36 thoughts on “"Bitcoin Will Crash To $0.00 Soon"”

  1. All the analysts are bullish now. Even CNBC. Bitcoin always fools us. Everyone is saying 10know so we will probably see a 5k BTC in June.

  2. This ill informed person, John Crudele, exposes his ignorance and bias for all the world to see by retreading long expired tropes. Read article for a laugh.

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  4. save yourself all buy PRIZM cryptocurrency is our supporting circle enough to lose money already !!!! only in PRZM cryptocurrency coins on your wallet increase every second !!!!!

  5. 馃う鈥嶁檪锔 It鈥檚 like saying no one in this world 馃寧 ever lost a penny/money if you lost your bitcoin or keys to your wallet your miss placement is the fact that bitcoin would never go to zero 馃槑

  6. the space is so bulish, what will happen when all the old money is invested? I don't know a single new participant

  7. Hi Dvir, the reason I choose to invest a little portion of my portfolio into some alts is to hedge if BTC fails (Monero and Decred).

  8. There are literally hundreds of people that would buy it all at $5, even if it was literally worthless, just to have it

  9. all your youtube videos have the name ( Bitcoin Will Crash To $0.00 Soon or BTC could go to 100 k but it could be to 4 k first ) dont you realize you making uncertantly to crypto peapol ??? i like you brother but please try to put another names on youtube videos

  10. When the hate towards a paradigm shift in human existance is at its peak (be it Internet , crypto or when the stock markets came out etc etc ) , it's very clear it has a future . Anyone in their 40's and more , it's our last chance to get in on the ground floor of a revolutionary thing – we missed the internet boom , can't afford to miss crypto!

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