I will fool how's it going dick Bitcoin will unite us Bitcoin will unite us tonight we will unite I'm saved [Applause] it's gonna tax for mrs. 35% Nick point is away Bitcoin has

43 thoughts on “BITCOIN WILL UNITE US!”

  1. So the people controlling this camera have their own secret police to prevent opinions they do not like? The Nazi's did that didn't they? Weren't they called Gestapo?

  2. Greetings, citizens of the world, this is a call for help for the liberation of Venezuela from the yoke that now submits it.

    We need resources such as food and basic necessities for children, women and the elderly, this struggle can not be won alone. Contribute with your grain of sand that much can do with providing a little money.

    There are currently fast, direct and anonymous methods like bitcoin to make your contribution and help us liberate our Venezuelan land, this is a serious announcement please do not ignore it, there are people dying and suffering while reading these lines.

    Our bitcoin wallets are:




  3. if i lived in new york id just walk up wearing my hat and say "y'all are fuckin dumb and i can prove it logically too"

  4. This is fucking amazing, this livestream is just a giant fucking internet shitposting competition, it's so funny to see all of these internet memes come to life, I just have to give a hand to everyone that brought harmless internet memes (like the autistic screeching crab walk man) to life.

  5. that nigga actually assaulted him wtf, over btc? dayum u could tell guy who was dragging him off was definitely a monero supporter

  6. Heebs will not divide us. He will not Vagine Us. Heat will not divine us. Hicks with snot inside us. Yoofs wif niggaritis!

  7. Saying "He will not divide us" achieves absolutely nothing. Zippo. Nada. (except perhaps stroke the ego of a "celeb" somewhere). Using Bitcoin allows you to open the door of the cage you've been trapped in your whole life and have a peek at the world outside. If enough people do that, it allows us all to step outside of the cage and start to take back our true freedom, without needing to get angry, shout and scream, or throw any punches or engage in any violence whatsoever.

  8. Why is unity a virtue anyway? I don't know any of these people. Why should I "be one with them?" What a silly mantra.

  9. This is holohoax memorial by Jews when Trump killed Israeli Jews of 5000 Gorillion and Bitcoin united everyone. Oy Vey! Cryptos are Nazis. Oy gevalt!

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