Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Tutorial with Bitcoin and 179 Altcoins!

would you like to learn how to use bit Rex dot-com which is currently my favorite cryptocurrency exchange I'll show you inside bit Rex comm I'll show you how to do all the basic things in it plus the most crucial getting started steps first if you've never heard of bit wax what is bit Rex comm and how does it fit into the larger picture of crypto currencies bitcoin and trading bit Rex comm is one of the top exchanges in the world but you might not have heard of it even I mostly traded on Polonius I'm looking this is coin market capcom it shows the top cryptocurrency market cap you capitalization by volume so the last 24 hours Polonius is consistently number one cracking is consistently up towards the top I've not used ok coin CN or coin one or however you say that Hugh homeboy Hugh boy no idea bit Rex is currently today at least the sixth of the cryptocurrency exchanges I really like bit Rex because there's so many different currencies you can trade in it's very fast to upgrade your account to get the maximum trading volume and the downside of it Rex though you have to trade in u.s. dollar tether or the same one that's available for one for China so it doesn't have real fiat currency trading although I believe they're adding that to it I also use bitstamp I really like bitstamp for straight to BTC 2 USD or XRP USD I also really like BitFenix that's where I sold the majority of my – when I sold my – masternode I liked bit Rex is currently where I'm doing the majority of my trading am i buying and holding I don't do much trading but I'm currently I'm buying and doing my selling mostly on bit Rex because it has such amazing selection look at these Bitcoin markets it has Polonia X I was frustrated consistently with the selection the bit Wrexham is trading fast right now often goes really slow and that motivated me to switch and sign up for bit recs if you look at bit recs it's got a lot bigger selection of currencies you can do things like sort based on the order so I can see I can sort this on the upper right by what order these were added and I can easily sort it this way to see the very newest currencies which currently is Aragon which is down 67% ouch you can even sort by things like spreads you can see how wide the market is Jiri that's not even the right term you can see the difference between the Buy and the sell price that's up it also has this change in the volume just like Cloney acts I find it works much faster and I'm very happy with the selection now one of the most amazing things I've experienced on bit Rex comm so far is the application for the enhanced account bitstamp took 24 or 48 hours to verify my account so that I could trade the huge amounts of money as much as a hundred thousand and Bitcoin back and forth in one day which was well over five hundred dollars in fees plus even more loss in the exchange BitFenix took up several days to get my application approved Polonia X is still fooling around with my application to be able to trade larger amounts but bit Rex comm literally gave me an enhanced account with the ability to trade up to 100 Bitcoin per day that I can withdraw bit Rex literally did that in just a few minutes I couldn't believe it I submitted I went through and set up two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator which I highly recommend and I submitted my identity verification and it did it almost instantly that is one of the best parts I've seen about bit recs they have a really good identity verification system that's fast so I'm grateful that if for some reason I get a hold of a hundred Bitcoin I can withdraw all of it in one day on bit Rex com if you are mining or if you're getting little transactions on a regular basis Rex is also one of the only ones I'm aware of it has this auto cell feature which is really cool you can just if you're mining for example you can send your mining rewards directly in the bit Rex and it will auto sell it for you that's really cool if you've got something that like a master note or if you take orders and if you just consistently want to dump say an old coin for Bitcoin every single day that is a really cool feature that you can set up on bit Rex it will automatically dump it in the Bitcoin for you now what what else is what it is not ideal about bit wrecks I already mentioned it a little bit but if you want to trade fiat currencies they don't currently have that they are working at it but right now you have to use US dollar tether or you have to use the Chinese version as well so if you go over for example coin cap dot IO says the Bitcoin price is 1800 well if you want to use US dollar tether it's currently 1866 so the US dollar tether price may actually become significantly different from the US dollar depending on what's actually going on whereas for example on bitstamp you can just if or on BitFenix if you decide you want to pull everything in the US dollars at the drop of a hat you can do that not quite as easy on bit wrecks but it's still functional on bit wrecks you've got a ton of different wallets to choose from as well so if you just there's wallet after wallet after wallet it's very easy today I want to make a deposit and cloak coin I can just click generate a new address and do a deposit so far these are the deposits I've made I went and withdrawals barracks is also one of the fastest withdrawals I've made I went through two and a half Bitcoin on it and it came through hours faster than bit Phenix and Polonius took literally five or six hours longer than bit wrecks I was very happy with that now the more people use it this could change over time I also I've made lots of different well lots Jerry six is not lost I made six different deposit it's in the first week or two that I've used bit Rex I'm 200 – here and then about four bitcoin that I've deposited in I trust bit Rex I've got about ten Bitcoin on bit Rex currently which is about 1718 thousand whatever it is today so that's where I I do the majority now of my buying because there's so many options on bit Rex if I look down here lots of times when I've looked to trade currencies I see one that I want to buy and then I went over to Polonius and it's not even on Polonius and Michael this is depressing so is that what you said yes so if you're going to use bit rights you really be it Rex is the first of these exchanges that pretty much forced me to use two-factor authentication now coinbase did have me get text messages but bit Rex pretty much demands that you use two-factor authentication if you want to be able to withdraw two-factor authentication is awesome that means if you steal my password but you don't have my two-factor authentication device then you can't login to my account even with my password so I'm grateful two-factor authentication helps make an account more secure it also makes it easier to lose access to your account as it says please backup your secret key if let's say you have your phone as your Google Authenticator and you go lose your phone and you don't have your secret key backup guess what even with your password you can't log into bit racks or wherever you've got your two-factor authentication so it's important you've got to backup your secret key and that way if you lose your phone or whatever you've got your two factor on whether it's your iPad or I don't know you probably could put it on a Kindle or another computer whatever you've got your two-factor on you need to have the secret key backup and this I didn't notice it first I didn't notice there was a secret key to backup and I just blasted right on past that and then I had to go through and disable two-factor authentication copying my new secret key and re-enable it so make sure get two-factor authentication up and backup your secret key it's good to use Google Authenticator because all the main exchanges that I've used bitstamp Polonia acts BitFenix coinbase they all take google authenticator they all do two-factor authentication and then theoretically you can backup all your two-factor keys in the same spot and then your friend who knows where that is can totally come in and sign in and clean you out that way so if you're trading in your dorm room you might want to keep that in mind you're clever roommates looking over your shoulders waiting to clean out your Bitcoin your bit recs exchanged so here's how you actually make some trades I'll make some actual trades now just for fun on here we'll pick out a couple of currencies what I like to do is just I like to look at ones that have been flat or down over time I don't like to buy stuff that's up usually because that's the biggest risk I started buying in the Bitcoin and there's a few different things that can happen if you've never traded or you're just learning about crypto currency trading there's a couple of things that can happen that are bad first you can be all excited and put a bunch of time and energy in and buy and lose money now think about that you're literally you paid your time and your money to trade is this something you'd like to do for fun that's a valid question the first year I traded Bitcoin I lost over five thousand dollars and spent hundreds of hours doing it is that something I would have thought of as an leisure activity absolutely not it was stressful and I was trying to make money which really made it losing 5,000 plus dollars frustrating the other thing that can happen units really bad as you can get lucky and win that's even worse that happened to me playing poker I thought I was just the next World Series of Poker champion because I bought into a ten dollar poker tournament and I won a thousand dollars out of it all while I was getting drunk the whole time as well and I thought my god I have some amazing poker skill and then guess what I proceeded I won another $10 buy-in for $1,000 but I proceeded to lose thousands of dollars after that playing poker as I bought into higher and higher stakes game like well I'm the man now I can buy into a hundred dollar game hell I can buy into a five-hundred dollar game now that I'm so good at poker and the people play small stakes tend to be easier in poker at least to win against the people play higher stakes tend to be a bit better in skill the same goes with cryptocurrency trading if you buy into something and get lucky it can be easy to think well I'm just a man you could think I'm grateful this year I made about 75,000 in profit in crypto currency trading now that's before taxes after the IRS gets their fingers into it is 50,000 and I've reinvested as you can see I'm here about 20,000 so really that's a net difference of like 30,000 and anyway or as I saying I could easily get a big head and think well I know what I'm doing with crypto trading now that I made all this money I'm going to dump 50,000 in here I'm going to start trading I'm going to try and make some I'm going to try and turn this 50,000 into a hundred thousand and this 100 and the 200 I'm grateful I've made that mistake so many times that I can see that I kind of got lucky and I kind of promoted my own currency I kind of made my own opportunity and then it's still just as easy for me to lose money as it's ever been in the market I'm not smarter than anyone because I happen to invest in one currency which I then promoted a whole bunch which then went up a bunch and then I dumped it as it started going down I'm not smarter than anyone because I did that that is a pretty typical investing strategy that was mentioned in money master the game so I didn't even come up with that either the point is cryptocurrency trading from an ego standpoint is very risky if you start losing a little bit of money in it there'll be a temptation if you're like me to try and put more in and get that money back and make it all about how much money you've made you may need if you won't want to do this long term it might cost you several thousand dollars to learn the basics so I've given you this upfront because I made all these mistakes all these things have happened to me already you can learn from my experience instead of having to do it yourself but hey if you want to do all the same things I've done and be aggravated as hell in the Bitcoin price plummets and you're losing money and you're throwing money and you're trading all these in you're wasting all your time and your money and your wife and your brother saying you need to stop and you may have a problem well you can go do that if you want to I'll show you how to do it now so as I figure out where to stick my face here and here here's one of the coolest things I like about Vic's Rex is this easy way to see new currencies so to me one of the attractive things about bit Rex is that it makes it easy when these new currencies are put on some of these new currencies might be a really good opportunity to trade and some of them might be a complete sinkhole you might buy a new currency and it just might be way overvalued and the value of it may drop 99.9% on you all my judges crack saying that 99.9% it's possible for a massive drop like that to happen with these online currencies it may go up way more than that too so I like how easy it is you can just sort so where did I get to this I went over to markets here and you can sort them by the date their currencies at it so let's take a look at this Eragon one which I guess is plummeted sixty something percent so it's the biggest down one right now so if you look over here and you can then switch on each of these you can switch it to like a day so it's so new it doesn't have that much data you can switch it to like 15 minutes here if you want now the more you play around and switch these things the more it'll take the table – and I'm using the mouse wheel to scroll right now to move this back and forth so let's say I want to just buy a little bit of this what I've got on the Left I've got the charts I can see the price went was way higher when it got listed and then it I don't know how that works but maybe someone lost a bunch of it just came in down here I don't know but this where the prices at now I can see the volume of it on here so I think this is 690 Bitcoin in volume that is done and you can see the 24-hour high here and you can see the exact price in u.s. dollars which is 364 I really like that Polonia X is frustrating if you want to equate stuff to US dollars and you don't just want to be stuck in Bitcoin maybe there's a switch or a setting you put I haven't found it yet so then to actually trade there's these two basic windows down here you've got the by argon and you've got the sell argon and so you need to have some Bitcoin available to buy argon sometimes the Bitcoin I'm not sure why it doesn't populate correctly like I've got I have Bitcoin in my account but for some reason maybe someone just unloaded all of it while I'm making this tutorial that certainly gives me less to do today so you need to have some Bitcoin available over here to buy anything and then once you go down to the bottom you can go over here you can see then there's no open orders that it's showing yet there we go it's loading some of them up now so sometimes on bit wrecks you have to refresh like that sometimes it screws up and it doesn't load correctly so now it shows that I've got my two and a half Bitcoin available now what I've got over here are the I've got the bids so to help this make sense if you want to buy argon these are other people who want to buy a juror you're not saying it right Aragon if you want to buy Aragon then or I could just say ant these are the people down here who also want to buy Aragon err and for the abbreviation so if I'm putting in a buy order it's essentially and I'm depending on the price it's essentially going this is the buy side and then on the right side of this if you want to sell this essentially is the sell side over here so this means if I want to buy and I want my order to instantly believe fulfilled then what I need to do is look over here and pick out a price so let's say I want to buy I'll just buy like a tenth of a Bitcoin or over here so let's say I want to buy I could buy two hundred and thirty-eight Eragon so what I've done I clicked on the ask and now this whoever's put this order up they've agreed that if I pay the six four five hundred price here they're up to one and a half Bitcoin that they'll give it to me at that price so this means as soon as I hit the buy aragón button it gives me a confirmation up in here it gives me a limit by which means it won't buy it for more but if there's one available for less than it will buy it so that's good but that means on the downside if I put a price in that's higher than whatever is on the market then it will stick my buy order up there and I'll have to wait for someone to come along so I hit confirm now this says this verify this order once if you hit your ordering and you decide to sell everything at once after that then you then then that's it so once you push that confirm button the order is going through then so it says the commission on here is 0.5 nine Bitcoin but I don't even that these some of these don't even make sense the exact way they put them in here because if it says Commission it says BTC right here but I think it's got some of these in the wrong columns because I put oh well no actually I put a ton of Bitcoin in there so I totally screwed this up they stole it so there I hit it again I put it in the wrong window which is not a big deal so I what you have to do you have to put the total Bitcoin you want right there and then this is your price in Bitcoin so if you click on this order it will populate it there so fortunately I looked at the confirm window I would have dumped all of my Bitcoin in there if I to hit that so that's what the confirm window is good for now I can see the Commission in Bitcoin over here this is the commission that bit Rex is taking out of it this is the subtotal in Bitcoin I'm putting in this is a price and now I hit confirm down I'm not dumping all my Bitcoin now you'll see up in real time over here which is really cool it shows you when the orders been placed it shows you in the orders been processed so now you can see I have less Bitcoin over here and I have more Aragon over here now so that's how you execute an order and do I want to keep some Aragon and maybe it'll go up after it's been down 67% I don't know I can zoom in I can I can look at the charts over here and see well it's been up and down it's been as low as down like you can see the 24 hour high and lows too so I just bought it at 64 and it's been as low as 52 so there's no telling I prefer to bla buy on more of a flat market though so if you take that out I prefer to buy in more of a flat market though so for now if I hold the Aragon this potentially gets more complicated for my taxes because what if it goes up and then I have the capital gains and then whenever I sell it the more of these you transact the more you're potentially building your accounting work up and up and up the worst thing you can do is trade a bunch of different currencies in really small amounts hold them for a little while like a week or a few weeks and then sell them because then you're theoretically making a whole bunch of accounting work for yourself in which case then you might depending on where you live then you might need to simplify it a bunch which that could has its up and downs as well so it's it's nicer if possible to either buy things and hold on them for a while because let's say hold on to this Aragon for a year I don't have to worry about it I just buy it I don't have to put anything on my taxes because I've just bought it now when I sell it then I have to pay tax on that but if I just am holding on to it then nothing has to happen so for now maybe I'll just hold on to my tenth of a Bitcoin of Aragon which was newly launched and see how much deaths were give it a few weeks or months to see how much that's worth like next year because this is the exact day that it came out here so if I go back to markets I can just go to bit wrecks over here just click on the logo and then it has all the markets on here so if you want to get into some new currency for example this is the newest one that's on here the new ones are I'd say they're quite risky some of them the price will come out just right some of them will come way high some of them will come way low so let's say I want to buy into this new one also and it just came out like a week ago and then I'll show you how to look at the charts a little bit more on this one so this has all the same kind of data it's loading up now it's got the 24-hour high on here and 24-hour low so it's been I mean it's stable relative to cryptos but so I can zoom back out here and see it's pretty much trended down since it came out when it came out I used the mouse wheel if you're like how are you moving I use the mouse wheel so right when it came out the days or so after that it's pretty much trended straight down so buying one of these can be really risky because some of these will just keep going down for another six months or a year and at the same time though buying a brand new currency like this it could be a great investment there's lots of currencies if you bought them right when they came out they might you might have a whole lot of money now if you bought them right when they came out and just bought a little bit so what I can do is buy a little bit on this if I want to I mean this doesn't look that attractive in terms of its pretty much came straight down I don't know anything about this particular currency either which is a big problem if you don't have any idea about the currency itself what you can do essentially just bet the market and buy a whole bunch of different currencies a lot but I don't have enough money in here to just buy a whole bunch now sure if I sold all my Bitcoin I could put 1/10 of a Bitcoin into a hundred different currencies but that's I think bit wrecks has almost two hundred so I can't afford to just be putting 1/10 of a Bitcoin in all these different currencies so what I could do is by let's say I want to put in a bit less I could buy let's say a hundredth of a Bitcoin now that's like right now that's like 18 dollars I think we divide 18 hundred by a hundred that's like 18 dollars now that's not too serious of an investment now if it goes up ten times then I've got one hundred and eighty dollars which is pretty good but then the temptation comes in like well if it's going to go up ten times I might as well put in one hundred and eighty dollars then I'd have eighteen hundred but what if it goes down 99% if it goes down 99% I put in eighteen dollars so what I lost seventeen dollars but if it goes down if I put in one hundred and eighty dollars it goes 99 percent then I've lost one hundred and seventy eight or so dollars that does not sound like so much fun so one strategy you can do if you don't know anything about any of the coins you can just go in and buy a little bit of a bunch of them and then as I've done on Polonius I spent 600 on Polonius I bought a ten a hundredth of a Bitcoin on 50 different coins and it made a thousand dollars in a month doing that so if the markets going crazy on a bubble like it is now that's a great strategy if you just buy a little bit of every new currency that comes out occasionally you'll be a huge winner and one of them will go up a hundred or two hundred or five hundred times from wherever it was that coming out still you could do the research and balance it out and put more into a smaller number I encourage what I try and do a combination I try and buy the market because I don't have time to research 190 different coins and look and be part of the community so I try and do some basic research find a few that I like promote them and then also buy into some of the others for just a little bit so for example on this one this one I can easily just grab a little bit of it at this price and then it there's an so I'm on the buy side so if you're on the buy side you're basically if you want an instant order fulfillment you need to work over on the ask side and if you want instant sell you pretty much need to work over on the buy side and pull your prices from there so to pull my price in here I figure did it correctly this time I put in my point oh one Bitcoin then I simply clicked on the price I want then I hit by human IQ over here I can see the Commission's really small which that looks right I can see the total for my order and then I hit confirm now the order goes in over here the order was instantly fulfilled because it was sitting right there and then as soon as I fulfilled it someone put in an even lower price order so that now if I immediately try and sell it right now then I would only lose a little tiny bit so if I sold this right back right now I'd get almost the exact same amount that I originally sold it for but hey why not just buy and hold this for a while it's essentially I put in like twenty dollars right now and then I've got if it does really well than hey I'm invested in it so what I also want to do let's say I have some buyers remorse about that last one I'm like oh my god I can't believe I put in a hundred and eighty dollars into this currency I've never even heard of before oh my god it's going to go down blah blah blah so let's say okay now I decide I have some buyers morfs alright I want to sell sell sell now so let's say I put in a tenth of a Bitcoin so let's say I want to sell it back down to what I just did on the last one so in order to do that what I need to do is go over here and find a order in Eragon now I have a hundred and fifty for Eragon up here so I need to find an order that covers a hundred and fifty for Eragon at the price I've put it in so what I can do now I can click on this because that order will cover it right there and I can I've got the price in and it it doesn't it didn't put the price in right away on it for me here so it put that in I can click on the price and there it now filled the price in for me on those and then I can change the Bitcoin and it will change the amount it sells so now if I hit tell Aragon you'll see they're taking another small commission from me but if you trade a bunch these add up so now I place my aunt cell order my aunt cell order was instantly filled you'll now see I started with about two point five five or so Bitcoin now and I have about two point five three and now that aunt cell order was just filled now if I go over to my order history I can see both of these orders in detail and you can see I just lost a little bit doing it that way so if i zoom in a little bit you can see I bought a hundred and fifty four for essentially sixty for $4.99 and then I sold a hundred and forty-three for 6300 won now this is the basic problem with trading there's a difference between the up and the down just by buying and selling repeatedly you're in the middle of that difference between the market theoretically if you traded enough time and the market stayed exactly the same you would essentially lose all of your money eventually between just the difference in the market so volatility is good for being able to make some money but the problem with volatility it can make it even worse imagine if I bought that and it went down fifteen or twenty percent between the time I bought it and the time I sold it that cryptocurrency trading is extremely risky now sure there are some upsides to it okay and there are some huge downsides as well so I'm grateful I've taken thirty minutes here to show you exactly how to make trades on bit recs if you'd like more tutorials and videos like this would you please leave a like on this video that way more people like you will find this more and that way that's what motivates me to keep making videos like this if you like the very best of what I have to offer would you try visiting the University of Jerry Bance field I'm putting all of my online courses on here I've currently created more than eighty courses I just launched my new school called the University of Jerry Banfield where I hope that you can get much more than I did out of not only an undergraduate education but out of a graduate education I evolved fifty thousand dollars in student loans which now I've made up enough and crypto to pay for that which I'm very grateful for yay and I want you to be able to get a more valuable education than I did going to school for six years my vision my goal for you on the University of Giri banfill is to be able to learn skills that are extremely helpful for you there's very few people in the world that know how to trade online currencies now in your world maybe a lot of people do but relative to the whole planet almost no one knows how to do this when you put a bunch of skills together that no one knows how to do or relatively few people know how to do you automatically make yourself really valuable that's my vision my goal for you in creating this free tutorial and then putting it I'm able to do so many free tutorials because of your generosity and the people watching alongside you who buy courses on the University of Gerri Banfield that's what allows me to teach so much of what I know for free and I try I put the very best of what I teach on my University and then I do free preview videos on YouTube essentially to give you the basics like I've just done with fit recs I've got a cryptocurrency investment and retirement planning course which has two more hours in I'm showing you the strategies I've given you the tip of the iceberg here I show them in the course on plone iax however if you'd like me to make an entire bit Reks course to leave a like on this video and subscribe and take a look at on the University of Gerry Banfield there may be a whole bit wrecks course by the time you go to look on there today thank you very much for watching this I love you you're awesome I appreciate the time you spent with me today I hope you have a wonderful day today

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    Всех с наступающим новым 2018 годом! удачных и профитных торгов!

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