36 thoughts on “"Bitcoin Will Crash To $0.00 Soon"”

  1. All the analysts are bullish now. Even CNBC. Bitcoin always fools us. Everyone is saying 10know so we will probably see a 5k BTC in June.

  2. This ill informed person, John Crudele, exposes his ignorance and bias for all the world to see by retreading long expired tropes. Read article for a laugh.

  3. אבל נו באמת ב11:01 דיברת שטויות ממש ובגלל זה כל הדיסלייקים.. תראה אם צ'יינלינק לא היה משתלם יותר להחזיק מאשר ריפל בחודש האחרון.. עאלק אין מה לעשות דייברסיפיקיישן ורי-באלאנסינג..

  4. save yourself all buy PRIZM cryptocurrency is our supporting circle enough to lose money already !!!! only in PRZM cryptocurrency coins on your wallet increase every second !!!!!

  5. ?‍♂️ It’s like saying no one in this world ? ever lost a penny/money if you lost your bitcoin or keys to your wallet your miss placement is the fact that bitcoin would never go to zero ?

  6. the space is so bulish, what will happen when all the old money is invested? I don't know a single new participant

  7. Hi Dvir, the reason I choose to invest a little portion of my portfolio into some alts is to hedge if BTC fails (Monero and Decred).

  8. There are literally hundreds of people that would buy it all at $5, even if it was literally worthless, just to have it

  9. all your youtube videos have the name ( Bitcoin Will Crash To $0.00 Soon or BTC could go to 100 k but it could be to 4 k first ) dont you realize you making uncertantly to crypto peapol ??? i like you brother but please try to put another names on youtube videos

  10. When the hate towards a paradigm shift in human existance is at its peak (be it Internet , crypto or when the stock markets came out etc etc ) , it's very clear it has a future . Anyone in their 40's and more , it's our last chance to get in on the ground floor of a revolutionary thing – we missed the internet boom , can't afford to miss crypto!

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