BitMex Bitcoin Trading – How to setup a U.S. account

hi guys Chris Ford here quick video today on how to set up a bit Mex trading account and it's very easy if you live outside the US but if you live inside the US you have to do one extra step so here's the bit Mex register page and before you go to bit Mex if you live in the u.s. you have to use a VPN or virtual private network to hide your IP address so what I do is I use hide dot me so you can go over here to do a Google search VPN and it'll come up ten best VPN services now I use a free service so I use hi dot me and all you have to do is put in you can see up your hi dot me try for free and you see here the programs I got me all you need is the free service and register then you come over here to bit Mex and you will register and it will hide your IP address so it does show the u.s. so when you register make sure you use hi dot me so now let's take a look at once you register inside of Ryan University there is your trading Bitcoin link you'll go to Training Center and to set up your Ryan University account which is free as well I'll leave a link at the bottom but you can do everything inside Ryan University so just go to trading Bitcoin here if you can see we have a webinar every Thursday and all the training here on the left a trading Bitcoin now the trading Bitcoin inside of are you you can watch the video here so you come down to the bottom you'll click that but the trading Bitcoin program inside of argue is not free are you as free but inside trading bitcoin is not you can see all of the training here there is a one-time charge 197 for all the training but then you'll come over here to create your bit makes account and it'll give you the same warning there do not create account if you live in the US so I use how you can use whatever VPN you want so in all of the training is right here funds your big mess account dashboard overview how to retain those trading offers a short making your first trade you see stop-loss using the calculator the playing safe strategy and psychology of a market cycle and become an affiliate so and when you if you decide to become an affiliate there's a fifty percent commission for every person you refer and that's totally option you don't have to do that as well so now when I finish this video I am going to post this video for for reference on my blog how US residents set up a bit mixed trading account and there's where the video will go right there in the text portion I'll just put the iframe right there so that's how you do it so that's how you set up a bit mixed trading account using hi dot me have any questions just reach out or Chris for that and I'll leave the link at the bottom for you so you can set up your free ryan university account but until next video guys have a great day bye for now

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  1. VPN is a great solution for BitMEX in the United States

  2. Is this still working for you? A few days after I made an account with my VPN, bitmex now recognizes somehow that im from the US and i cant deposite bitcoins.

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