20 thoughts on “BitTorrent Launches Own Cryptocurrency with Tron, But WHY? – Crypto News”

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  3. why BTT and not just TRX ? Because btt/trx pair will increase the value of trx, using just trx will cause trx to dump massively

  4. TRON TRON TRON is the only coin as far as I am concerned. I have staked 100k Tron on tronscan.org and earn 30 odd TRX back per day for staking and voting. Which other coins can you do this with? Earn 'interest' on your holdings. Tron will hit $1 this year with ease IMHO. Cheer$;)

  5. Not sure how I feel about the TRX BTT token yet.. I've seen a lot of people saying this will change how the internet works which seems blown way out of proportion

  6. Justin did this because of the token metrics. He is banking that 25 million daily BitTorrent users will be seeding and then trading those BTT token in for TRX…… which will give TRX more liquidity, while burning TRX through the transactions! Which shortens the supply. Which eventually brings up the price of TRX! Justin Sun is very very calculating and is playing a game of chess making moves three steps ahead… !

  7. It won't harm the TRX volume. It will help it – later. TRX would have been better for us though, I think. Many people were expecting to be able to use, farm, trade TRX by streaming files on BitTorrent. I guess a few will be disappointed.

  8. Tron could airdrop BTT to its holders. If not, they lied and mislead people because bittorrent was the biggest reason to invest in tron.

  9. I'm not sure if this ico will be sold out which I also think it's stupid. However, if you have to invest in the ico using TRX, this will pump TRX token up just like what happened with ETH in 2017. However, if the company decided to cash out then it will bring TRX price down again just like what happened to ETH last year. I could be wrong.

  10. Stupid move… But, what do I know? Would it not make more sense to incorporate the use of TRX token into the BitTorrent Network?

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