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Ripple XRP Ethereum ETH Price Predictions 2018 Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day This is the most bit coin the creased o of crypto as your boy BK and if you like me You must not like money. Thank you for joining me. Everybody. Today is September 21st it’s been a few days since I did a video So I wanted to jump back on and do a quick market recap with regards to ripple aetherium the crypto market and what to expect moving forward Just the quick heads up the way we do things around here now is with the free Bitcoin You need to leave a comment on this video when I do the next video I’ll go back if we have 50 likes or more and I’ll pick a winner, right? Um, so that is how you are able to win So if you just now tuning in subscribe hit the thumbs up button and look forward to making some money together If this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby, you are now tracking with the best My name is became known as that crypto trader and I’m the bubs these charts as you will soon find out every day I dress this microphone with my voice is another day. You can profit as a result and today is no exception So I’ve already know we’re talking about X R P But Before we jump into it, you know feet-first Don’t forget that too boy. BK did a little video. I’m not too long ago about, you know two weeks ago September 7th, hopefully, you were one of the two thousand people that watched that video I think that’s one of the things that you know Throw me off about YouTube. Your boy been doing videos dropped about 600 or I’m sorry 350 dimes on YouTube only get two thousand views in a in and two weeks, but you know These clowns can jump o now with 18 19 20 thousand views, but ain’t nobody make no money I told you about ripple two weeks ago. I said it’s going up. I Said buy it if you like Bitcoin cuz that’s what we trade it for. Should you buy Ripple? Well, that depends do you like Bitcoin number one number two? Do you want your currency your energy to be manifested and yielded on behalf of a centralized authority known as a bank? Those are two questions you have to ask but I answer the first one for you if you like BTC you should have bought it This was the video streamed live on air September 7th So now here we are, you know And I’m sure you know the crypto clowns that be they got about 18,000 different reasons as to why Bitcoin went up but none of them came on September 7th and told you that it was gonna do it Alright, but here we are. Nonetheless will ripple Be king that is yet to be seen but One thing we can look at what coin market cap is right now there is a tight battle For second place, right? 24 billion and aetherium 22 in Ripple, I think it actually have passed it look for a little bit earlier today, which means it must have come down So I’m either that or a theory. I must have went up a little bit, you know in the past Hour or so it looks like a theory I’m you know when I’m 15 percent So I guess that was able to allow it to stay on top for the time being but the biggest thing to know what ripple you know, this is uh, Cjb product, you know, I gave I gave a group, you know, heads up to the group number one Bitcoin group in the world I just take my main man on there With that, you know two things. Yes, they’re making money right now, but I guarantee you They’re not gonna make it on this one chart forever Eventually that charts got to do something like that just like it does every time and all that money Has to find somewhere else to go right and So what we see with ripple, right is that? During this time The only thing that we knew was gonna happen when I told you guys back, you know Two and a half weeks ago it was gonna happen Only thing that we’ve confirmed just like I said with Bitcoin Three months ago is that we are indeed in A new cycle, right? If we do a quick Fibonacci extension from this little breakout point to this intersection right there For a breakdown point you can see that we begin a new cycle at the green box which in turn Comes a little bit early but nonetheless is right there Ends between the 4 2 & a 4 6 right? Let’s scale it out. Let’s go to the top of our macro energy Right there, right. So all we doing is moving this box over here and That’s the maximum energy possible in this cycle in this function What do we have? the exact same setup that We discussed two weeks ago Between 4 2 & 4 6 I said it will break out before I think I had might have had this thing a little bit Farther I said before October 12th, I put the day on it right and it came way early which means the cjb is ready to make some money, right? what we have happening under surface is this intersection is coming and That’s gonna be the 77 over 2 over 2 3 over 2 231 when that happens. We’ll get another top out of Ripple We’re not done yet right Only thing that’s happening right now is we’re consolidating Right there to the last intersection at a 77 and a 231 where we broke down that only thing we know that’s gonna happen again is that Ceiling is gonna become the floor. And once this intersection happens to 3177 over to 31 will get another pop Where that pop will take us probably Up there just a little pop, you know, nothing nothing big just a little one, right? Right there see now look at that look at look at look at look at how to resonance works I guess this is what gets me frustrated when you know Sofia Abboud on YouTube. Don’t get these videos out to you You can’t make this stuff up. I just Freestyle those two lines from across the chart right today when I do a Fibonacci Right there from break out to break down the bottom of that little bitty green candle you get confirmation on two different parts a chart From two different parts a chart, right? So we got consolidation at 284 probably in another week or so You know early October you’ll get another pop Right there That’s where you sell it out, right? So I would say anything under because you might get a little big sell-off candle down here Might might fall all the way under day. I would say anything under seventy-five is a buy anything over You know a hundred what is that ten thousand? That’s a sale, right? And that is a is a pretty good come up right there That’ll be you know, forty four percent, um in about two weeks All right, if we wanted to stretch this thing now Give us more time Yeah still you know It’s gonna happen quick Alright, cuz what’s happening right now behind the scenes is brittle the banks are making money on ripple But they have to put that money somewhere else when that will runs dry, right? But remember the house always get paid first the banks make their money parts. That’s fine. Let’s do it. That’s cool That’s why that’s why I came on two weeks ago and let you all know that that’s what was gonna happen Right, and so now we know what’s gonna happen with ripple I just nailed that now for you. If you do if you haven’t done it already hit the thumbs up button We got seventy people live on the air right now. Do you appreciate this content? Let me know, you know, if you want me to come on come on. Come on air seven days a week I’m not doing it right now cuz YouTube and getting these videos out to you So we need to convince YouTube to let my people know when I’m on the air But if you want to see me seven days a week hit the thumbs up But let’s tell to Sophie about you know that we got some quality content from BK, you know, we want to see more Oh, if not, you know, come on every every once in a while, you know, I’ll work on my other projects That’s what I’ve been doing this is a serial, right exact same Situation you can’t make this stuff up break out. I’m just do yellow boxes paste it all around Break out Break down Cap at the bottom between of four two and four six that starts our new cycle alright, if We want to get some relevant correlation. This is where you got walk backwards. I caught his moonwalking and do something like that This is a tight one that’s gone right there No, I like that but it don’t it don’t like it you don’t like it Mmm, oh there it goes Sometimes it talks when you when you it depends you’re gonna jiggle it sometimes like Jay what a handoff but that’s where we’re going Right there that little sweet intersection right there 77 231 right a Little sweet spot right there tapped out maxed out on the quick energy. We’re in limbo land right now So, you know that work literally create like a little energy grreat, right and the chart has to follow whatever you tell it to do Right, we could also do something like this if we wanted to just to get the macro negative Right and when I tell you all the time two negatives make a positive Where do they go positive at right there? Right. That’s the one six on the front side or I’m sorry. That’s the three two on the front side So we just saw that two ways to wear It is general zone where that yellow box is is a good place for a reversal We just saw three different ways for it right now. The question becomes when will we reverse and The answer to that is going to be before Just like I said with the ripple video before that day right there 10:13, it’s already in the process of reversing right 77 or the sevens above the 77 is above the 77 on the 343 and the 77 is above the 231 on a 77. So this thing is already reversed So this is actually technically this is a decent. Bye right now This is the ripple of two weeks ago right here a theorem at point O three five Believe the hype BK said by it right here. The hype is real, right? So if you want to swing Ripple sell ripple at a hundred thousand or ten thousand come back and pick up a theory I’m under a nickel That’s how you stay in profit. And that’s what this whole thing is about. You know I’m saying that’s why that’s why I Try to get you know, the best most accurate relative information for you all um It’s not necessarily for me. I’m good I’m okay You know, but I literally have tens of thousands of people and it’s not high anymore, I’m just Facilitator conductor, right? You know train running at this point. So what I’m trying to do is Make it as easy as possible for you all to make money, right why cuz retired People being brainwashed bamboozles simplified parties, uh, Babel homes and buffoons, you know bobble gears on television. I Got one bobble here. There’s whole docks his name is There a lot of people out there watching bubble heads on TV seven days a week I’m here saying helping you get money bubble here to tell you a hundred reasons. Why you broke Come on, the air two and a half weeks ahead of time and tell you one way to make some money This is a system of design Right, as long as you value $2 at these bobbleheads go over $5 will not value you So, you know, that’s what we got going Like I say, you know I show job three different ways how this chart is, right, you know Sale ripple that 10 buy a theory. I’m under five, you know, and You’ll be pretty good going into the rest of October Everybody else we do have some products Available, you know, I’m redoing this website told you I got some software coming You know making some affiliate affiliations Just signed my first contract today major moves being made and you know More that on the way Go to boss of Bitcoin Dot-com right learn how to turn like a boss right away freestyle on a Fibonacci you introduce yourself You don’t saying BK to check out check out the letters behind my name Kellogg School of Management You dub stand up go to dome one time chart like a boss You know I’m saying nobody else on YouTube is giving you this kind of quality content for free nobody and if they are let me know how higher Freaked out communities, you know I’m saying 20,000 of my best friends on Facebook come together seven days We keeping each other empowered and profit in the marketplace. This is that number one Bitcoin group in the world Come on in the doors are always open. You know, I might do a video on xlm for this do But this was like a prime example, right? That’s what I don’t even mean point this dude out like this but it just popped at a top and It’s that come some kind of weight with me say can you do a turn on excellent interested to hear your take BAM? Gate is do too damn dissertation Jung’s an at like 7:00 in the morning he came back and saying I can’t you make a video about it and Explain it to me and I say you can’t see the colors. You don’t see the price you don’t see you Don’t see the green dates at the bottom. Like it’s like it’s your money. It’s your energy. It’s your currency I can’t make it for you cuz they may be mine and there’s no need for you So again, we need to reevaluate The responsibility that we’re taking to empower ourselves if you want to go back into your box in your cage and your cubicle and your 401k and your ball and chain and your security of The next 20 35 years of enslavement You got the some blowout in by all means, you know, hit that red X god bless you be on your way, but everybody else Step your game up. Come over to Boston Bitcoin can get you one of these Packages on say 35 bucks. I’m about to make this 25 bucks tonight So just wait about ten minutes once I get off there to be 25 bucks knows that top seven coins on market pick one Use the boss method make some money and then and then step you game and make a hundred that was on your 25 come over And get the profit package Make 250 on that come over and get the VIP for trading group Now you ran clean clear for the rest of your life That’s all I got right. I Don’t know what I’m gonna be back. I’m gonna take my time I’ll see how this video do if it only get, you know, 500 views Ya might be back in a couple weeks about to go on vacation. I don’t know yet but uh If if these words don’t touch you then they ain’t for you and I’m fine with that but if they do then again, I challenge you we mean we need we need to expand our accessibility Right Market collapses in seven months. Hopefully you’re talking about the stock market Because if you are I would say five months that being said everybody gets that time of day signing out Both boy became no matter where you stay Brazil to Bay, California All the way back out dude jerk money tonight, good morning and good day. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your time Oh Getting copy paste URL text somebody you care about do that for me if you appreciate my till we meet again stay cryptic out, please Like a boss You

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  1. BK, I just found you about a month ago. I was waiting to see the results of your analysis. I wish I would have put some money on XRP weeks ago. Thank you.

  2. Great video! very informative. I just started looking into ICO and found your video very helpful. If you are taking suggestions for you next reviews, I would love your opinion on SciDex.

  3. Can you explain what you mean, sell ripple at 10 and buy etherium at 5. Sorry for sounding dumb but I just want to understand what you mean. Thanks in advance.

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