Bitcoin’s SegWit2x Hard Fork, Hong Kong and Singapore alliance | CRYPTO NEWS #6

hey this is my rear Jones at squint Telegraph channel with a random of a hottest news stories from across cryptocurrencies this week blockchain across borders Hong Kong and Singapore announced their cooperation on a cross-border blockchain based trade project linking their trade finance platforms the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Monetary Authority of Singapore studied and exchanged a cooperation agreement to strengthen cooperation on intact with a view to bolster ties between the two cities and fostering vintag development within the region the cooperation on this project would enhance the trade finance corridor between the two financial centers the platform could significantly increase the efficiency of trade in the future as well as replace humans on time-consuming paperwork the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the monetary authorities Singapore's stated that linking this to platform is just one part of a broader plan between the future collaboration on blockchain and other impact projects get asked about their corporations will be announced by the authorities next a new iteration at the Bitcoin blockchain Bitcoin God came into existence on Tuesday this for come last and three months after the country version of Bitcoin cash for who is attacked a still built valve Bitcoin GOG is an adjustment for the Bitcoin blockchain that claims to try and make mining accessible to the general public again Bitcoin dropped 4.4 percent on Wednesday how whether cryptocurrencies is killed up to the six percent this month Thomas Clips one head of marketing at Hong kong-based cryptic exchange gate point say that bitcoins recent downtown has been driven by the traders anticipation as minor disarray in the wake coming hard for the Bitcoin exchange and wallet community has been divided over decisions to support or reject this contentious hard folks this has also been speculation at a Bitcoin well ahead of the hole due to the opportunities to essentially double your coin bit coin holders will also be credited with equal amount of Bitcoin gold however not many exchanges have come out in support of Bitcoin gold further split down the way with Sigrid 2x v corns hard fork explained right now there is a 1 megabyte limit to the size of bitcoins blocks this was done to keep network nodes from up coming under attack in Bitcoin 30 days 1 megabyte was set as a limit as log on Ivy none for such empty at the time as Bitcoin grew so did the number transaction trusted by on the network this transaction will begin to pile up and form a queue block equated roughly every 10 minutes however in a minute transaction exceed one megabyte closing delays and in a future blog can be mined this congestion chose delay in transaction verification time and applied pressure on senders increase that transaction fee this fee intensifies miners to include that transaction in the current block as logs fill up the fee required to be included on a new block route proportionally Bitcoin transactions began to get very expensive eastenders pay higher fees for very slow if standard choose to pay less of use bitcoins current developers came up with a solution segregated witness Sigrid is included in bitcoins current software it works by separating the transaction data from the signature data is backed up to four times as many transactions interblock not everybody's happy just with implementing secret some people wish to increase the maximum size of different blocks as well the network's more room for growth however a bitcoins car developers don't want a block size increase this is because it involves a heart for a heart for appears when computers running new versions of the software are no longer competitive with us running the old version if done incorrectly that can cause major problems on May 23rd 2017 the digital currency group published the New York agreement the nya was signed by a large number of Bitcoin companies and – represented over 80 percent of Bitcoin hash power the signature is that the agreement accepted a compromise called Sigma 2 X this plans calls for the near immediate activation of secret followed by a hard walk in November to double the block size stick with tracks as a hard walk that will happen around November 16 2017 as a result there will be two chains one will be the Bitcoin core legacy Bitcoin and the other will be the signature version of Bitcoin if the floor continues to be supported by the majority of miners there will be serious confusion over which chain is their real Bitcoin the principal concern about Sigma 2 X is that it doesn't provide replay protection this leaves users on a Fox chain substract about to attack on the legacy change however innothing has been recently included co-developers believe that the hardcore is coming too far on the three months of the grid implementation they argue for the folk to take place and be accepted a lot of time is required to prepare the community and reach a consensus regarding it many members at the cryptic immunity this large heart walk as they whip and what supposed to be a United decentralized community the ironies real for the very latest news and events from the cryptids in check out container grab calm and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you would like to ask me a question or share your story with us just leave a comment right here and see you next week

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