BitConnect Scam Is Over, CryptoCurrency And Bitcoin Drops, Now What

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys we’re talking about Bitcoin the cryptocurrency crash that’s been
happening the last couple days and of course we’ve got a cover bit connect
because guys if you haven’t heard about it yet there’s been huge news
surrounding pic connect the company and everything about it so we talked about
all those things in today’s video with that being said if you guys are new to
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day with that being said guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now
and start this video off alright guys we’re in my computer as you can see and
like I promised we’re talking about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world as
a whole so guys the first thing I want to show you guys is the price graph for
the seven day chart right here I want you guys to look at every single one of
these I’m gonna scroll down pretty slow so I want you guys to look at every
single one of these charts and you guys are gonna notice the same huge dip right
here in the middle of all of them guys every single one there’s you know see a
huge dip right about the same exact point and um pretty much every single
one of them and that’s pretty much the showing guys the ripple that big connect
has had on the crypto currency market or break it wouldn’t when the news came out
about bit connect every pretty when the news came out when the news came out
about bit connect pretty much every single coin dropped in price that’s
exactly I’m showing you guys here in the price graphs if you guys don’t know
about the news with bit connected we’re gonna cover that in just a second that’s
probably gonna be the majority of this video before I get into that I just had
to show you guys the huge effect that the huge ripple effect that the connect
has had on the entire cryptocurrency market as a whole the entire
cryptocurrency world is pretty much exploded over this news and soon after
wise need to talk about in today’s video so as we’re actually they head over to
an article by coin telegraph calm and the headline is gonna be big connect
Ponzi scheme no sympathy from the crypto community and that’s what I highlight
some of these top lines over here guys because they highlight the situation
pretty perfectly so what looks too good to be true ended up being just that as
bit connect has all but closed its doors long accused of being a Ponzi scheme but
connect shut down its crypto currency exchange and lending service this week
as stated on their website bit connect had received cease and desist letters
from two American securities regulators leading to the closure of their lending
service in exchange platform but still be connect will continue to run its
service and wallet now of course now that is huge news any company being
accused of a pond scheme is not good for them it is not a
good look whatsoever the fact they pretty much closed their doors after
being told to buy to American securities regulators is of course insane guys a
lot of people are getting a lot of flack as there are a lot of youtubers gave me
a lot of flack if you guys have heard of crypto Nick he’s one of the biggest
people in the cryptocurrency YouTube niche space right now and he’s getting a
ton of flack from his own subscribers because he was actively promoting bit
connect to his followers and now this happened his followership all but
completely turned on him he’s getting a ton of hate a ton of flack people are
really pissed off at him because of course guys there are people who lost
millions of dollars here of course they have the right to be mad all of his
followers she bought in because he said so if they were obviously pissed off
with him of course he can’t hold all responsibility because again guys these
are investments you have to be wise and smart with your own investment decisions
but at the same time they do have some right to be pissed at him because
they’re pre cos he was pretty much promoting a Ponzi scheme
now of course guys bit connect hasn’t proven or confirm to be a Ponzi scheme
but if we look at it they have very similar traits to an actual Ponzi scheme
which of course again not a good look the next thing I want to show you guys
is bit connects website because right here guys bit connect at sea I’ll show
you the top the price of a Bitcoin right now as of 1:20 2018 is gonna be about
$12,000 the price of one bit connect is only about 17 dollars the guy’s the
craziest thing is I check this a few hours ago it was actually up at $22
which means it’s dropped even more since I checked earlier that was only about
three or four hours ago what I really want to show you guys and what’s really
insane to me is does the bit connect price chart this is the one month price
chart for a brick connect now of course you guys can see the huge drop there
we’re gonna send just a second but guys what I want to show you first is that
bitcoin was over here in December was it was at about twenty two hundred and
twenty three dollars which of course is very respectable it’s definitely a big
deal of money and then it took a huge jump in just a couple days up to four
hundred and twenty one dollars after that I helped pretty steady obviously
some dips and some jumps best expected with any cryptocurrency you know you’re
gonna have these big jumps and these big dips
now after jumped all up to about four hundred dollars in past four hundred
dollars it held pretty steady in this three hundred to four hundred dollar
range but of course guys you see big jumps and big drops but with any
cryptocurrency that’s to be expected that’s happening all over the
cryptocurrency market as a whole guys of course leading up to what day is January
15th On January 15th the news came out that
big connect was pretty much closing their doors and the price dropped huge
these guys right now as you can see January 15th the price is three hundred
and six US dollars and then with only three days later three or four days
later the price is at $34 so guys it pretty much took almost like a 90
percent drop which of course is insane that’s why everybody’s so pissed off
that’s why every is sending so much hate towards crypto Nick because guys want
any coin drops and about ninety percent from $300 down to $30 there’s gonna be a
lot of money lost you watching this video could’ve lost money on picnic if
you did I apologize but guys like this is insane last couple days it’s been
hovering around like 2030 dollars and like I said today guys the last price
he’s just out seventeen dollars and it just continues to drop guys honestly I
don’t know what’s gonna happen a bit connect it could drop to zero guys
because guys of course anything can happen in the cryptocurrency world if
you drop to zero I really don’t think that big connection go back up I
wouldn’t invest in myself I’m not going to I definitely don’t think you should I
wouldn’t recommend at least course guys not a professional this isn’t investment
advice this is my opinion based on speculation but the seahorse guys does
not look good at all for bit connect and guys this is really this really isn’t
the kind of thing you want to see happening in the cryptocurrency world
because like I showed you guys before this this right here in the 15th what
happened to look 15 with big connect since a huge ripple do the entire
cryptocurrency world a mess and nine state messed everything up but it sent a
huge decline in every single coin let’s go back up to Bitcoin right now and just
look at the price graph for that I’m gonna show you guys that really fast and
then I’ll wrap this video up I just need to show you guys how badly this affected
Bitcoin so we’re gonna go over to the one month and guys remember like I said
it happened on the 15th of January so it’s final if it is the 16 the 15th
right here guys of course right before this huge drop on the 15th the Bitcoin
prices are about fourteen thousand two hundred fifty dollars and guys on the
16th function on the 17th bitcoins price is not unlike like $9,000 it’s becoming
job from like fourteen thousand dollars all the way down to nine thousand
dollars at one point guys and took a huge $5,000 dip a lot of money was lost
there two guys and I just I really wanted to show you guys the huge effect
that BIC and I’d really had on the entire cryptocurrency world as a whole
it dropped Bitcoin 5,000 dollars by itself is
not the kind of thing you want to see in cryptocurrency of course this is huge
news this huge negative news for cryptocurrency is isn’t the kind of
thing you wanna be seeing with that being said leg eyes these things happen
all the time we all know getting into any cryptocurrency it’s gonna be risky
and this is exactly why I say risky because I guys any day some news can
come out they could drop Bitcoin I could drop any of these coins by like 50% by
like five thousand dollars guys this is huge if you’re thinking about getting
involved in the cryptocurrency world at this point in time you definitely can
still there’s definitely money to be made still but guys again this is not a
best advice take your time invest wisely talk to your professional do your
research guys I’ll just dive in because if you just dive in you can really lose
a lot of money as shown with big connect with that being some other guys up image
wraps up this video if you guys are new to the channel please subscribe right
now for brand new videos every single day and with that being said I will see
you guys in the next one my name is Anthony Villa and I’m out

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