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welcome to a special edition of Bitcoin and crypto news there's a couple of important things I want to talk about and that's why I'm making this special video for you guys now first I know a lot of you guys noticed that BTC took a slight dip last night things were going good Bitcoin went up above 4100 at one point about forty one thirty forty one fifty and it looked like it was inching towards forty two hundred and then all of a sudden boom we went down a hundred points and people are wondering what's going on and since then Bitcoin has recovered pretty well so we're right below 4100 an overall market cap is still a little bit higher than we were yesterday and BTC dominance is still low because a lot of the old coins are still doing well but the reason for that is because of this the South Korean exchange bid hum was once again hacked this time 431 million dollars and people are suspecting this is now an insider job and unfortunately last year bit hum suffered a worse attack 31 million in cryptos and then the Japanese regulators had to shut them down right and then they looked at all their internal systems and made sure things were safe before giving back their license and letting them trade again and unfortunately it wasn't enough and this time 13 million in Yeoh specifically was taken now the sources are pointing to that a 13 million is actually from bid hums own wallets and not client wallets which is supposed to be on cold wallets so that's the good thing that if you do have a count on bid hum supposedly it wasn't touched right and at 30 minutes actually from bid hum itself we will see as more developments come out but and then the the moral of the story is right you fool me once shame on you you fool me twice shame on me right so this puts a lot of distrust in my mind in terms of what bit hums security precautions and and just overall safeguarding their kryptos right and it's not I don't want to just rule them I don't want to just pick them out because other changes have been had to and I don't think they're gonna be the only ones in 2019 or going beyond I think a lot more exchanges are go get hacked and the true way of protecting yourself is to safeguard your own crypto so a lot of you guys store a lot if not all of your crypto sonics changes make sure to take out the ones the ones that you're holding for long term take it out put on a hardware wall I put it on a mobile wallet anything that's not on exchange so that you are sure that you're not going to be affected by these hacks right so that is number one and that is the reason why I think the market took a slight dip however the market is strong which is why even after this the market shrugged it off will will continue continuing higher inching herself slightly upwards now another thing that shows that the market is extremely strong is this the sec actually came out and said that their goal delay delay the review process for two bitcoin ets1 by bit wise and one of course the one that we've been waiting for is the van Eyck and CBOE one right they have been delayed now the bitwise one is out being delayed until May 16th and the one for from Van Eyck FC BOE is now May 21st and guess what when this was announced the market didn't even flinch so at this point I don't think anyone really cares anymore if the ETF gets approved or not right and the delay it just comes with it so even comes May if these gets denied you know my feeling is the market will just shrug it off just like this piece of news however however if it gets approved as either one gets approved that could be a huge huge trigger but I just want to bring this out because this kind of came and wet and not a lot of people talked about it and again this kind of shows how strong the market is right now just shrugging off all the bad news left and right now the last thing I want to talk about and this is unfortunate thing that's happening because with crypto winter thawing out and us moving to bull country now you got a lot of people that's threatening to sue other people based on their piñon and things are very hard to prove that slander right and the latest one actually comes from sunny decree sunny decree actually is another YouTube influencer a lot of you guys watch this show you just put on the video saying that he got reached out by Yi and belani his lawyer over twitter and he got DM then the lawyer told him to watch out – watch out what he's saying do not say bad things about Ian which is really funny first of all usually you know these type of cases right at least you would get a physical letter sent to you right now Sonny did receive this over Twitter which is really funny but yeah I mean I'm glad Sonny was gonna respond inappropriately but he'd made a wise decision the mature decision to respond the way he did so those of you guys didn't watch it I'm gonna link this I usually don't link videos from other influencers but I think this is worth the watch I want to bring attention to you guys because I think this kind of stuff is ridiculous right I know crypto twitter is toxic people attack each other left and right and attack projects left and right right and I don't think that's gonna change until the market starts doing well however a lot of these guys these famous people that's in crypto right they lost a good grace of the people they lost a reputation and a trust from the people that used to follow them and I don't think lawsuits or or threatening sue people is go fix that in this case even if Ian won then Sonny folded right and took it on video and never says anything bad about you and again I don't think that's gonna change anyone's mind and all because they already made up their mind in my opinion how you get the good graces back and how you get trust when people is to continue forward with good things that that day they like or they you know they believe in right and that's how you restore their trust right threatening threatening lawsuits definitely doesn't do that at least in my opinion right and ian is not the only one Craig right as you guys know disappeared off of Twitter and one of his compadres Calvin arey is now saying that Craig is suing people people that are falsely denying he is chateau she I don't know if that's true or not because that's from Calvin and not Craig Wright and Craig Wright disappeared off of Twitter but again right if Craig Wright is truly Satoshi Nakamoto he's truly Dementor Bitcoin why does he care about what people say about him on Twitter right he's obviously a billionaire and he mined a whole bunch of Bitcoin right and he will truly know that he is the inventor Bitcoin so how does filing lawsuits against people that don't believe him how's that gonna solve anything right I I just don't get it i I mean this kind of stuff I just don't get so what what do you guys think what do you guys think about these people that are now trying to sue other people for for their opinion right I thought this was the land of the free Free Press right and I just don't get it all right and that is pretty much it guys I did put out a few videos especially from yesterday right I had a really good one at least I thought about a really bullish indicator that I put out yesterday so make sure you guys watch it if you have it and also I have segment videos for you guys to watch for those of you guys don't just want to watch very short segments right and of course the only way you could do that is by subscribing to the channel so make sure you do and hit the likes and that's pretty much it guys we'll see what the rest of the day brings like I said the market is extremely strong and who knows we might pop up to 40 200 which is where we want to see and we'll see what happens if that happens right and if it's gonna happen this weekend and that is it guys thanks for watching take care of bye bye you

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  1. sonny is a dick and you supporting his bullshit? i wonder why hmmmm! sonny always poppin shit about people about who get likes and petty shit.. but i guess you love that type of entertainment

  2. Sunny Decree in my opinion is a jerk who spends much time slandering people. I expect several people to sue him. And yes you are free to say what you wish however what you say may be costly.

  3. Hacked?? Ya right, more like they don’t have any coins to begin with !! Get your coins off these exchanges! Dont be a victim

  4. The first thing you should do, is to NOT respond before you get legal advice. See the first response from the "lawyer"? Thank you for confirming you received my message …

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