BitForex Exchange Review [EN/RU subs]

Hello! In this video I will tell you about BitForex exchange. BitForex is a cryptocurrency asset trading platform. BitForex is leading the trend of the cryptocurrency exchange industry by effectively providing a wide range of trading tools including token trading, margin trading and derivatives constantly adapting to new market needs with the continuous introduction of new features. Consider the main features of this exchange. Abundant resources and partners provide high liquidity to the platform. The platform supports over 300 tokens and more premier tokens coming up. Providing safe and stable trading environment and Asset Security Management Solutions. High-performance matching engine, capable of fast processing 1,600,000 orders per second. So, after registration go to security settings. Here bind Google Authenticator and set the trading password. Next let’s go to the assets page. Here we can see that you have two accounts: for spot and for perpetual. You can transfer between these accounts. Thus in order to replenish the perpetual account you first need to replenish the spot account. You can replenish account using different tokens; all available tokens are shown on the screen now. These same tokens can be withdrawn from this exchange. You can see again the list of tokens. Now let’s go to the spot tab. Here you can buy any of the offer tokens. In fact, it is a classic trading. Here we select a crypto currency pair, the diagram shows the evolution of the pair. Here you enter the price of trade and amount of tokens, and then you can buy or sell tokens you need. Consider now perpetual contracts. On this page we can see the interface similar to the spot tab, but here another principle of trade. Start with the fact that here you can trade five currency pairs: Crypto/Fiat. Consider the principle of perpetual contracts on the example. Let Bitcoin now cost $9458 and it seems to us that it will rise in price. Then we open a buy order. Enter count of contracts and purchase price. Here You can see information about the order Note that if in this case the value of Bitcoin falls below the liquidation price the order will close. To close a position on BitForex Perpetual Contract Trading place inverse position order. In this case when Bitcoin gets higher, for example $10150, we place a sell order with the same counts of contracts. If your inverse position order amount is greater than your current position the amount left will be placed as a new order. Another feature of this platform is a three level referral system. Inviting first level friends, You can get 30% trading fees commission. If your referrals invite friends, You get 10% trading fees commission. If referrals of your referrals invite friends, You get 10% trading fees commission So, in this video I talked about the main features of the BitForex financial platform. I hope this video will help you to earn on cryptocurrency. Thank You for watching!

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