Bitvalex – cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform

[Music] are you looking for a one-stop-shop solution for all your crypto needs then say hello to bit Val X bit balik’s is an EU licensed digital wallet in exchange that provides awesome blockchain based services on bit Val X you can buy sell and exchange cryptocurrencies without any trading fees you can also get access to multiple euro and u.s. dollar deposit in withdrawal options bit Val X supports SEPA and Swift bank transfers advocat as well as credit and debit card payments and payouts yes with bit Val X you can get funds sent directly to your card to top-up your balance or pay your credit card bills speaking of cards our prepaid card allows you to spend your crypto in an easy and affordable way anywhere anytime without needing a bank account and if you’re managing a blockchain project bit Val X can help you pay all of your outstanding bills and invoices in traditional currencies such as euro and u.s. dollar bit Val X has a solution for merchants – you can accept crypto payments in your online store and get your money directly in your bank account via our specially designed crypto merchants gateway and if you want to buy or sell digital assets worth over $100,000 our over-the-counter trading desk with 24/7 designated agent is perfect for you best part is bit Val X is a truly multi featured cryptocurrency exchange platform designed to bring the blockchain technology to your everyday life so why not sign up now and join the financial revolution in the making today [Music]

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