42 thoughts on “Bitcoin's True Value, Fake Crypto Exchange Volume, & Massive Adoption News”



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  2. You're a permabull Lark, and thus your opinion cannot be considered to be valueable at all since you're heavy invested in BTC. You believing that BTC is revolutionary doesn't mean it should get the price tag of you who thinks it's revolutionary. Bitcoin is down because it's manipulated it has been forked many times and there's fake volume. And solves no problem it's just the first cryptocurrency.

  3. Ah – price discovery question – by default mr (0r Ms )market knows best – but for the record I would not be surprised if btc trade in the 10 k range soon

  4. To be honest I feel like this is the wrong question to ask. Valuing BTC against a phony Fiat inflationary currency is probably not striking the point. For instance if the dollar continues to be debased and you value btc against it then of course 10000$ BTC would occur but does that mean that the coin went up on value or that the currency is inflated. I think it matters more how much users actually transact with it over fiat.

  5. 17.000.000 / Number of People with Smartphone = 0.0034 btc each Human … 10M $ = 1 BTC in 2030

  6. How can something with no inherent value be undervalued? Does not compute!
    Blockchain technology does have value and it is FREE to use. Bitcoin is massively flawed and unsafe to transact with. It is also not money or a store of value though I have no doubt fraudsters and criminals will continue to use it.

  7. Too many lame arse predictions about value 20 years from now. Seriously, we all know the world of tech operates in minutes and days these days. Predictions should span no further than 5 years, anyone on this planet could predict values beyond that.

  8. I have spoken in our discord groups and You Tube videos that the top 1% have a placed a current value of BTC at around $127,000.00

  9. 1 BTC = 7 Lambocoins

    1 Lambocoin = 1 Lambo

    7 Lambocoins = 7 Lambos in 7 different colors, one per each day of the week

    4 LTC = 1 BTC

  10. Is it a money or store of value? if it is money, then it is not revolutionary because it slow and expensive to move.

  11. My taught is that BTC is worth what people are willing to pay for…. But I expect it to rise at least above 100 000$… I kind of don't think it's gona take all the value of gold, gold have a good industrial value and also it's shiny! 😉

  12. Coinscious shared a technical analysis on some of the top crypto exchanges looking at volume, price and different correlations. It gives insight on which exchanges may be faking their volumes: https://coinscious.io/coinscious-lab/exchange-report-2019-03-18/

  13. drop from 6.4K to 3.1K was after many tests of 6K while below 50 day moving avg. this time over 1 month above 50d ma testing 4K. While forming a inverse head and shoulders. short term only worry is stochastic rsi. possible 4.2K hit/rejection due to s-rsi peak/cross, but then heavy resistance/bonce @ 3.6K == 50d ma likely. Miners won't sell below 3.5K / below cost. should make for stability period ending with slight up trend for next quarter. btc halving may 2020. ltc halving this year. 1.8K keep dreaming (maybe flash crash but no…). 3k==bottom /sept 2017. more and more fantastic fundamentals, every day, just keep accumulating and stop worrying. 6-10K by end of 2019. longer term cycles 50-60K, 100K, 400K, 1 Mill in 10-12 years. just my opinion though

  14. Bitcoin has no fixed value. It's value will literally increase forever because bitcoin will be lost over time. It will deflate forever. You also can't compare it with an inflating currency like USD because $1 million USD value for bitcoin would double to $2 million USD in 100 years because of USD's inflation even if BTC holds steady in purchasing power, which it won't.

  15. Bitcoin will be worth millions supply and demand  7 Trillion people in the world, and growing, 21 million BTC do the math.

  16. You are the man Lark. To answer your question, BTC's true worth as compared against to the U.S. dollar of Today is Somewhere between $300k-$600k. If 4-6 Million BTC have been lost forever (as has been guesstimated) it'll put us towards the higher end of this range. The days of losing thousands of Bitcoin's at a time are long gone, but it's not hard to imagine that people will misplace & lose small amounts in their wallets, similar to losing pocket change. Insignificant by itself,  but multiply by millions of wallets each year, and this starts to add up. As the block reward decreases, at some point, the lost Bitcoin will outpace newly minted Bitcoin, making it more scarce and driving the price higher. This is text book supply and demand. Let me know your thoughts and keep the videos coming!

  17. 1 Big Mac burger = $3.57. 1 Satoshi = 1 Big Mac
    100 million Satoshi X 3.57 = $357 million.
    The Big Macs are on me 🙂

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