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By viewing the content of this channel you accept all terms of service listed on company website Make sure you guys can hear me, okay Start expanding five minutes go well five minute in 20 Sorry about that What’s going on everybody we go to extreme share then go ahead and make big Echo looks like we got a big crypto and built in 1900 was going on life-sized box What it do Josh Turner? The thing I have pants on always brother. I’m you know, I’m saying I’m in the office. I’m gonna clock right now man, you know There we go. Let’s go ahead and make this money Live from the USA helping you get paid every day this stuff both Bitcoin the crystal of cribbed up is your boy be cake and if you’re like me, you must not like money Thank you for joining me. Everybody. My apologies put up put a delay You know, I’m trying to figure out this Google hangout see and then there’s about a year and a half but like I said I’m gonna be coming out with a lot more videos a lot more content in this crypto space to help you get paid If this is your first time tuning in Congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best My name is BK known as the crypto traitor number both of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit as a result today is no exception. So what we’re going to be talking about on this one is steaming calm if you haven’t been this demon before Go on head sign up. It’s one of the first decentralized social media networks on the blockchain When it came out, it was kind of cool had a lot of hype behind it You know and then it kind of just fell to the wayside right so steam it beta keep in mind This is the beta. I don’t think these guys have the You know kind of the working capital as Facebook Twitter, you know YouTube and this is still kind of like the early early days So it’s kind of like a reddit, you know where you can basically it’s read it on the blog train more or less But this is my page BK crypto trader If you want Steam it follow it I will be posting this video as well to everybody on there but one of the things I wanted to talk about really with steam it is is not so much the Platforms or disadvantages or the advantages or how to build a million dollars in Steam audience probably biggest problem with steamer right now is just like any Capitalistic economy the top controls the circulation of the money and as you can see is not too much money at the bottom Us as little folk, you know, just trying to trying to get trying to get a little piece of the pie You know this good old good old good ol America hard at work here Oh, I got nonsense, you know for this one six months ago that’s know pay the bills you know, so it’s still in its infancy still in its early days, but like I said a lot of the value that is Coming through the blockchain right now is not measured in the product or the technology or the team You know, I remember, you know back last year or two years ago when every coin was going through the roof. Everybody was tweeting Oh, they have such a good team. You know, look at this this team just had a meeting. They posted their notes Look at this picture was taking they’re in the team meeting this week. And that’s why the coin is up 30% No, that’s not how it works Teams have little to nothing to do with the value that fiduciaries and countries and monasteries dump by the millions and billions into the blockchain I’ll tell you what when a Dubai goes and chooses to invest a hundred million dollars in different blockchain technologies They’re not running in to the meeting to get the notes to try and see who has the best team No No, because what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna buy the team They go put in a hundred million and say this is the CEO now He’s the team he owns an whoever you had before by them I’ll give them the golden parachute give them five percent of the economy and we go take this to the next level And this is exactly what I think is happening with steam in behind the scenes I think some new money is definitely coming into the picture and This was predicated in this chop, right? You said February 13th to everybody on the boss alert messages. Hopefully y’all got paid one time it Was written in the charts man We got a simple break out break down flatline three parts to any cycle Going back to the beginning of January about 30 days to the day actually 28 days. I hope that’s interesting 28-day cycle I Sent this to the group, February 13th and Now we’re up about 20 30 % To the day up that blue line right there in the middle is when I sent that message BAM 30% like a boss The biggest thing to note on this cycle, right? I always tell you three parts on any cycle breakout Breakdown flatlined and that’s exactly what’s theme was doing long term Medium term coming down to the two three six, which is the lowest level you want to buy into for a future breakout Where does that take us back to the 786 now? You know why? Those two blue lines are colored blue because they talked to each other because when it comes down here and Rests on that line when it goes up its going to go to that line And that’s exactly what happened with Steam it just the sameness in the two green lines, right when it rests right there at the bottom of the green line It’s going to go up and talk to the top of the green line, right? So as a method to the madness If you just see them this make sure you hit that thumbs up button full play up one time I appreciate you. Like I said, I’m trying to get this content out to the people Steaming is gonna make some more money. This isn’t done yet, right. This is just confirmation. That is it. This is a continuation pattern Right. So if we wanted to do something like that, essentially Give or take that’s gonna be our trajectory right and if this thing hold win this thing holds That’s where it’s pulling from roughly right now I think we could get as high as This orange one that’s gonna be our top channel If we wanted to, you know get greedy and put it up there. I really don’t like doing that. I’d rather be confident in saying That this intersection is speaking more to the residents, I think This could indeed go higher right now we’re basically Squeezing on this line and look this was the original chart you guys like it was just a simple one two Three breakout breakdown flat line. I said sell it below this white line. We didn’t go down there we just went up but on that yellow line I said if we break out we will retest this level and that was a 0.001 basically 10,000 Satoshi’s right? And that’s exactly what happened. You can see if we look at the candles and see I don’t even like using the candles but Confirmed that level right there and I haven’t moved this chart. I haven’t moved this line I just clicked on it today, you know and put up the Google Hangouts to you know, speak on but I think God it says this is definitely an Uptrend if you’re gonna place FEMA you play it to the up right now. This is one of the few Charts in the market that actually has a stable trend at this point. I Don’t think it’ll last very long Just trying to see real quick without messing this chart up I could just do another one if we do the 77 to 231 These white lines is pretty much the extension. So this is kind of like an exhaustive cycle It was a quick one, two three, and now it’s coming back up Probably will get that and that’s gonna be We could get as high as eleven nine keep in mind Eleven nine is gonna be the peak that we saw Over there you see how that works. So even when I’m looking on the right side of the chart where The two learns I just drew connect that it confirms That over there at the very beginning and that’s what this is all about begin with the inning in mind Understand where you’re going so you can know how to get there BAM right, I think steaming is making some moves behind the scenes, right? Somebody’s doing something somewhere but again If you understand the boss method followed the intersections cut out the noise cut off the candles notice. How did you go to Twitter? And see who was tweeting them out steam it today because it’s up thirty percent since February 14th I just threw that message to the people, you know I’m saying like LeBron James and Kyrie back in the days before both of them had some money Young’s and I started bickering Abandoned like like two two high school girls not gonna make a win championships together Kyrie dishes the brown the brown bag bring it home. That’s what I’m doing, man Just call me John Scott and I Pro assists all day I’m saying if you appreciate it thumbs up button join the money team The doors are always open go the number one Bitcoin group in the world on Facebook Hashtag what? Bitcoin let them know the boss sent you I’m saying forward this message to some people let them make some money I’m sick and tired of my people being sick and tired of it as you if you still train your life For a green piece of paper with a dead guy’s face on it Stop change your values change the word switch some of my assets to the blockchain use the boss method and make some real-deal money That’s it With that being said everybody is that time today signing out Bost boy became o matter where you stay brazil debate California all the way back out food jury money Good night, good morning, and good day turn notifications. I’ll hit that thumbs up will You know, we got about fifty percent of the people I think view this video within the first Thirty minutes because they have they notifications on I want to make sure this kind of message gets out to everybody Leave me a Content comment down below Let me know what comments what videos you want to see in the future and I’ll check them out for you Till we meet again. Stay grip together You

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  1. Hey BK, I hope you are well man. Not seen any of your vid's for a long time. Have you been away chillin or have I just not been getting notifications of your excellent work?
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