Bitmain Release S15 & T15 Bitcoin Miners (7nm)

so guys I'm back at my PC and I'm still a little bit jet-lagged from the USC not sure if you call it jet lagged at this point but my body clock is all over the place and I'm sleeping an old D time I don't know what timezone my body's ein right now and they look like a heating monkey but what I'd like to do in this video is talk about two new miners from Batmen thereby being teased all week but yesterday yesterday was the official release all that the is 15 and the T 15 both of these are back COI menos sha-256 and they used a 70 nanometer architecture but for dump over to my PC I can show you this and more detail so this is Batman's website and you can see them being promoted here this is the S 15 which is being promoted and now if you look here you can see the s 15 is sold out already and the T 15 now seen estimated shipping December 20th to 31st so $1,475 for there's 15 913 for the t 15 he stole off the other one customs and shipping and all that kind of stuff so let's say they had our note there that was limited to two miners per user whether they actually idea to that for long-term clients I don't know probably not and says here click here for estimate e specifications it takes you to this page so there's a high performance more than energy saving mode and it changes from 28 tell her she's per second plus or minus 2 percent to 17 per consumption just under 1600 watts plus or minus 7% takes you down to 850 watts I feel an energy saving mode and in operations day 57 and 54 the power saving mode now this is the more powerful one as you would expect as more expensive and and then there as at-15 this one has a lot of 50 users again I reckon if you've got enough money they'll sell you as many as as you want and M yeah nine hundred thirteen dollars and you can see the teller huh she's here so comparison to other 128 and 17 plus one is 23 and 20 an energy saving mode but energy saving mode here style 1200 watts 1541 6760 and yeah so the you know from a design point of view if you look at them they look pretty much the same but I mean old bat mean menos look play unattractive aim if you look on a cig may not value you know the default setting for ASIC may not value as you probably know as 13 cents and if you look at the ACE 15 you can see that as $1 63 per day I'm sure they've got the T 15 layer as well and that's doing an 18 cents per day so that's under a dollar a day no I mean you ki and I'm realistically peeing about 19 kilowatt a cents per kilowatt-hour equivalent and if I search for I'll start with is 15 again aim it's got me at 6 cents per day as an it's not profitable aim and the T 15 as a a loss so if you buy that you're in the UK you spend all that money and you actually lose money no at this point annoyed people will think that what was the point of this thing at first is going to lose your money which I understand but the one thing that I learned well I mean I know that's the enemy but the one thing that you know kind of came in the forefront when was a world capital corn I was I was on all the way conversations with with manners and people that were talking to minors and everyone was trying to get basically under three cents some people were talking about two and a half cents per kilowatt-hour so the place is here they're not really marketing towards me or you any GPU Manor anyone really that's meaning at home these manners are really aimed towards people that have farms so if I go back and I put and let's see if I change it to 3 or even OD I'll do Co point two five so see two point five cents per kilowatt-hour the only one a most competitive Rachel gay and you know there are some people that are paying even less than that yeah I can't do that okay I'll jump t3 autopathy and so we realized a Seventeen's a s15 is like less than a dollar a day in UK and a loss f I get at-15 you can see they out $5 37 per day and for the T 15 you're getting $4 25 per day that is more like a and it's important to remember you know when big farms buy this kind of equipment they are buying a crap ton of them they're not gonna be a llama TT to per order let's be honest they won't be the only the ones aim you know this is another thing here that the conference I hear that law if Mainers talking about this and they say yeah yeah we got really good desk grants from bat mean so you know I don't have a back coin meaning farm but I assume that if I had a massive farm and I was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars or equipment I would get a huge discount and I certainly wouldn't be having to add G up to any kind of two units per customer limit so yeah these are the new these are the new Mainers am a lot more efficient than the older ones and I have no doubt that a lot of Bitcoin farms will be buying them but if you do you may know if you don't you know some of the mains at home that's isn't really going to concern you but aim yeah one was an upwards you know were seen an evolution aim you know of a ecig miners all the time really ever seen a lot of them being released all the time one thing I have noticed though as that is good that we're seeing a lot of different compare to those if you look at either me ecig may not value there's always offering companies out there that are selling ASIC may not know but very few of them seem to be able to offer any kind of real competition to bet mean when it comes to price and place as you know the biggest thing you should really look at am you know if you're looking at the place a you know from a value point of view from a harsh way point of view really as hard to be bat mean when you're looking at some of these other menos from other companies so yeah I have no doubt that a lot of a Bitcoin farms will be buying these but unless you've got you know sub 5 cents per kilowatt-hour you really won't be looking at these to buy them so yeah let me know you think about it guys I'll leave a link to the bat mean website you can check it or leave a link to a cig Manor value as well let me know what you think leave a comment below and I'll speak to y'all and the next one cheers guys

6 thoughts on “Bitmain Release S15 & T15 Bitcoin Miners (7nm)”

  1. i like the video champ.. im all newbieísh to crypto.. but invested in some different ones, and now i wanna mine or do something within the tech…..
    i have also looked at mining calculators and different coins to mine it all seems a very bad idea… , and since we pay around 0,35dollar/KWh(DK) it seems so unrealistic to mine anything.. what to do really, besides stay on the 7-15 job 😀

  2. With the eventual transition to POS with etherium is there really any more benefit to crypto mining in general unless your in Iceland or Ukraine etc. At some point the graphics card supplies are going to burn out but I can't see that for several years. I can't even see large mining farms surviving outside of $.05 cent per kilowatt hour. Just crazy unless crypto prices double or triple in value.

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