newbies

hello everyone my name is Dave partner and in this video tutorial series we will be looking through blockchain and cryptocurrencies and the reason I’m making this video is that this is a completely new technology but then the problem is solving is so important that this technology is basically what we take over the rest of our future and a whole lot of billionaires we have been made people have become millionaires multimillionaires and billionaires within the last eight years because this technology is just it is old but the problem is that if you search through the internet you can’t you won’t just get a coordinated explanation and in-depth general overview explanation of what this really is I bet if you’re watching this video you might still be confused about what actually is blockchain what is cryptocurrency what is Bitcoin what is a theory on how do they all relate so that is why I’m making this video I want to take this terminology step by step and show you through so this is a theoretical cost but then at the end of the day you will walk off this cost knowing a whole lot about cryptocurrencies and block chains blockchain the blockchain technology was proposed in the 1990s but it was finally built in 2009 and people that invested then if you invested two cents into Bitcoin in 2009 by 2017 that two cents would have bought six thousand dollars so that is how many people who invested 1000 dollars ten thousand dollars in 2010 have become mega mega millionaires today and today as we’re speaking people are selling all their properties if you google the internet you see people selling their whole properties just to buy Bitcoin because people has taken a lot the rest of the world has not caught up to what bitcoin is really is – what cryptocurrencies are and what block chains are the rest of the world has not caught up so if you are watching this video in between 2017 18 and probably 19 among the first people to catch on and you have a big opportunity if you among the first people remember when the internet first started showed up in the 90s the people that started something it beast an internet-based business then had become multi multi-millionaire and now so let us check the first person is Elon Musk II started x2 in 1994 between 1994 1996 and today that made him a lot of money he eventually moved into PayPal and from then on he has studied space X yesterday Tesla he has started the boring company a whole lot of companies he is so rich now because when he was young at the age of 24 he leveraged the power of the internet because in the internet was in new technology then now that was around the time that Amazon started and that was around the time that Google started Yahoo started Facebook started a little later on but by the time Facebook was that and people didn’t understand what social networking was so this is at the same time where the same kind of time right now when the blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still like 80 years old is not even up to ten years and the rest of the world has not caught up so there are about 17 million people who have created cryptocurrency accounts and the whole world is about seven point six billion people so as you can see this is the right time if you even invest in now you might be regretting that you didn’t invest in 2009 when Bitcoin was worth 2 cents right now he’s still very very early if you invest now that bitcoin is worth $6,000 it is still very early because but it’s time next year 2018 it is it is estimated that Bitcoin might might sprout up to $20,000 but however this video tutorial is not just about Bitcoin is just going to show you what bitcoin is but it’s also about blockchain blockchain is a technology that are on which Bitcoin is built on and not just Bitcoin all these other technologies other cryptocurrencies the technology on which it is built on can handle all that means more than more than just a cryptocurrency trading and stuff the technology can do a whole lot of things for instance it can help or it can be used in prevention of crime can be used in relay states can be used in like they are using it right now in sharing computing processing power all right so this is a new technology people are building stuff off of it so if you’re watching this video you are doing the right thing I want you to sit down sit back and let me take you through this ride and by the end of this video you will understand everything about block chains and cryptocurrencies and ethereal and Bitcoin and mining and and how they all relate to each other so thank you very much see you in the next video and let’s go ahead

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