BitLord $BTC and #Altcoin market update let’s get this ? ???

can I folks rockin another one of these log periscope so it's white for a couple to get on then we're gonna get it started guys I know a lot of you are thinking words all season but let me tell ya it's out season if you don't feel the old season it's because the holy you really are holding she continued to hold it's that simple now got a few in here it's posting to Twitter its live is it crystal clear yes it is I want to smash some of this out read this is a fi strength very good I just got some acid sentiment from I can say whereby it's lab-grown it's about to go up but I'm gonna Mac I'm gonna dock this back guys we spoke about look I did speak about BTC continuing to threaten these outs down in the BTC pairs I said the USD balance will stay relative guys if you had a watch that video you're already down like a 10-15 percent in your oats in VTAC pair I did discuss out I said you can you can look the hedge with a BT say long I don't know who did or what are the case you doing but the fact is in either all coins that I've been focusing on Zed Zed Cash link have pumped all your other coins have done have got smashed more coins are pumping that's because I know what the I'm doing it's not a coincidence I really do I told you about these things well in advance Zack is already up like 50 60 % link has more than doubled all the noobs Zelda for like a dollar 20 thinking I love geniuses it's gone to a dollar ninety two bucks suck a dick bitch now the next coins I'm looking at them now I'm gonna tell your BTC continues is it's going to threaten them more in their in the BTC PES oke the USD vine might hold stay will but I'm telling you now you need to be very very careful right now the old coins that you're getting into they need to be the cream of the crop they need to be the magic ones or you're gonna get smashed in the BTC parent so right now out trading BTC in the old coin market you need to be good at what you do that's a fact because as you seen not everything is pumping against BTC it's it's a simple fact guys so you know don't think and almost tired of hearing this like time and time again but all these the nerves all these people that don't know what the they're doing they think they're doing twitter telling me or it's not old season it's not it's not a surprise you don't know how to try it it is all season it is more than a old season stop thinking that an old season is going to lift you up to the moon you can just throw money into anything and you're gonna make money it doesn't work like that you need to know what you're doing it's a simple fact so I'm going to reiterate what I said beforehand this BTC market as it continues is gonna smash a lot of these all coins in there in the Bitcoin parents and we can see on some of the larger caps they are testing critical lows now if Bitcoin continues it's gonna break out majorly beegley and it's gonna smash these oats in these parents you will see those gonna stay and hold it that's fantastic but you know it it's a Bitcoin market guys I really can't say anyway in any way other way so be very smart about what you buy be very very critical about what you're holding because if you do it wrong you're gonna take another 20% you're gonna take another 20% loss it's that simple if you do it right or your patient there's gonna be an easy 20 30 percent very quickly when they snap back but until then don't don't get too excited why is shilling coins any of a chain why is it why is shilling these sort of things in here what do you mean like I've seen these things I'm looking at them I know what's happening it's an opportunity cost to not be in Bitcoin of it goes up even if you used to buy oh yeah look and I've said you can hedge it look if you don't want to sell you all until you want yeah you got like a massive position or it's in liquid you can hinge how hard is it the hands you take out like a very low BCC long like one to one even point five that increases your exposure majorly for your portfolio that's a huge difference but no no one wants to do it that's fine and that's why you know a lot of people continue losing money or continue you know taking a turn for that opportunity cost coins are going to be bent over not everything broke not everything a lot of these things are still doing really well as I said Zack and Lincoln mooning you know and then the two coins that I picked the other two coins it you know we're still holding link is doing fantastic Zack is testing a 115 it's good ever bracer 120 it's gonna go for 140 just like that it's 10% all cronix budget reasonable no no that's very that's very very minimal and I know some question I'm working here that'll go like 80% all corn exposure but they're not holding they're not holding they're not holy the coins of them in holding have been doing really well so what I want to say it's like you know I'm trying to I'm trying to explains not everything is gonna pump stop thinking up seasons just gonna carry you off into the Mary son say it doesn't work like that it's a different market now it's a whole new market now I'm gonna talk about the market the sort of market structure we're in now but I'll say that for another another periscope maybe shortly afterwards widespread across the board out season are seen to an extent to an extent a lot of it's good to do the money floor now you're gonna understand a lot of these lists some really good projects that just aren't in the money because they can't get that that money flow exposure there are smaller shitty exchanges nobody knows about and the noobs aren't gonna be going to these exchanges that don't have the trust they don't have you know the the comfortability and it's not easy for them to go in there so it's very easy for a new to sign up to buy net so sign up to Paulo or something like that you know or who I be for example it's very easy and that's what you know that's a lot of it what to do with the money flow are you going great um yeah yeah I am actually do you think libera is going to bring positive and negative exposure to crypto positive of course it's positive you have it think about it guys everybody's saying everybody wants to have an opinion on labor and say oh it's good as bad or anything the fact is the matter if you're saying it's bad you're just wrong you probably should have an opinion because it's good it's it's a fact that matter it's good they're talking about Bitcoin they're talking about blockchain it's in no way a competitor to BTC BTC is not used for payments it was never going to be used for payments it's a digital gold we can speculate on that hold it like a God you don't pay your your coffee in gold why the should you pay in Bitcoin that's retarded and the fact is you know things like BCH or Bitcoin cash or whatever they're trying to make themselves a payment why the would I sell something that I think is going to be worth more tomorrow the next day it's retarded and you know anybody that wants to take out the payments you know you know you can be in competition with something like the likes of Facebook's and Goodluck Facebook have identity they have reputation and have everything behind it and you can't get that in a shitty blockchain so Facebook coming into you know the space for payments it's more of a threat to banks it's more a threat to that sort of thing why the do I need a bank if I can hold money in my phone I can hold money in my phone pay you know what I could pay for my bills I can pay for these are gonna pay for that out of my phone why the do I need a bank watch they can rape me it can continue to rape me when I get a door transaction I want to enjoy some cash it's gonna piss me like that ah I'm sick of Bank so sick of it thought so I got right by the way on my us day to be I need a transfer I was in a pickle 50 cents to the dollar they raped me an extra 10 15 percent I can suck a dick now except a launch sequence countdown zero the angle is good though we know it's gonna pump we know it's gonna pop eventually so I don't even care about except a anymore common man got foreclosed on banks will get bad yeah look I surely sure she wouldn't want to be on your property right now not in Australia PTC targets my bowling is a capping it to like twelve and a half on the monthly you know over the next couple months it's what it's showing but let me tell you now this if those bands start opening up on the monthly look what happened when we like lost a year or two ago we thought okay it's got to slow down it's going to stop at 7 K BAM I know in 10 K what the it's got to slow down it's got to stop soon eventually maybe it's gonna cool off 12 K 13k 14 K 15 K yeah now surely I should say take some profit here it's gonna you know it's gonna dump it's gonna dump 16 K 17 K 18 19 20 thousand dollars just like that just like that guys so you look at it now how much money is in the scene how much heart there is how much is happening how many trade desks and each individual I don't even know the word for it but big place out there that trades stock and because I want to serve it they want to provide it to their clients I don't know the word for it is but you know what I mean anyway this time there's more opportunity there is more opportunity so I really think that if it's gonna slow down its it's gonna happen it's gonna catch us off guard everything's gonna slow down because I really feel like everybody's just so bullish right now and you know what is really gonna stop Bitcoin right now what can stop Bitcoin right now there's not a lot there's not a hell of a lot unless the tow she wants to go movies coins they scare the out of us New York Stock Exchange yes something like that okay I would sell my doctor buy more smart men no response attack actually we do have a sponsor it is it's say obviously got this new look with more hair and it's actually made possible thanks to towel dry town dried this is a brand I use guys get it natural hold and matte finish high styler a good seventy three meals in it which attracts me I'm glad 73 noses it's like a nice interesting number so go ahead and get this that'll give you this matted gray sort of look reserved protocol I'll have a look at it I really I really will have a look at it who asked for advertisement dude there's always an avatar they're always shilling something why not and just I just spilled algae all over my desk guys I gotta go I need to clean this up I mean only the lab that up guys please take care be safe responsive we don't get wrecked and most of all always always enjoy yourself how can you not enjoy yourself in the spice it's so exciting is always something happening I love you all placed I care folks

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