21 thoughts on “Bitcoin Won't Hit Bottom Until This Happens…[Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]”

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  2. Wait for Bitcoin to drop under $1000 and then buy. Don't buy on a down turn. Bitcoin won't take off till they eliminate fiat currencies and go digital (plastic) 100%.

  3. Well I would say let the bear market enjoy the moment while it lasts. I already spotted some altcoins coins like #Scriv that would do really well

  4. Do you guys realize that every transaction on that blockchain is building the brain of artificial intelligence? Cryptocurrency and blockchain is the closest thing to the Mark of the Beast. Bitcoin is the scariest investment ever cause of how it’s related to A.I.

  5. Hello everyone. i have watched many of my coins pump and then dump many times over the last year or so on projects that i really believe in, about 4 months ago i thought i must be mad just holding onto these coins and decided to sell at a pump and buy back at a lower price, rather than still having 5000 power ledger i now have 8000 without having to put any more fiat in to the pot. What is wrong with doing this ? i now do this with all the coins i hold.

  6. I wonder how come all these crypto gurus, crypto experts and crypto mentors, have no clue about Digibyte, and how come they ignore the fact that Digibyte is the best REAL cryptocurrency, and probably the only one that has adopted all the values that make a crypto real, and has surpassed its predecessors by far !!

  7. I believed in BTC , but once I figured the banks can just create 1's and 0's in any account and buy up all the BTC, the manipulation became clear. The government will not let btc surpass any currency in the monetary market, Unless its back by the government him self.

  8. Brad said XRP is being used for Gaming. That does not mean Ripple the Company is using it for gaming. Other Companies can build applications on the XRP Ledger.

  9. I think some people pool an investment and then divided the gains later. Which can explain multiple wallets.

  10. Wow, George, you’re now a bear. I always thought you would go down with the ship, playing a violin. Maybe now is the time to buy? :p

  11. Ripple can't stop gaming companies from developing on the XRP ledger. Probably what's coming next, I bet, are porn websites.

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