Bitfineon Sharepool Program

Hey guys, It’s finally time to share our vision for
the relationship between ALQO and Bitfineon, what’s important to know and the steps that
are required in order for YOU to get your share of Bitfineon’s trading fees. Let’s start right away! The Bitfineon Sharepool will collect 50% of
all trading fees that incurred on the Bitfineon exchange every 24 hours. Once every day, at exactly midnight UTC time,
the Sharepool will pay out all collected funds to its participants. To get your shares registered on the Sharepool,
there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s review this quick example: Alice has recently heard about the Bitfineon
exchange and its Bitfineon Shares program, and decided to invest 100 ALQO. Alice is now depositing 100 ALQO to the Bitfineon
exchange and could possibly trade with those funds – however, she decides to invest and
lock it, to maximize her initial investment. Alice then locks her 100 ALQO at 16:30 UTC. Because no one else has locked ALQO yet, she
currently is the only registered shareholder. She tells her friend John about this opportunity
and he’s easily convinced. John decides to invest and get some ALQO Shares
as well – following the same steps as Alice. John deposits 400 ALQO and locks them, in
order to be part of the Bifineon Sharepool, but does so at 23:31 UTC. The one thing John isn’t aware of yet is
that unfortunately, he is exactly one minute too late, which means that while the Sharepool
has registered his locked deposit, it’s been registered for the following day. John’s Shares are therefore not eligible
for participation in today’s pool, but will get his shares tomorrow. And here’s why:
All ALQO should be deposited and locked before 23:30 UTC in order to be registered and eligible
for the current Sharepool. John speaks with Alice a few minutes later,
asking her if she had already registered and locked her ALQO. She tells him that fortunately for her, she
is the only one who’s eligible for receiving shares in today’s pool, despite having only
100 ALQO. As a result, at midnight that night, Alice’s
shares, the initial 100 ALQO, are eligible to receive 100% of the funds from the Sharepool. Still, nobody besides Alice and John have
decided to invest ALQO and get some shares. Alice and John are excited, since Alice still
has her deposit registered and locked, and John’s deposit is now listed and registered
early enough for taking part in the sharepool on the following day. 24 hours later – exactly at midnight, John
and Alice are both having a look at their Bitfineon accounts, making sure they’ve
received a payout from the Bitfineon sharepool. John receives 80%, while Alice receives 20%
of all funds collected in the sharepool within the last 24 hours. Upon checking the Sharepool Stats, they see
that the total deposit registered by the pool stands at 500 ALQO, resulting in the 80% and
20% split for their 400 and 100 ALQO deposit respectively. The word spreads, and more and more people
hear about Bitfineon and its unique Sharepool program. The percentage of Alice’s and John’s shares
is recalculated every day, based on their share of the total amount of ALQO locked on
Bitfineon in total. Both are happy with their decision of participating
in the sharepool program, while reserving the right to unlock and withdraw their ALQO
at any given time with just 2 mouse clicks.

12 thoughts on “Bitfineon Sharepool Program”

  1. So if I'm understanding this right, I should run my master node, stake the profits from my master node all day, and then transfer from my staking account to the Bitfineon share pool at 23:20… get my reward and then transfer the money back to my staking account to continue to build the whole next day??

  2. Why aren't the payouts from the 1st day locked in automatically? In that case, Alice should've received more than John on the 2nd day.

  3. so what is the deal re bitfineon – when it is going live and what is the share pool program estimated return – more info please – i don't really care about the investment process versus the return.

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