BK CryptoTrader ?NOV 27 Crypto Live Review & BTC News | Today Price 3798 | Bitcoin ETF Bull Trap

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18 thoughts on “BK CryptoTrader ?NOV 27 Crypto Live Review & BTC News | Today Price 3798 | Bitcoin ETF Bull Trap”

  1. BK thank you for sharing your chart wisdom over here. It really helps man, I made some money on your last call as well. Keep coming up with these awesome videos and helping amateurs like me. Really appreciate it.

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  3. Boss… I really think your forgetting about the big money Cabal that is controlling this s**t. They will bring this up to get everyone happy again and then drop… make your 5-10% in the next week or two and then get out

  4. You have to remember the tech bubble …those stocks were not liquid… Amazon…Google… Even Microsoft lost in the bust because they were not liquid?? Bitcoin is far more advanced and liquid if you really break it down? The use case is already far more advanced than selling a stuffed animal online in 1992?? We will moon and I will invest because I see that bridge that will free us all!!!

    I'm the winner in Nov. 19 video ????
    this is my BTC wallet


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