35 thoughts on “Bitcoin's BEST CASE SCENARIO?”

  1. Forflies, your original vibes are clear and present again. really appreciate you checking the ego. you are a good lad and wish you much success.

  2. In case you missed this news, I wonder what's going to happen when it reaches the Far East soon: A billionaire – and potentially soon to be Bitcoin baron – has apparently offered to buy "25%" of the entire circulating supply of Bitcoin – a massive 4,432,740 BTC, which at current exchange rates equates to $38.5 billion.

  3. Perhaps the 9k is such an important profit taking level because it's 3x from the 3k region. It's a pretty common method to take out 1/3rd if a position does a 3x.

  4. I have faith that the higher low support line from June to October 2018 won’t break again. It also ties in with your ichi/fib level too, if a little lower.

  5. "every picture tells a story dont it" look closer young skywalker, retailers took profits having waited 8 – 10 mons, blended buys will continue, i like the big picture, the accumulation continues, 26% institutional buys to the BTC supply, there going to be a quickening with constrained availabity of supply soon! just an observation on the escalating big picture ! Old Fart in [email protected]

  6. I haven't forgotten those body blows, there was one only ten days ago, and also the whole of last year buying the dips

  7. We've a strong bearish reversal signal in Bitcoin CME daily chart: the candles show the Abandoned baby bearish figure.

  8. Sound is still clicking – it don't seems to be a microphone issue in the first place. sounds like digital clicks; could be a disturbance of the current by certain devices or just clipping

  9. bitcoin is finished . best we sell up and go back to trading shiny beads, cattle and the other thing

  10. I'm a single straight woman but right this minute looking at the chart, even I am fearing that my wife may leave me

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