21 thoughts on “BITCOIN's next move. Top altcoins at all time lows!”

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  2. Does the bullish nature of Bitcoin not suggest further bleeding in ALts and serve to discourage the purchase of Alts? Hallam in always sunny Barbados.

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  4. i have 1 XBT 100x long since we hit 3150USD.. so i dont care about buying stocks and alts rightnow.

  5. Bitcoin most likely would not see the actual bull run we all hope to see until towards the Year’s end but the current trend is a blessing because it presents an incredible opportunity. The coin is still very much affordable now and buying a bunch is pretty easy but then, what happens next is what matters most and what will count eventually. For me, my chosen strategy which i was introduced to by Robbert Wiegman was to make a buy and then keep trading to increase my portfolio using only my initial coins. I ventured into this system with just 4btc and i intend to keep doing so until when the dull force of the bulls take charge. I have made return on investment of over 6 times already in the last few month. Robbert is without any doubt one of the best in the space today especially due to the accuracy and simplicity of his system. All who need some guidance in making profit or recovering already made losses may contact him by mail/whatsapp ([email protected]/+44 7480 727034) to see how he may be of help to you. Don’t worry you are welcome

  6. Late 2017 here. So I appreciate the info. My first ada purchase was .36 then got lucky and bought at .035 but watched it go to .10 and then down to .066. Still I profit on the bulk.

  7. Wtf are you talking crap dude. Cardano came in at 340 sats. Not freak'n 1150 satoshi. Dont talk bullshit here

  8. I'm not touching alts right now… when bitcoin corrects soon, it will take them much much lower 🙂

  9. BTC tested 4600 and moved up… Tested 5200 and moved up… Tested 5400 and moved up… Now trying to move above 5800?

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