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What’s up, everybody?
We’re here watching Pull Up and I’m Andrew Ricketts
from and we have with us…
Tell ’em your name. It’s your boy Black Youngsta,
you know what I’m saying? The Black Youngsta who wrote CMG and I pulled up to come tell you
about my debut album, 223, dropping on 223. Now, like, you are like,
the unofficial Money Team because your Instagram was so wild
with those money videos, bro. How do you prepare for
15 millions dollars cash on the hotel bed?
Like, how do you do that? I wouldn’t say 15 million,
it was 2 million. Now like, really,
see the thing is, like… I just love motivating the people. So like, me, I’m the type of bro, I keep
cash around me at all times anyway. How much cash are we talking about?
Not to put you out there, but like… It can change, it can change. Any day, a lot depends on what’s going on
and how I’m feeling, if I feel like going to the bank,
don’t feel like going to the bank, if I feel like going…
You know what I’m saying, so… It’s legit money
so it don’t really matter, it’s not like it’s drug money or nothing,
you know. And you could just stop
at any bank and be like, “Yo, let me get that M.” Not any bank! [laughing] I just talk to my bank,
you know what I’m saying. Right, right, right. But I just try to motivate
them people, though. Like, you know… Like, I’ll never forget… Like, a lot of people, like… The reason I named my album 223 is because it took 223 days
for me to make my first million. – Wow.
– So it was a purpose behind it. – Wow.
– So I want to motivate the people. I don’t really be trying to like,
playing the day like, “I’ma show some money today.” It just be like, “I got some money on me
right now, I’ma go…” You know what I’m saying like,
chick just counted me? Let me just go over
’cause I got cash on me. Well, I mean, that’s inspirational,
you got an inspirational life and one thing I wonder,
’cause you got all this money, if you had like, the biggest net worth
in the world, like, let’s say you was Diddy money or
you was like, Jeff Bezos, Amazon money, What would you do, in a typical day,
with all the money in the world? To be honest, I would probably order,
I would probably order… If I…
Diddy a billionaire or what? Yeah, he had a billy, right?
Just had about a billy. If I had a billy, I’d just order
a hundred million dollars in cash, just to show the people. It ain’t… ‘Cause the thing is, It ain’t about, it ain’t about, you ain’t
gotta never go beat your whole count, you know, you don’t
show them everything, you just show what you making,
what’s coming through – Yeah.
– and we both know I get money. That’s crazy bro, ’cause that’s a lot
of cash to be rolling around with. It really ain’t nothing,
like, when you moving it… Like, deals coming through every day
so, cheques coming in any day. That’s true, well, one of the things
we was curious about, what’s the biggest cash purchase
you ever made in one day? I’d say… I’d say 3. …
I think it was 3.4 – 3.4.
– 3.4 million? – I had to go buy a Bugatti.
– OK. Now, now, this particular day right here,
I was planning on doing something. I never forget,
I got out like Bro, I was like “Er…” I said, “I want the Lamborghini”, I mean,
“I want the Bugatti”. I was in Hollywood,
I had rolled past, I saw one, city steel, I said, “I want the Bugatti, bro.” And I was on the way up to the lot, I said, “I’m gonna go up there
with the money, a lot of money,
just threw it on the table, like, I want the Bugatti right now!
– That’s crazy! You know, the Bugatti didn’t come
for like 900,000. When I went to get it,
I just showed up with a lot of money. How do they react
when you do some shit like that? Like, how do they… Like, when you
pull up with that amount of cash, like… It be wild, it be crazy, it be crazy. But I was just on some young [bleep] shit
just trying to pull up and go crazy, you know what I’m saying,
I wanted the Bugatti bad, Bugatti were like, “You got some little shit money.”
He was like, “Man, fuck that car.” And he was like, ’cause he said,
he was like, “Man, er… That what you telling me?”
He was like “Er…” He was like, “Na… That don’t even really matter,
you get that, they not gonna even understand that.” So he didn’t even try
for that right now, he was like, “Just keep getting money,
boy, keep running up, it is what it is.” And I don’t drive my car, so you can’t
try to give me advice on… Not about tuning the car like, just,
you know, you driving, just… Let it be. So that’s the biggest like,
so the 3 milly, that’s the biggest you ever spent
in one day? – I think it was like 3.4, yeah, 3.4
– 3.4, God damn! – And you had the cash just on deck?
– Yeah. And what I mean by that is, I mean,
this the most money that I, I just went one day to get it out
and go do something with it. You know what I’m saying?
I just spent– Man I spend so much money. I got proprety, I don’t rent,
houses, everything. That’s another question we got,
’cause you talk about that, about your real estate investments. Where do you have real estate? Not to be,
all put your shit on front street but like, where do you have real estate?
Where are you investing? ‘Cause I feel like people
are inspired by you like, how are you even looking at that game
to get money like that? I mean, I have visions, man, I seen it
and I advise any other upcoming artist or somebody who got something going on
to invest in it in they city. Oh yeah, don’t go out of town
and buy all the… I didn’t done it before,
like, I done bought a house in Cadi and try to manage it, Air B’n’B it out,
you know what I’m saying. Yeah, yeah, yeah but what happened? ‘Cause you not there and you don’t got
nobody there for you at all times. I feel that. Like, one thing for sure,
before I even made Gotti, I think that’s why people showed me some
of the love and embraced me so much, ’cause I would have had beaners
and shit going on like, can I curse? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I would have had beaners and shit
going on and he kinda seen where my mind was,
you know what I’m saying like, I’ve been on the houses,
you know what I’m saying like, where we come from,
this shit cheap. You came in with hustle. Came in like that,
you know what I’m saying, I got my brothers around me like,
they been doing this, like… Do you feel like that’s the only way
to make it in rap, like, you gotta have, kinda like
a hustle spirit – before you even get in the game?
– Yeah, man. Like, I won’t say that’s the only way
to make it. It’s easier to make it nowadays,
you just come, “Ra, ra, ra, bitch, you a ho.” And you own, you know what I’m saying. Yeah, na I feel you. You could be the fakest mother [bleep],
the realist, it’s easy. Like, but the thing is… To be successful,
it ain’t about making it, it’s about… If this shit stopped today,
would you still be OK? Me personally, I’m cool,
you know what I’m saying. What I was doing before rap
was working out just perfect for me. So even if this shit stop today,
I still got so much shit to go back to, you know what I’m saying. And I’d advise anybody that do own things
and they do invest they money, don’t show it,
don’t tell people what you doing, you know what I’m saying, if you got
a restaurant, don’t speak on it, if you got some fast food,
don’t talk about it. ‘Cause all you do is make room
for a [bleep] to come hate and throw a brick through your building,
you know what I’m saying. So I don’t really
talk about how much I own, I just continue how it is, you know
what I’m saying, I do well with my money. Man, it’s beautiful to see,
’cause you have fun with it, and I was saying to the homies earlier,
you’re like a character like, you like to have fun. So one of the things
they asked me to put to you is… What movie character would you be
if you could choose any one? Oh… – Like, cartoon?
– It can be anything. I’d probably be, if I was a hermit,
I’d probably be Martin Lawrence. Really? OK. If I was a cartoon, I’d be the little boy
on Boondocks. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Riley, Riley, Riley. [laughing] – That’s hilarious.
– It’s dope! Were you like the class clown in school?
Like, you kinda like, was wyling out? My [bleep] asked me to stand up,
teacher asked me to stand up and read. “Bitch, what you say?” [laughing] I was one of those. I’m cursing for no reason,
I don’t care what it was. Did you ever get like,
kicked out of school? Like, suspended or stuff like that? But I got my diploma,
so for all the kids, anybody out there, you can be bad, you know,
keep [bleep] cool but… Just make sure you get your diploma. Like, and I ain’t saying get it for you
’cause one thing I don’t believe in, I don’t really care about college. – Right, right.
– I feel like this shit a waste of time. But, I can tell you my reason for that,
but the thing is, get that diploma for your momma,
you know what I’m saying, your people and [bleep], your grandma. They just wanna hang something
on they wall, my momma got a big ass house,
and you know what I’m saying, stay by herself. But guess what though,
the diploma right there on the wall. She don’t give a [bleep]
about me being rich. She care about that diploma. Talk a little bit more about
that idea though, like, where, it’s like college,
you don’t really give a fuck you said. Why? Tell me. I dunno, me personally, I ain’t telling… I kinda agree with you by the way,
but go ahead. I won’t tell nobody,
“Don’t go to college”, if you got it in you, driving you to go
waste your time and do that shit, and become something later on,
then cool. ‘Cause everything take time. But I never wanted to do college
and now I feel like, if I go to college
for four to eight year, them four to eight years I could
have been doing something really big, really become succesful. And now it don’t take nothing, brah,
all you gotta do, you gotta just have these
right here, bro. These fists, it doesn’t matter
if you’re a man or woman, if you can squeeze tight,
you can do anything, you know what I’m saying,
I put my right hand to God like… Like, college to me is a waste of time. I know for a fact, I know
all my partners went to college, not trying to [bleep] on nobody
or nothing, they my partners
and I’ll do anything for ’em, but they still, right now to this day
look at me and be like, “Boy, you said it.” ‘Cause some of them,
they went to school and they don’t even do the shit
they went to school for. And it be hard if they don’t tell you,
you gon’ go to college, you gon’ have to pay
all this money back and then, once you get out of college, “Yeah, mother [bleep], it’s gonna be hard
for you to get a job! We gon’ take you through hell and back.” But that’s how they get them
at the label too, right? ‘Cause at the label, they give you
a certain amount of money and you gotta pay it back. Yeah, yeah but the thing is
with the label, you become successful in the near on,
so it’s like… And I won’t say every label,
’cause like, I’m signed to Epic, so my label, I love how my label operate
’cause they more of like, a family, you know what I’m saying, and it’s like,
you gotta know what you’re saying. Like a lot of people can’t stand it,
what predicament you in? You know what I’m saying, like,
picture like, going to er… – You work here, right?
– Yeah. So there’s you like saying,
you work here, he work here, she work here, she work here, I’m pretty sure all y’all
get different cheques and all y’all do different things, right? So when you sign the contract
with the label, it’s like, “Who are you?
What are we paying you for? You get an advanced cheque for what?
OK, who you planning on being?” Are you gonna start
doing these TED Talks bro? ‘Cause I feel like, you got like,
a lot of business expertise. Really, like, for people coming up. Would you ever branch out into doing that
and doing the music? I don’t wanna do it right now,
I’ll probably do it when I turn like, 50. I don’t wanna do it right now
’cause like, man these young [bleeps]
don’t wanna hear that shit. Yeah, but I mean the game’s to be sold,
I’m just saying, you got a lot of hustle knowledge, like,
I feel like people would appreciate it. I was them once, I was him once. – Right, right.
– They don’t wanna hear that [bleep], like I didn’t wanna hear that shit. So tell me now, now that you’re
in this position, in this CE, now you working with stars, like,
who’s on the album? Who did you look forward to working with
on 223? I got Travis Scott on there. He my partner, he crazy, a genius! – Amazing, you know what I’m saying.
– One of the best producers in the game. I got Tra, I got French, French one of
the most humblest person I ever met like, good dude, you know what I’m saying, one thing about me, I don’t dick ride,
I don’t say something just to make somebody look good,
you know what I’m saying like, you’re good,
French is a good person, bro. He’s shown love out here too, he’s shown
love when he come through, so… He’s got that OG mentalilty,
like ain’t too many catch that. You know what I’m saying like,
I run across so many people, so many people be fake, and French on my real list. So when you decide
somebody’s fake or real, then how do you proceed
with the fakes ones after you decide like,
“OK, he fake.”? See what make you fake and real is,
what make you fake… You telling me if I say, “Bro, can I do
so or so? You say, “Na, hell na!”? That don’t make you fake,
cause you said na. What make you fake is
the type of shit you do or how you treat your others. I judge people by how
you treat your friends. If me and you cool,
you might be nice as hell to me and might be a good dude to me but your momma could call,
your uncle could call, like, they need you back for something,
anything, you could just do some little bogus shit
to brush them off, I ain’t gon’ even wanna [bleep]
with you no more, ’cause you being fake. How you so nice to me but you ain’t even
like that to your folks you been with all your life,
you know what I’m saying. So that’s where I come from
and what I mean by French, he a good dude, you know how you meet
good people and you be like, “You just generous.” Like, how can you
even not like this man? You know what I’m saying? It’s like me,
like how can you not like Youngsta? Right, right, it’s true, na, it’s true. Exactly and you respectful. And I got God on the album,
that’s the big homie, you know what I’m saying, like, God is the first guy
to give me my chance, you know what I’m saying like,
one thing about this shit, I could tell anybody coming up,
ain’t nothing free in it, you ain’t getting nothing free,
you gonna have to work for everything you get. But what matters is when you get somebody
who believes in you and and puts you in a position,
you know what I’m saying, like, nowadays it’s an honor
to even be able to sign to a label, no matter who you signing to, ’cause they don’t even have to do it,
these people, they made they money. Yeah it’s just people who already eating. Yeah, they not redundant, so it’s like
anything they doing, they just taking a chance with you,
you know what I mean. So now we know that you’re charasmatic,
you like to have fun, – you keep it real.
– I love having fun, that’s it, fun. What is the new thing that
we’re gonna learn from you on 223? Like, your debut album, people wanna know
so much about you, what are they gonna most learn
about you on that? I’m a creative. I produced half of the album
with my partners. So… And the thing is like, I think what they
mostly gon’ learn is I got the talent, like they know I got it
but they don’t know. “Ah, he got it.” You know what I’m saying like,
they probably gonna realize then that he gon’ be here forever, like,
I ain’t going nowhere, no time soon. That’s great, man, I mean,
I like your work with T-Pain, what was it like working with T-Pain? T-Pain a good dude, same like French,
T-Pain a good dude. I like T-pain like… I just love being around people
that never speak down about nobody. Like, there’s people I don’t even…
Certain people I don’t even like but I won’t tell you
I don’t like that person. ‘Cause like, I’m gonna tell you why
I won’t do it, coming up when I first came in,
I was kinda young, so I was hot, you know, I used to come in
with the guns on the video, I didn’t know,
you know what I’m saying, but… I had Gotti telling me,
“Na, man, don’t do that. Na, that ain’t it, that ain’t it,
na, don’t do that.” But I just wasn’t listening,
you know what I’m saying, but with that being said,
they always ask Gotti like, |”Why are you behind it?
He too vioolent, he too doing this.” Just don’t know I’m a good dude,
I just didn’t know, you know what I’m saying,
just being young, you know what I’m saying,
so what I mean by that is, people kinda took it as like, you was
probably being around somebody like, “I don’t listen to him, man, he too hot.” Why you telling him that? Let that man
meet me for his self and figure this out. So what I said,
with somebody like T-Pain, it’s like, I love people
that don’t talk about people, don’t give you no judgement
on how you feel about them, just let me figure it out myself,
you know what I’m saying. Yeah like, you got it, man,
people be hating, that’s like you knocking a person
off their square, before they even get a chance to… – You know what I’ saying.
– Yeah. I mean, and I just wanna wrap up with
a question just about that, what you just said. You learn that on the first go around,
like, you getting famous, you got put on. After this first album, what are you gonna take with you
into the second album? What do you take as a lesson
from this first album to say, “Alright, I’m gonna make sure I do this
or I don’t do this”, on album 2? I’m gonna produce the whole second album. Wow. It ain’t about no money, you know,
Epic cuts cheques anyway. OK. Like, but, na, it ain’t about the money,
like, na, it ain’t never about the money. We ain’t never need for no money,
you know, we winning, man, CMG. So why, why do you want
to produce the whole record? Basically, it’s like, I think more like,
I hear more like.. – I hear more music when I test the beat.
– OK. So it’s kinda like, I can, like, I like,
I like, don’t get me wrong, I love everybody’s beats. But it’s like, I can make a beat
how I rap. So, the way I rap, if I come in… – I can make the beat dig it.
– Of course. So it’s different,
you know what I’m saying, it’s a better feel, you know what
you gon’ say on this beat, you making it. Then you can switch it up
a little in this part, right here. Break it down how you want it,
you know what I’m saying. You can work every song,
every joint like that, OK. Of course I’ll have somebody probably
making every beat with me. Just to keep different minds,
you know what I’m saying, I don’t care about who get no money
with mine, I just love the creativity. Hey, what’s popping?
I go by the name of Blac Youngsta. I rep them three letters, CMG. – Here to count Epic, and right now…
– We on Pull Up! And I’m here to bring you out
223 the album. Dropping on 223, my debut album. 223, go check that out,
it’s gonna be really exciting, I can’t wait to see what you bring, man. Thank you, thank you so much. – Appreciate it.
– Appreciate you, bro.

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