BK Crypto Trader: Top Picks⚡ Bitcoin Price Analysis 11K USD Dec 4 2017 | Earn Free Bitcoin Ethereum

Have you asked: What is Bitcoin Cash, How to Buy Bitcoin, Earn Free Bitcoin, How to use Bitcoin, How Bitcoin Works, What is Bitcoin, How to Earn free Bitcoin ?? If so then welcome to our community! I’m Brandon Kelly the Crypto Trader and while I am not Crypt0, Crypto Nick, Jerry Banfield, Chris Dunn, BTCKyle or one of the Thechartguys – I am the Boss Of Bitcoin – my channel covers the technical analysis of crypto trading, icos, ethereum, cryptocurrency news, BCC, and digital currency technical analysis, and most notably when bitcoin price hits an all time high – resulting in the bitcoin bubble.

10 thoughts on “BK Crypto Trader: Top Picks⚡ Bitcoin Price Analysis 11K USD Dec 4 2017 | Earn Free Bitcoin Ethereum”

  1. Why are you hiding which charts you're using on your video behind multiple paywalls if you're as well off as you say? It's almost like a decentralized lootbox. example: "Want all the pick i might use, then buy all the boxes. Sorry if the one I'm using isn't in the box you bought. Guess you'll just have to buy another to get that one." Please don't go in this direction BK. What you were doing just selling these packages was a little fishy, but pretty acceptable. You just keeping it hidden behind a paywall is a red flag that you might not be someone who has made the insane profits that were there to gain in crypto over the last year and you're just desperate to get cash from people . It really doesn't look good on you in my opinion, homey.

  2. i just looked up all three charts and the price numbers on the side are different i just want to make sure i am on the right chart. the trends look identical!!!! thank you u are heaven sent i have been working at my families company for 10 years and we are now about to file chapter 7 because of a serious accident 2 years ago. i have to do something quick. thank you for be a blessing in my time of need. God puts people in your life when you need them most….. thanks

  3. Hello Brandon… I'm trying to learn about this, but I would like to know if there I a video where you explain it from the beginning. Thanks

  4. let me see if i understand this correctly, Bk is going over charts, but we have to pay to see which coins he is talking about? Am I missing something here?

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