32 thoughts on “Bittrex Rialto Trading Partnership – Wirex E Money License – Swedish Bank Crypto Trading – SEC ETFs”

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  2. Good job tony .. do you know if new jersey is one of the state aprroved by bittrex ? For fiat deposit

  3. Tony, I really enjoy your down to earth approach at content creation. Please continue – Pura Vida from Costa Rica

  4. Don’t you think it is suspicious SAP working with RippleNet and at the same time giving support to Swift to improve cross border payments?
    Swift will use xRapid through SAP.

  5. Thank you Toni I watch your videos every morning when I wake up with a cup of coffee. I like the facts you told us. Still Holding XRP! Keep up the good work.
    Regards from the Netherlands.

  6. Keep this price down as low as possible as im loading em xrp up haha currently hodling 3328 xrps

  7. I'll never spend one more penny in coinbase or any subsidiaries. Never! Not after the lies & crap 5hey have done with xrp. Bittrex. Uphold, and Binance is all I need!

  8. Thanks Tony! Loving this down market. This was the opportunity I always wanted. My bags are filling nicely!

  9. I have been using uphold to buy XRP all these days. Now I am wondering if I should use bittrex and completely switch over to it. Any suggestions?

  10. I thought brad looked a little disappointed about the amount of banks being on board. Also his enthusiasm was not up to snuff and was walking around the release date for XRP. I was not excited as I had hoped to be about the interview Maybe he’s hiding more for a reason … i saw on twitter that people had similar concerns as well on my xrp chat forums on CC

  11. Now if only the Bittrex app would allow you to buy, sell and send it would end coinbase buuuut you can't oh well still excited about a big exchange additional FIAT pairing.

  12. You said quite a bit in this video! Thank you for your insight. I have to see if I ever established an account with bittrex, and do so if not. I think you have to be long term to remain optimistic in the current state of the market. I see it as a great opportunity to accumulate at lower prices, as I entered at the height of the bull run. Only regret I have is not knowing about crypto sooner. This is a game changer.

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