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You You You You You You You You you Can you guys Oh soundless like it’s working you guys can hear me now, but my thing says off here I Don’t want even while my bad for messing it up pretty good Well, I’ve chat I Yeah, I chopped um, I Just messed this one up completely I’m trying to like end it and start anew but I don’t even want to let me do that it my screen literally says off air right now like See that I probably can’t see Trust my judgment, so 20 minutes until it my apologies everybody. I Literally, you know then know y’all was live I Wanted to do a Bitcoin video for you all It’s been a while. I’m just you know, I just moved so this huh, you know, I’m not all the way put together yet but uh You know, I ain’t got all the bells and whistles But still we have old-school wit at Google Hangouts, and I’m saying with microphone Saturday night turn up It’s like an echo here. I’m not only one So what we go through we go jump into the charts real quick. We gonna make this a quick ones. I mean, oh, I ain’t even got How’s everybody doing who we got rocking out with us clean-shaven that’s right man You know I’m saying new year new me, you know I’ll say I had to shake down a little bit clean wash my hands get clean on In what up logical feels in the building? Charles Kenny. Hey Archie, crypto sky affiliate and mr. 305 was going out Good to see you all. Mr. Corey magnet a pleasure. All right So, let’s see, let’s do this real quick boom boom boom And again, I’ll clean this up as time goes on but for whatever reason You know And then work right tonight So we’ll get this going hopefully That looks good for you guys. I think it does. You know, I’m gonna see if I could trim this down for everybody else Here we go Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boasts a Bitcoin the crystal of Crypto is your boy BK and if you don’t like me, you must not like money Thank you for joining me everybody back for the first time. You know, I’m saying March 2nd 2019 I’m about to try to get a video out every day For you all has been a while. I’ve literally moved across the country transplanted myself from the city of Atlantis ya know to the city that doesn’t sleep You know somewhere cradled in between the mountains trying to absorb all this energy, you know Resonate with the residents of the esoteric Electic eclectic, you know, and I still get some knowledge out to the people. So if this is your first time tuning in, Congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best. My name is DK known as the crypto traitor. I’m both These charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit as a result So let me try to do this live on it. Yeah For you guys, hold up Let me see if I could get this going Chop that out real quick. So what we go do I’m a dump into the number one Bitcoin group in the world Let me see a Google one. Let me do it back there ago number one Bitcoin group in the world twenty Thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week keeping each other a power than a profit And this is what I’m doing every Friday, I’m gonna pick somebody that’s gonna be a winner So here we go live on the air shared this coast to win free Bitcoin is literally just that easy to get paid boom. Boom. Boom, right? And that’s it. That’s all you got to do it Let’s jump back to what we came here full of this is you know You just now trying to get set up on the blockchain trying to make a little bit of change You know a number thing go over to boss of Bitcoin comm join the money team drop your email up there men I got an email miss about a thousand people right now above us are building that out sending you all exclusive content as well And also we’ll have some contests of promotions and giveaways and like I say if this is the boss method you know, so if you don’t know what it is jump on over to uh, you know, Big Brother comm type in how to shark like a boss Even if you spell it wrong, I’ll still come up to the top That’s all you mean, man, you know I’m saying and and and you will be well on your way to get paid So here we go. This is what came here foe No more video just sound So we do this We do this I come back That’s what I’m saying. This one. We say it it’s always something and now we should be good So apparently I can’t jump out and jump in but we good now Got a love life, you know content I Just wait to confirm Everybody we good. You should be able to see my screen BTC to be USD honest 77 is okay now. Thank you. My apologies public by that, you know Like Forrest Gump say us ish happens So here we go. I Turned him candles off again cuz candles is noise and you know really has no resonance whatsoever. But Quick quick quick quick quick analysis. I didn’t want this video last 32 minutes, but that’s what it looked like it is already so my apologies for you if we just draw a simple chin line from the two bottom points of young and young at Is essentially our Channel, right. I keep telling you guys. Everything happened then wave like it’s it’s it’s really not That difficult to try to find, you know resonance of this stuff, you know, because it is literally just writing different little channels, right So these are kind of like the levels built into this thing, right? And if we go to the top of this little peak right there Copy and paste it. What do you know? We’re literally Riding that channel right now if we fall, where would we fall right there if we fall we fall right there? Right and and you’re gonna kind of get this little cascade effect, oh You’re gonna kind of get this little cascade effect with bitcoin and litecoin did this about a year ago Aetherium did it almost a year and a half ago To where it’s literally just gonna fall to the different levels of confidence And support that the market has already confirmed and this one down here is the lowest one That was the highest one. Actually you got another one like right up in here Right up in there that was actually the highest one that we got too And now we’ve literally just like fell all the way down So I say all that to say this This is what we can expect from BTC as this goes forward I think we’re gonna fall a little bit more in upcoming days here I could see is going as low as that looks like it’s 36 37 50 Color this circle light yellow or something make it stand out Boom oh Right And if you wanted to take it all the way out 36 we should catch around 36 50 and that’s gonna be a low candle but when you look at the moving average the moving average should stay North again A 36 50 because we have all this energy kind of baked into the process already Right and this this trend is probably gonna last as long as March 17th You know to these two green lines right here If we want it to call this the top right? Yep, right there when those two green lines come back. That’s when we’ll start to get some positive energy But that won’t happen until early April, right? And so again, this is literally just one tick In the market, right? When I what the granite now we’re right on top a Bitcoin looks like a lot of action is happening oh my god, we’re gonna go down to 3,600 don’t panic you guys This is literally pennies on the dollar. All you got to do is zoom out to real-time value to see that Bitcoin already hit them over the head with it, but 20,000, you know, and so now we’re just down here arguing over pennies 37 40 3,600 you know, but one thing I like to do is is is show you all firsthand that the real money the long money long and strong money is Starting to get pretty confident, right? Uh, and that’s because this 231 that white line that solid great Greg, right there is slowing down and actually The hedge funds are buying Bitcoin right now Don’t tell anybody the day traders just left them but the whales have bottomed out right and so at 3,600 even if we drop down, you know To 3750 as long as we’re above 35 50 36 We’re still in good hands, right and you can you can take that to the bank. So just remember all of this Yeah, as long as we don’t drop down here Because then we’ll basically have a Head and Shoulders pattern forming. You can see this right here. Boom Boom boom as long as we don’t do That because then we’re going back down to the bottom But as long as we’re just you know slowly going up, that’s a pretty good signal, right? So draw you a little line right there. That’s the floor. This is the ceiling, you know, and right Bitcoin on out This is a bullish signal. I don’t think it’s a Bear Flag. I really don’t even know what all these flags It’s candles, you know bs that people make up to try to justify rationalization of the markets I look at one thing is It making money right now Right. How do you know if he’s making money right now be gay? How do you know is this seven above the 77 is the light above the blue? No, BAM Now we plan to sit down. This is a quick down. No, like I said, this is a quick down So I don’t expect it to drop all the way down There and I just shows with Fibonacci where I expected to go right around 36 or 37 50 37 5 oh And this will this this chart formation will finish early April and then we’ll be looking at the next setup But as long as we don’t form this big head and shoulders, you know, 3-month head and shoulders We don’t want that because that will be a six month reset essentially then Bitcoin will be fine. My apologies again for everybody For the delay, you know, I feel like Lil Wayne. Sorry for the wait But if you’re hearing this, it’s not too late Drink as well Again some of the resources we got if you haven’t done it already jump on over to Facebook.com share that post I’m giving away some free BTC every Friday, you know I’m saying it if the government gonna make you trade you like but thirty years and a 401k a pension that never pay out you Know and they give it to you on Friday si I say I say I’m gonna do it to him and give it to you for freedom. You ain’t gotta give me 30 years No cubicle and transfer your power to my existence. I give it to you Friedman You know this am I number one Bitcoin group in the world chart like a boss plateless on YouTube and then follow me on tradingview Bebe Kelly 1203 one of the top authors and publishers on there again all this is up the people for the people by the people 100% for completely free, but if you want to drop a little break, you know I’m saying up to and pick up six jump all over to patreon calm all so check out the products at boss of Bitcoin Dot-com we do have Some products. I’m I’m improving all this stuff you guys I’m stepping my weight up like it’s been you know a long down cycle But everybody so you got to see some new innovations and creations complements at a boy BK shout out that everybody that’s been rockin out with me through this crypto winter is been long cold, you know Sam but it’s starting to warm up. And so that’s what I’m coming back home here That’s why I’m giving this notice to the people and that’s why I’m rockin out with you nine o’clock on a Saturday Just to help you make a little bit of money. Can you reverse we got a question from a man Hank? Can you reverse head and shoulders take us back to 6 K? Sure, yes, but that would be a completely different setup. I didn’t you know even look at that That’s probably going out much farther Yeah, I would have to look at to see like how that would actually happen Haven’t done that yet. So yes, I mean patterns can go up patterns can go down. They hold just the same right? I Expect this one to pull back just a little bit, you know for us to confirm a long term Up, right? So we’ll just like that somewhere like that and then we’ll go up to retest this 39 38 42, you know And then somewhere in mid April early May, you know, we’ll be above forty four You know looking at 550 256 somewhere like that. So, there you go You guys who we got rocking out in the chat right now? I feel like you know I’m saying, let’s see if I could stop that right here to bring it back to me Wanted to thank you all again for rocking out with me Sorry this took, you know a half hour to set up my sincerest apologies on that 39 people Rocking out with me on the air. Thank you for that. Shoutout to k-e RC is good to see big crypto Our affiliates Thai affiliate. Mr. 305 if you want to chat right now shout your country out. I’m gonna get to you ASAP As you can see I got a new setup man. You know, I’m Literally drove 16 foot you all pins me across the country Took me like five days Back when West Coast had all that snow You know I’m saying I was driving them big 16 foot all the way through it up Mountain And so now I’m finally getting settled in you know, finally got the internet cut I finally got appliances that work and You know we go we go we go make this money Anybody anybody don’t nobody want to get shout out that’s cool. I’m gonna shout out myself shout out the became Don’t say that’s all I got. Thank you. But Tony I hit that thumbs up button subscribe if you haven’t done it already The no Facebook. Do you do Twitter? Yes, I do At be at boss a Bitcoin, I believe all on Twitter Became critical trigger what I do that’s a good question. Let me just jump on a little hip First hand At balls a Bitcoin there you go Twitter, you know I’m saying and I’m I Tempe it on there a lot of people You know, I have like a my own little twitter twitter thing where I jump in and you know, Give give some feedback to people a lot of people just ask me questions and sometimes I’ll just reply to him Snoop Dogg agrees. So there you go Cally in the building, Kansas. Mr. Corey Manuel young saying as I said, like I said, thank you all again Hit that thumbs up button jump on over to Facebook share a video every Friday. I’m gonna get somebody paid till we meet again Stay cryptic y’all bees Hopefully I can stop this thing You I don’t know staff You Have audist money and yet the interface for live streaming on Google Hangouts sucks That’s embarrassing if you are on the software team For Google Hangouts. You should look for it in the job This sucks Okay, oh sorry guys You

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