23 thoughts on “Bitcoin Will Be Worth OVER $100,000 Someday For These Three Reasons! [Education]”

  1. There's a lot more than 3. Here's my reasons:
    No 3rd party needed
    Low fees
    Fast transactions
    Easily verifiable
    Bank run proof
    Censorship resistant
    Immune to corruption
    Unforgeable Costliness
    Openly programmable
    When bitcoin is mined you can't lie about it
    Bank account for billions who can't get one

    There are some disadvantages but they will most likely change in the future
    Short history
    Not fungible
    Complicated to use
    Not private
    Not accepted at most stores

  2. Problem with Bitcoin is it will never scale for real world global adoption due to the fact that it is a PoW algorithm. Mathematically speaking Bitcoin is at a dead end, adding a flawed second layer, namely Lightning Network won’t change this. Add to this the fact that a fair percentage of BTC transactions have and will be compromised (Hacked). The fact is, Bitcoin has been superseded by blockchain and digital assets that have moved away from the flawed and mathematically defunct PoW algorithm namely PoS and Consensus Algorithms. Bitcoin still seems to have brand recognition if nothing else and for this reason i predict that Bitcoin will not acquire real world mass adoption. Because of the fact that a lot of people who hold Bitcoin have a platform to try and keep the dream alive i believe this is detrimental to crypto and will fade away as more user friendly and safer digital assets gain adoption. For example, Ripple’s XRP is gaining ground fast and addresses the problems that the current legacy system has in cross boarder transactions. My educated guess is that this asset has the real potential to become a global bridging asset. The more mature mind will conclude that the banking industry are not going to fade away as a lot of Bitcoin Maximillists would have you think. XRP at this stage represents a great mid to long term investment, Bitcoin on the other hand can only ever be the king of the pump and dump, the first digital asset to gain real world mass global adoption will be the death nel of Bitcoin

  3. Some day there will be a nice bank holiday. Everybody will be unbanked at that moment in time. It will be to late to buy crypto or other physikal assets at that point in time. You have to be prepared in time.

  4. Ultimately bitcoin is worth zero. The technology will be obsolete at some point in the near future. Will it have another FOMO run. Yes. Buy low, sell high.

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  7. 2 things why is there a BCH Logo at the end of your video & we can See your picture in Google docs j4i ✌️

  8. Hi guys,
    Have you ever heard of Bit.tube?
    It is a kind of Youtube with payment functions. They just made an amazing extension which has a free VPN and an adblocker.

  9. "Nobody can shut it down" – not entirely true, a power failure or disconnection from the internet will stop this, like we've recently seen in Venezuela. Don't get me wrong, this will have effects elsewhere, including shutting down the existing credit card network, but it is a limitation not shared by cash or gold.

    It may be possible to get around this, e.g. satellite radio and batteries/generators, but this isn't an option for the majority of people.

  10. Civic can solve all of the voter fraud here in the States and catalog everyone, specifically immigrants – legal and illegal. Get caught sneaking in, get tagged and kicked out with a warning: use the door not climb through the window. Second time caught , blacklisted/banned from entry.

  11. Crypto Currency Concept

    Digital or "virtual" currency is without a doubt the most dangerous SCAM in recent times! It will be the mechanism by which ALL humanity, eventually, is imprisoned. Block chain software is nothing more than an AI trap. The "lure" is human greed and human desire to get "rich" without effort. This trap is similar to the other preceding financial tricks that have created economic "booms" and "busts" like bank loans (usury,) "fiat" paper money, credit cards, stocks, shares and hedge funds. This is "human pride!" People always think they are so much smarter than the scammers!

  12. What about the fact that transaction cost of bitcoin is so high? Is it possible to use bitcoin for everyday life like buying coffee, apart from purchasing house or car?
    and if BTC really reaches a few hundred thousands of dollars, then the transaction cost is going to be ridiculously high…
    also Is there any chance of that all the miners shut down there mining if it is not profitable…or after all bitoin is mined…

  13. Oh yeah, but only so much BTC to go around. Get yours NOW‼️ 🚨👀https://cosmos.network/intro. ATOM : 225 million to be ever created / ? 53 million floating around ? Out ~ 3 weeks now been hoping it would drop well under $5 . Just hit coinmarketcap with nearly 5.5 million dollars traded today. The word is out my friends. One of 3 new gems released recently that I have researched. Now just twiddling my thumbs waiting for it to drop. Solution? & Mineable . Good Lord, this is not a pump, I want it to drop like a hot rock so I can snag 100. Fear that this project will move quickly under the rank of 500before the end of April. 👀 🙈 😳 🚀 🤝 also the Ethereum based anonymous micro supply of Ethereum Dark just did a coin swap to new contract for the better. One to watch as well. More and more good news for Ethereum just keep pouring out. # 3 on my list …. 🤤 🤔 🙊 🤐 😎 Don't be 😡 please. Always remember, we are still early. Imagine 2 years from now. Now think of fulfilling dreams in 5 years. Remember Masternodes are the key. Here is a pump , no dump , an undervalued masternode that tanked and now I speculate will come back very strong, with a guardian node to be available is SPARKSPAY for those of you that want to get started on a very affordable price with great value unlike DASH which may be out of reach for most of us. Good luck to us all. Take care. WWG1WGA

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