49 thoughts on “Bitfinex Too Big to Fail? 1 Billion Dollar IEO Panic Move? What Will Happen to Bitcoin?”



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  2. So who's gonna create inorganic pumps to liquidate the huge wall we will face head?? Biffinex and usdt are so necessary. It prevents old money to come to the system just to dump the prices..

  3. I really want the media to stop harassing Bitfinex like it usually does, its not even about the platform its basic human decency as some other ppl already said online

  4. The conflicts we all saw may be called destructive to my mind, we need to do everything we can to prevent them in the future because not only Bitfinex gets unpleasant feedback and results but other traders and platforms

  5. the latest performance of Bitfinex doesn’t make any disappointments, the customers are pleasantly surprise by the resistance of the platform

  6. Since IEO was only available for private (==rly huge) investors I'm sure it can't be a 'fake' or 'fraud' move at it most since those private investors got their money by using their experience and brain, that's why I'd rather trust their decision

  7. Tish James is person causing questions and suspicions. She was caught on corruption and stealing of public money, and now she has the right to investigate this case. That's quite strange.

  8. im sure that this situation doesnt influence on bitcoin and thats great because it could cause a real disaster! but okey bitfinex acts smart and soon will get out of this problem. have u heard that it will be a court after a little? i think a lot of people are waiting for a final decision. as we really worry about the consequences that can cause a negative decision. so we hope for the best

  9. while one is called leo 'panic move' shareholders are trying to invest money in it as quickly as possible.
    I doubt that shareholders are alarmists

  10. …I'd rather my trades stay on Bfx for a while, all this animosity towards this platform feels too suspicious to me, so I'd avoid any rash moves for now

  11. I'd agree with the fact that bitfinex's too big to fail. Even it the IEO doesn't work they won't leave the market I bet.

  12. Nothing's going to happen to bitcoin unless stupid people will go completely nuts exchanging. And I don't see IEO as a panic move. It's a smart move and it's working out pretty good so far.

  13. Considering what was happening last time in crypto industry I believe that IEO will help Bitfinex to cope with that situation

  14. tend to be so emotional 🙂 I don't see anything exciting about what bitfinex doing now, just few steps to make market feel better

  15. The situation when some murky accusations can make half the market kneel is unacceptable, so once Bitfinex sorts its situation out, we have to address the bigger issue at hand and the matter of protecting exchanges from lies of this kind

  16. i really saw a big panic around all this minor situation and its senseless because these two big corporation as Bitfinex and NYAG can solve all questions by themselves i guess. and this noise and rumors just make a great hype or may be its a sort of propaganda of smth, dont know. oooh to tired of this news. pray for this situation to end successfully for bitfinex!

  17. of course its too big to fail! u are right. its impossible to destoy or even remove a huge "empire" like bitfinex. its really very powerful and influential in crypto world. so i suppose that NYAG should choose another looser to bankrupt

  18. thankfully, Bitfinex seems to be clearing its reputation from the stain of this scandal bit by bit, thats smth other exchanges should look at too, since no one is safe from slander at this point

  19. You can judge a man by who he trusts. CZ of Binance trusts the Tether/Bitfinex mob, even learning the "tricks of the trade".

  20. A very useful and liquid token can come out. bitfinex hate now in trend, but it is really good movement in cryptoworld

  21. 'strained relations' cryptoexchange with banking sector.. If it were possible to establish a union between crypto and banks …things might have been different…

  22. Compared to a few other platforms I've dealt with, Bitfinex is rather nice, so I'd like to see it stay active and prolific, no matter what the media has to say (i.e. lie) about it

  23. Why dissing all of this. Nyag is ruining everything for them and they have to look for a way of out.

  24. no one knows how would another exchange act if it got into such a tough situation like Bitfinex had. it's not upon you or us or the US to pass judgement on them.

  25. Thanks for your great videos. Do you know the crypto sight? I read some information on it about: NYAG Issued Legal Paper Demanding Bitfinex to Release Document of Tether Fund Received https://thecryptosight.com/nyag-issued-legal-paper-demanding-bitfinex-to-release-document-of-tether-fund-received/ #cryptoInsight

  26. the market is easily changeable, now you’re in the lead, the next day you may face losses – that’s a pause for finex but the platform will be back just like the terminator

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