Bitmex Trading Tutorial How to 25x – 100x your Bitcoin by Trading Leverage on Bitmex 101, Shorting.

so as requested by many people I've decided you a tutorial on how you can use leverage or margin trading okay so BC the West I'm using is actually bit max calm and I'll be providing a link below on the video and so basically how does leverage trading or margin trading works so imagine this situation when you only have six thousand dollars so with the six thousand dollars you can achieve by a Bitcoin so if the Bitcoin increased by a hundred dollars you get $100 right because you have a Bitcoin okay so you buy six thousand six thousand one hundred but there's this thing called the leverage trading and what it does is that it allows you to buy more than what you can buy so assuming the the bitcoin is worth $6,000 now alright and you have $6,000 if you do a 10times leverage right ten times leverage what it does is that it allows use this ten times leverage would allow you to purchase up to sixty thousand worth of bitcoins so it'd be quite increase by hundred dollars because you have six you have ten Bitcoin you get one $1,000 right however there also means that you know when you lose you actually lose more because you actually buy more Bitcoin so assuming the Bitcoin for by hundred dollars you actually lose $1,000 so this is good for people who feel confident of your trading and also at the same time they do not have you know enough capital to passively and they want to engage my active trading so beastie for me I do this on daily basis I may be up to 15 to 20 minutes a day you know just to earn a little bit of Bitcoin just like kind of like for the fun of it but however this is I don't think this should be a long-term strategy may be a long-term rob2 you know how Bitcoin after iam on your coin and then you you skew in the long run because like I said as you if something allows you with more you also might cause you to loose more all right so basically after you create account you can go to account you can deposit in you can just address you can send your Bitcoin from your bit tracks the stem coinbase okay coin or any form of exchangers or wallet that you have so let me just tell you a little bit about how the margin trading books okay assuming I want to buy one Bitcoin which is for our six thousand dollars okay so so before I begin I there's like two types of where you can buy to the market or to limit me meaning placing order over here right this chat actually refers to the X BT which is the contract for Bitcoin and USD yeah so this is the Bitcoin price and this is the contract price okay so by is same as long sell is same a shot at simple way is to for people to understand is basically when you long something you also means that you're confident that the price will go up well you shot something it means that you feel that price is gonna go down so the rate one shot meaning sell meaning you tinia something's gonna go down long meaning you think that something's gonna go up and so sue me I do buy one Bitcoin correct so what I could do is if I don't have enough money I'll do a hundred thumbs leverage okay so by so you realize that I'm gonna have okay this is the xbt basically refers to Bitcoin right so if you look at it I have almost one Bitcoin right I'll get this one Bitcoin on my hand so if this Bitcoin crisp $100 $100 by a few drops by $100 also lose $100 okay and what happens is that I the cost to me is only 0.01 Bitcoin so it's quite cool right basically with 0.01 Bitcoin you get to level approximately 100 times and what happens is that the does this ask estimated liquidation price so what does estimate a liquidation price means okay assuming I buy a Bitcoin at 6 155 with Omni 0.10.0 one Bitcoin it give me like almost close to a Bitcoin if I by this price if increased by $300 $300 for the small investment that I have okay but that also means that you know if the price drop you also means that I'm gonna take a bigger heat and assuming I only invest so little amount they were basically dish what do you call clothes my contract for me right so that's the excrement the creation price so basically if Bitcoin falls by just six dollars I'm gonna lose everything so sometimes most people do not leverage a hundred times we go for a safer one which is around ten times okay shucks 35 times okay let's sorry not enough better that's cause most of fine I really purchased like chopped Bitcoin using my balance of like 0.4 cuz I leveraged like 25 times so I don't have a lot left so this my valuable balance so what we could do is every question every strain 5 times so meaning I'm just using 0.04 to purchase almost a Bitcoin all right so it's a Bitcoin increased by $10 on $10 if you drop by $10 I also lose $10 okay and what you also means is that you know the you realize when I change the estimated liquidation value also change as well the leverage this becomes like why I make sure the on if you trade a hundred times your damage taken if you price drop you're gonna take it more as well which means that it's gone white pop the price nary P so it's gonna help you liquidate earlier so usually when I share I use that 25 times in a rich meaning I use my 0.04 Bitcoin to buy one Bitcoin alright all for this case I actually for myself actually use around like zero point zero point five Bitcoin to buy chocolate coin okay but this allows me to you know not get liquidated unwillingly if the price drop because you look at the price now you actually give around $200 worth of room for it to drop before I get liquidator so basically and to is liquidated liquidate that you do not actually do some money so let me show you an example so assuming I bought the the the contract at six one five seven and I press chase chop Bitcoin worth of this contract okay it's a postage chop Bitcoin so assuming I do close it find a price I will close it so I go across the ad um six one seven zero okay so I pressed close curls so he's going to obtain the audiobook later when it's closer to it and what it does is that is right now I enter it six one five seven and if I close you at this price now oh okay it closed ready okay hmm oh this I mean up close okay most of these clothes Thanks okay perfect everything is closed so basically if you look at the order history now I've made some money and we didn't just this few minutes I okay so I bought the Bitcoin at 650 I saw yet six one seven zero so this approximately around ten dollars and slightly more than there but – already transaction costs is around ten dollars alright and because the volume their trip was around chopped Bitcoin you can just simply you can do the Mayflower but honestly is too tiresome so just look at the Bitcoin air box so I bought a round top Bitcoin and I actually body at six one five nine I have six one seven zero so what does that mean for every Bitcoin and ten dollars for for this chocolate coin I just made around hundred twenty dollars in just nine minutes so I bought it 6:00 p.m. on my time so there 6:09 p.m. so I hereby conclude how this treating this form of trading works and I would I wouldn't say that this tutorial is good or not because I honestly do not have a lot of experience in this and honestly speaking I think is fair to explain how this works through a video it would be easy if I can explain to the person like life one-to-one because I think this requires a lot of understanding but I hope this video gives you a glimpse on on how leverage and managing trading is done and if you liked and you want to try it out I recommend you just send maybe just to 3% of your entire portfolio over here and you can just try to play around with it and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment on the video below and also I'll be posting the link to this website on the link below on the caption beyond this or on the comment below as well sorry comment yeah just on the description below yeah description below and I hope you guys learned a little bit from this and pattern for my lack of ability to explain this because this is honestly pretty pretty complicated you can take click on the to farm or you can click on the LMC contracts yeah so you can look at this SB T guide and they were roughly explain to you what this means but what I explained is probably in the mostly meant impossible and yeah I hope this have you guys understand how margin trading works and hope you guys have fun doing this but end of the day always remember to have use a small portion of what you have for this form of feeling because it I think is very risky I shouldn't be risking a big powerful asset search page especially if it's part of your savings okay only tree what you can afford to lose okay that's the most important thing I want you guys all to remember keep it like why you see p.m. do like and subscribe thank you

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