“Bitcoin Will Be HUGELY Profitable” – John McAfee, Crypto Maverick, Explains Why BTC Will Make Money

what is up ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another video here today at the tank cash house hope all of you are having a good one now today's video we'll be covering some information coming from John McAfee and honestly in this tweet that I'll be referencing he makes a couple of really good points that kind of want to break down I want to analyze and I kind of want to get at the core of what exactly he's talking about so if you like John McAfee if you like Bitcoin you will probably enjoy this video so first things first I do want to say John McAfee is an extreme Bitcoin bull and really in most aspects of his life he's pretty bullish and for that reason a lot of people tend to think that at times he is unrealistic he recently made a prediction that Bitcoin would reach 1 million dollars before all that long I think in the next couple of years and while I don't think that's extremely unrealistic it is a bit of a lofty goal of course I am bullish on Bitcoin but I definitely consider myself a realist however in the tweet that I will be referencing and there is no news article associated with this I figured I would just be doing some reporting on my own he actually speaks pretty realistically and he makes a couple of good points like I said before so anyway folks anyway let's go ahead and read the tweet really quick so John McAfee says I get it to people I follow my own advice so I am is locked up as you are and in his statement there he's referencing his exposure to cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin saying that he's a true believer in these currencies by being heavily invested in them himself for some of you going on the difference is that no matter what I recommend I will hold for a minimum of 18 months and in this statement he's referencing holding Bitcoin for a minimum of course of 18 months now what exactly does that 18 month period have to do with anything well he says if you take any 18 months segment from Bitcoin prices the minimum return is over 100 percent the maximum return is two thousand four hundred percent and really that might seem lofty but he's actually correct in saying this Bitcoin performs extremely well over slightly longer periods of time and 18 months is a year and a half of course so a year and a half in bitcoins lifespan is actually quite a while the coin has been around since 2009 so it's nine years old so any 18 months segment is one sixth of bitcoins lifespan so if you really think about it bitcoin is still extremely young and most other cryptocurrencies are even younger than Bitcoin of course bitcoin wasn't necessarily the first cryptocurrency to exist but it is definitely the most prominent so in other words what McAfee is saying here is that bitcoin if you take it on a slightly longer term tends to do extremely well I tend to think that a lot of people buy into Bitcoin and if they see the price go down they tend to panic sell which of course never really pans out and those people never end up making money they might get lucky and experience a boom during the time that they're holding however if they don't see that boom a lot of people become nervous and they tend to sell off so really if you want to make more money with cryptocurrency over time you really need to be more dedicated and be willing to hold on to your investment for a longer period of time and 18 months is pretty decent in terms of investment strategies that's a pretty decent chunk of time it's not exactly a lifetime but for a young person that might only have 10 grand to invest or less 1.5 years is pretty significant so for 18 months Bitcoin performs at a minimum of 100% return for that period and a maximum two thousand four hundred percent it's honestly very rare to see the stock market performing at that level it is possible but really like I've said in previous videos these stock market and cryptocurrencies can't really be compared to evenly because they're just totally different animals but the return and the outlook can be extremely positive if you're willing to kind of dig in and hold on so in other words let me go ahead and read the whole tweet again and then I'll just go ahead and sum up what exactly John McAfee is saying or in my opinion what exactly he's saying so once again he said I get it people I follow my own advice so I am as locked as you are for some of you the difference is that no matter what I recommend I will hold for a minimum of 18 months if you take any 18 months segment from Bitcoin prices the minimum return is over 100 percent maximum 2400 percent so in other words he's saying don't lose hope when the prices dip hold on stay strong and everything will be weathered and I think that's honestly a pretty good message to take away from this tweet so anyway folks that is my interpretation that is my opinion of course I want to hear all of your opinions down in the comments section below so let me know what exactly you're thinking and as always drop a like on this video if you did 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29 thoughts on ““Bitcoin Will Be HUGELY Profitable” – John McAfee, Crypto Maverick, Explains Why BTC Will Make Money”

  1. Simply put in the effort and work needed! People forget the effort and work part and just focus on the rewards instead.

  2. I liked all your content until you posted this video. Mcafee is a murderer. He moved to Belize and had someone killed. If you don’t believe me look at the documentary. He is mentally unstable.

  3. Next couple years will be huge for cryptos. 2019 will be the year of crypto adoption by Wall Street and institutions

  4. Predictions like that makes me laugh. Why would you keep btc if you feel that price is about to fall and why would you sell when you feel that price is about to go up? And why would someone sane listen to other people when gambling?

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  7. The question is, when bitcoin will rise? Dont predict, i can predict too, btc will go to 100k, but when? I dont know

  8. Looks like people are trading SHND stronghands coin, for SPRTS Sprouts coin! Cause they got a new contract. It will be used in Groceries, and other stores in Japan it's about to moon!!!
    That's why the shnd selling… Sprouts is $100 bucks for a billion WOW!!!!!
    I'm sure they're planning to buy in back , as they get their fat returns soon!…

  9. i buy in Crypto-Currencies not because i am waiting for a big gain, but i am too afraid of fiat falling just like what happened to Turkey Lira lately.

  10. Have you see John McAfee "Gringo" on Netflix. He is disgusting! He will do anything to get attention!!!! He is a disgrace for the Cryptocurrency reputation!

  11. Mcaffie is an eccentric, of that there is little doubt. But he is also a tech savvy individual who should not be ignored. He's correct that BTC will rise significantly. How high and when are the great unknowns.

  12. I’m not taking any BTC profits until 2026/2027. After this correction, we will have another huge bull run. This is how markets move, in cycles

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