Bitcoin Whales Did WHAT?!? 61% $BTC Owned by JUST 0.07%!!! Bakkt: Crypto Partnerships 🚀

think of any card you got one I got one what's the card picking apart the King of Hearts Shh got the Queen of Spades hearts the king of Aragon now here's your question how many bitcoins is it take to get some goddamn respect in this town what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombies so today is Monday hope everyone had a really great weekend and if we have a look at what's going on it's a nice green day to start the week off so having a look at the markets Bitcoin dominance pulled back about 0.1 percent with 108 billion dollar market cap we still never fell below 100 billion as you can see right here we now have XRP back up to 30 cents etherium 90 bucks and Bitcoin at 3000 for 32 having look at the biggest gainers of the day Wow we have revena up 42% MOA see 26 mobile go 25 mithril 18 just massive massive gains across the board today guys next I'll ontology red coin eos queue demand loop ring all doing quite well today now let's not get too excited because this is what we're looking at just this little green candle right here but you know I'll take it with a grain of salt or not I will take it now guys before we get on in all sincerity this happened two days ago I never had a chance to respond to it but cypherpunks co-founder Timothy C May has unfortunately passed away they're saying it's of natural causes if you don't know who he is he is the author of the crypto anarchist manifesto which actually was published in 1992 which is pretty crazy considering how long ago that was you know there's an excerpt from here that says the state will of course try to slow down or halt the speed of this cryptography based technology citing national security concerns use of the technology by drug dealers and tax evaders and fears of societal disintegration which is crazy because isn't that what they basically did for like the first well actually they still say that bitcoin is criminal money right or some people still try to say it is so yeah just had to get that out of the way guys but getting on to what's actually happening in the new today it is one year since our all-time high and I think I'm gonna skip this article because I don't think we need to be reminded of it anymore you all know how it went down so let's talk about what happened on CNBC's Squawk Box yesterday so you had the CEO of circle obviously we've had USD C coin listed on coin base as well which if you saw yesterday's video well that's for another day but anyway in short he basically says that he's been a longtime internet entrepreneur and he was basically talking about the fundamentals of Bitcoin and aetherium and he says that they both look extremely oversold he also claimed that the amount of usage on the two networks should justify higher short-term valuations for their respective assets now he also goes on to say that the key thing with Bitcoin is that it's unique in its security and its scale and as an idea that we need a scarce and non-sovereign store of value that individuals can hold and hold in a protected fashion Bitcoin does still remain quite attractive despite you know how slow it is and everything else too a lot of people worldwide by the same token he said that he doesn't really embody the hallmark of being a Bitcoin maximalist he actually goes on to say that he envisions a world filled with millions of tokens that tokenize absolutely everything whether it be a security commodity or utility token now you guys know if you've been watching this channel for quite some time now I kind of had this weird stance against that at first I was like come on tokenizing everything well it actually does make sense from a utility perspective but it does not make sense from an investment standpoint and I think that's where a lot of these I SEOs screwed up last year was coming out with all these utility tokens that were basically just speculative and really had no value outside of that well for the average investor right he also noted that he doesn't believe crypto currencies are a winner-takes-all situation instead he thinks that there are going to be a multitude of projects that can live in relative harmony due to the innovation of this groundbreaking potential now let's talk about this guy we spoke about him briefly the other day obviously Donald Trump has chosen a pro Bitcoin Mick Mulvaney to serve as the acting White House chief of staff beginning in 2019 so is this a good or bad thing well I mean I think it's a good thing personally because even back in 2016 he was even speaking about the Federal Reserve and how it effectively devalued the dollar and he'd even emphasized the exercise of such control is not possible with a crypto currency like Bitcoin and that it's not actually manipulated by government so in a sense you might be able to say that it's a good thing considering that the US tends to kind of be at the front when it comes to all this regulation okay we sort of lead lead the way essentially so I think if you see more of these Pro Bitcoin officials you know taking up spaces in the government it could potentially encourage other governments to have more of a neutral way of analyzing the situation without necessarily slamming down on it and stifling innovation so I'll just give you one example superfast you have the Central Bank of Finland released a research document that explicitly described the inefficiency of regulating blockchain protocols the research concluded that bitcoin is not and cannot be regulated in fact here's the actual quote itself it says bitcoin is not regulated it cannot be regulated there is no need to regulate it because as a system it is committed to the protocol as is and the transaction fees it charges the users are determined by the users independently of the miners efforts bitcoins designed as an economic system is revolutionary and therefore would merit an economists attention and scrutiny even if it had not been functional which is kind of an interesting statement it's apparent functionality and usefulness should further encourage economists to study this marvelous structure so talking about all these positive things coming out but yet we still find ourselves in a pretty dismal place now granted today is a green day we do have a little bit of gains across the board but you know I don't want to go back here and remind you we're still very very far away from the norm even back to our just kind of level period when we were just hopping around in this $6,000 vein right there so basically long story short if the crypto community is actually worried about impending government regular making or breaking the market they need to shore up their practices across the board no cryptocurrency will be regulated favorably when the market is wrought with fraud scams and selfish infighting by the way this is article from live Bitcoin news and the reason I'm choosing to bring this up is because you've seen a lot of this happening especially with crypto Twitter even on YouTube a lot of different you know just people fighting with each other kind of going at each other over different coins tribalism pointing fingers saying this guy that guy but the truth is is that whether or not you're any last dose fan or a Tron fan or an Ikon fan or whatever just pick a pick a card ah no just pick any blockchain okay literally any the overall thing we need to pay attention to is the actual underlying fundamentals of the tech and it's in our best interest to stay together as a community rather than tear ourselves apart crypto evangelists are too often looking basically like snake oil salesmen essentially manipulation is tainting trustless networks the crypto community has to find its feet and square up before they can hope for widescreen widespread positive adoption so bitcoins other problem is its decentralization you know a lot of the market is controlled by just a handful of accounts which I'm going to get into in just a second and the mining pools tend to be somewhat centralized themselves so that's an issue as well now talking about the centralization of crypto you know you do have Wales we know they exist so it's actually estimated that only about 1,000 Wales own about 40% of all bitcoins so to put that into perspective in a different light that would mean that 61% of all Bitcoin is owned by point zero seven percent of wallets that's pretty incredible now obviously we know a million of them are owned by Satoshi Nakamoto there's also about 21 percent roughly totally lost you know people forgot their their their private keys they were careless they threw out hard drives when they thought the coins were worthless so that obviously has a lot to do with it as well not to mention the fact that the Winklevoss twins also have about around 1% as well we also have early investors like Tim Draper Barry Silbert okay we spoke about him yesterday with the digital currency group a few others as well one person that was that you can actually see right here here's a little bit of the graph right here one person that they actually left off was on greyscale we saw the other day that they've been quietly accumulating in the background and now they control one percent of the supply as well so you know while everyone's out there panics selling these individuals whether they be entities you know institutions or whatever they're amassing Bitcoin in the background so scrolling down here a little bit lower you have nine of the thirty-two largest whales actively buying and selling in the last year or so they could be individuals or institutions we don't know but the interesting thing is about these whales is despite the way that most people perceive the whales to just be out there dumping right like we always have this really negative connotation of whales but ironically has further activity these whale holding accounts were generally actually buying the dip so in other words they were actually waiting for Bitcoin to decline and then they were zooming in and buying up mass amounts we had seen that the other day when we had all those crazy large buy orders right around three thousand up to three thousand three hundred right so you can see these guys so ironically enough as chain alysus sort of explained they have on net traded against the herd buying on price declines referring to these whales so despite media claims that bitcoin twel wells aren't necessarily the ones crashing the price it's it's um it's pretty interesting because Bitcoin whales are actually the ones that I have ironically been stabilizing the market during these times which I know right mind blown so chain Alice is also estimated that most of the active whales have come in to crypto just since 2017 so this is a lot of new money that we've seen coming in so I just wanted to point that out as well now talking about some other situations right now we have overstock now we know that Patrick Byrne has come out and he pretty much said that he well first he wanted to just straight-up retire right but then he said no he wants to sell the retail arm of overstock which I believe they're doing it up there you go right there in February and now they have Medici which is the blockchain business arm of it now don't forget you know they're working with different companies like t0 as well so there's something that's looking to launch January 10th of next year so on top of act and fidelity and Nasdaq futures we also have T zero so this is going to be utilizing the flow blockchain which is will go into that another day but you know pretty much I just wanted to talk about this so if we scroll down I highlighted right here you can see that by leveraging the immutable and transparent nature of the flow blockchain T zero aims to illuminate a market that has historically been in the dark as they put it and controlled by a relatively small group of players that are very rarely held accountable t zero intends to provide market participants with a much fairer deal while simultaneously providing settlement services built for the 21st century there is a lot of stuff happening in q1 and q2 of next year it's a lot and it's a lot to be excited for and yeah there's a lot of speculation but what I think is kind of funny is you had basically that 1 million dollar bet from Morgan Creek right and they said that they think that Bitcoin will outperform the S&P 500 in the next decade and as digital asset investor pointed out Kryptos a scam fraud going 2-0 Ponzi scheme worthless bubble rat poison but not one of the naysayers would accept the 1 million dollar bet that crypto will outperform stocks over the next decade there's not one person that's accepted that bet yet I know someone's got a million dollars right so just thought that was kind of funny I mean hey put your money where your mouth is guys obviously these guys are doing it and by the way they said if they won they're gonna donate to charity so they're gonna do the right thing ok but moving on to some other things I wanted to talk about who Liang he's the co-founder and CEO of Omni X and he kind of had this argument to put out for financial use cases beyond that of blockchain he goes on to say that you know crypto is this really interesting new asset class ok and there's gonna be all these new tokens coming out so you know we look at a year later you know after we've had this massive crash and he says he hasn't wavered in his thinking at all in fact what he's realized and adjusted to is that a new asset class is not created in a year simply put right as we can see these things do take time so the similarities that he says he's attempting to draw here when he discusses I'm not gonna go into detail because he talks about comparing Bitcoin to the dot-com bubble we've talked about that a lot on the channel it's almost becoming a boring kind of comparison right but the similarities that he wants to point out isn't so much what happened during the the boom-and-bust um I guess the crash essentially it's more of what happened afterwards so what we learned post calm for companies to have sustainable value is that they must have real utility an online pet store ok isn't very interesting in the long run but an online bookstore with the path to become the online everything store is quite compelling now is when we really need to focus on delivering on the true intrinsic value of crypto and blockchain turning away from the undue speculation and creating real use cases and value networks as Michael Casey so clearly put it we caused the current crypto winter and we are the ones that hath to fix it he also made a little bit of a prediction looking forward into 2019 you know talking about moving from retail into these other different crypto ecosystems with these institutional investors coming in as way as well but he also pointed out that you know the infrastructure and uptake are well on their way you know but it's gonna take time so we're waiting for fidelity and ice and NASDAQ and Microsoft and Starbucks are all getting on board as well and a host of Ivy League endowment funds have all stated their initiatives as well in the space and he also goes on to say that the second and perhaps more important area of advancement of advancement in 2019 is a broader adoption of decentralized networks at the protocol layer new opportunities are invitations for startups now I wanted to talk about what backed basically came out and said as well you had the CEO Kelly Lafleur and she says that Starbucks isn't the only retail company interested in partnering with the upcoming cryptocurrency exchange now she didn't go into specific detail but in an interview she says that backed is hearing from a number of big-name companies who also want to partner and give their customers a way to make purchases by converting crypto to cash instantly so I think that Starbucks and Microsoft are just the beginning I think we're gonna start seeing them kind of I can almost see them like ramping up the excitement you know like kind of giving you one new partner another new partner you know just kind of like just sort of teasing I can kind of see that happening moving forward and also speaking about you know these guys who own 1% of Bitcoin the Winklevoss twins they're basically saying in reference to crypto winter that they feel completely at home they confirm that they really don't care they're pushing ahead they have a new mobile app coming out the Gemini mobile app which will be available on both Google Play and the Apple Store and they also have a basket feature coming by it's called by the crypto verse which is pretty much like the basket order that coin base is doing as well and they actually went on to say that they're happy for this downtime they're glad that you know the markets are kind of you know dismal right now and sort of flat nothing really Crazy's going on because it's saying that it's actually giving them the opportunity to be able to build these products and really focus on the tech moving forward oh guys and before we move on you must always remember that one Doge will always equal one Doge ok I just wanted I just want to put that in there Who am I kidding so speaking on coin base we did have Vice President Dan Romero he gave reasons behind the platform's recent announcement that is exploring the support of dozens of new cryptocurrency assets now we know they've been very strict ok coinbase was the slowest basically to add any of these assets and now they're just like we're gonna add a whole plethora so they recently spoke to Laura Shin in an episode of Unchained podcast which by the way CCN it's Laura Shin not Linda Shin how do you guys not know that she has like one of the biggest podcasts get her name right anyway moving on Romero stated that coinbase is in fact revising its approach based on customer feedback and current developments in the regulatory space according to him the recent shift in strategy is particularly driven by customers who have overwhelmingly requested the addition of new crypto currencies to the platform you know or if you know DCG has investments in them which you guys didn't see yesterday's video you definitely missed a good one guys but you know that being said yes we have been requesting this although I'm still wondering why XRP has you have to be listed I mean it's literally the number two cryptocurrency at this point like it or hate it it's number 2 but it's not listed yet officially for people to be able to buy you know freely it's only in the custody so I also wanted to talk about the fact that he goes on to say that our plan our plan is not a list as many cryptocurrencies as possible within a compliant legal constraint so in reference to their ongoing pivot into a utility phase he explained that in the event that customers decide to change their crypto Holdings on coinbase it cannot offer them that service due to non support for their crypto currencies so they're gonna end up using a different exchange anyway now what I think coinbase needs to do is they need to make it so that you can trade back and forth between different kryptos within the mobile app without having to go to coin based Pro because not everybody wants to go to a frickin exchange just to transfer or trade back and forth I mean let's be honest most people do not want to be a trader right most average people just want to go out their everyday lives oh hey it looks like this is a better deal today swap done right so that's just by two Satoshi's about it but yes guys if you didn't see the video yesterday this is pretty much the connection between the DCG and coinbase and Nasdaq and–but go grayscale and all the different coins that have been listed in abre and charlie lee and everything else and if you guys want to know more about that check out yesterday's video and also something that we spoke about was this dude who was throwing money off roof okay over in China it looks like he has been arrested not surprised I guess you can't throw money off a roof but yeah so basically he was trying to it was a publicity stunt for this thing called file cash coin and a crypto insider basically said this guy's trying to go full-on for one last scam if crypto market is healthy there's no need to pull a stunt like this his Facebook group EPOC cryptocurrency is also a place he advertises his shady dealings he has been trying to shill his mining computers for Hong Kong $27,500 worth however some local miners say that they don't really work so yeah there you go guys so that's how that story ended I mean it is what it is so let's move on let's talk about some coin news for the day I know you guys got places to be so we'll wrap it up quickly but according to data compiled by the block from ether scan the number of unique aetherium addresses not wallets has recently surpassed a key round number milestone of 50 million which is a monumental accomplishment for any network really so as you can see right here it's had some nice steady growth but they do say that it's not all sunshine and rainbows in fact the number of active addresses are accounts that send and receive transactions on day to day has unfortunately actually fallen even while total addresses have been well on the rise as of January 16th 2018 there was around 17 our scuse me 719,000 addresses that were receiving transactions whereas now it sits around only 232 but also let's think about this don't forget that aetherium addresses also have to do with ER c 20 tokens so we had a lot of projects migrated to maintenance right a lot of projects for example you know Ikon and V chain and I don't know I can't even think of them high-performance block changes a whole bunch of them migrated so once they migrate to the native chain that pulls users away from the etherium ecosystem because now they're on their own native blockchain so I think that has a lot to do with it and I also think the fact that no one's really participating in IC OS which was taking up a lot of volume back in the day cuz don't forget people didn't care what the price was if you are just solely investing in an IC o—- what does it matter to you if you buy a theory I'm at 50 bucks or if you buy a theory about 1500 bucks doesn't matter to you most of these investors were coming in with cash right they were taking their cash they were buying directly on maybe coinbase or some other exchange they don't care what the rate is because they're coming in with fiat so five thousand dollars is five thousand dollars regardless of what the representation is in aetherium you understand what I'm trying to say so now that that demand is no longer there you know you're seeing this happen as well you know obviously the whole markets been hit but that's basically my take on it but speaking of the market being hit we are seeing yet another company laying off employees this time we have status recently announced that it's laying off 25 percent of its workforce citing economic scarcity they blame this year's extended bearish correction in the crypto markets for their decision and they also explained that over one third of their total raised funds were unfortunately in eighth and we all know what happened – you know – that it plunged about 80 percent since the all-time high so actually no it's it's gone down more than that this is well over 80% but anyway it doesn't really matter for that for the sake of the story so they raised a whopping 100 million in crypto which is really a lot when you really think about it and it says now that they've lost probably around 2.6 million and it looks like the remaining people that are working you're gonna have to take some cuts as well so that's just tough times moving forward but we also have some news coming out of V chain it looks like they're working with a leading cloud service provider in the UAE so according to a joint press release V chain and BIOS Middle East have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create a block chain as a service framework and launch block chain enabled cloud services so BIOS middle-east is integrating its own security as a service offering okay yeah known as BIOS secured on the V chain blockchain this will allow for significant events to be encrypted and registered to the blockchain so that they are non reputable eliminating the possibility of bad actors changing lobs sorry guys a lot of like spelling errors in these uh in these articles lately these guys are getting lazy anyway so also we have this really cool introduction to lunar nodes for high-performance blockchain master nodes pretty cool short thing human do you read me lunar node affirmative human you kidding me – star eight and then you know this is a really cool little fun then they say happy holiday season so I like high-performance blockchain a really awesome awesome company you know I like the idea of hardware I do think at some point the software will kind of hit a ceiling so you know hardware solutions are definitely something to keep a look at we also have the former Estonian Prime Minister has joined the crypto startup limpo they're the guys that it's like the exercising kind of thing you get rewarded and tokens for I guess working out and stuff so basically they said that we're thrilled to welcome taavi roivas as the chairman of the super Supervisory Board of limbo his position as a figurehead in political and tech world will help share Limbo's vision on how blockchain and data can help transform the fitness and health lifestyle industry and we also have this really just kind of article that came out of left field FinTech is believed to be a systemic risk to a broader economic according to a survey conducted by the u.s. department of this i've never even heard of these guys before so it says that on the managing director basically declared that the increased concern over FinTech demonstrates a growing awareness of the potential risk and highlights the need to evaluate both risks and reward associated with FinTech initiatives honestly I don't know why I'm talking about this article I think the reason that I'm bringing it up is because I really just didn't understand why this article existed so I thought maybe there was some point to this as the industry continues to adopt think tank innovations like blockchain AI and cloud solutions we must ensure that these innovations do not jeopardize the safety and security of the current global financial marketplace so like basically this report is just saying be careful it's new tech yeah ok anyway I was gonna move on I was gonna move on guys so on the brighter side guys we do have some adoption we have a state-owned Bank in Brazil they're about to issue a crypto token designed to maintain parity with the national currency so you have the Brazilian National Social Development Bank will launch a pilot in January this is more things happening in January for the BNDES token which runs on the etherium blockchain and is backed one-for-one by the brazilian real if you look if you don't understand how stable coins work essentially this is a graphic right here oh you know we always just have some fun guys I kid you not a giant hawk just flew by my window it was pretty majestic I know you can't see it you're just gonna have to believe me on this one anyway before we go I wanted to talk about this massive YouTube purge that happened to crypto and blockchain related projects I don't know if you guys know about this but a couple days ago actually it was on my birthday that they decided to basically clean house and get rid of all these you know people buying fake subscribers and stuff like that so you come over here and you could see now crypto spark this this guy deleted his channel but he didn't delete it because of that he wanted to move into more traditional type of you know gold and and and um you know basic stuff like that so he just got rid of it for different reasons but if we look at the total loss for subs it looks like number one is crypto chemists having lost over seventy three point thirteen percent followed by professor crypto losing a massive sixty eight thousand one hundred and ninety six subs sixty seven point eleven percent which is just insane so yeah if you guys are interested in hoo-hoo-hoo out there was buying the subs you can come check this one out obviously we'll search for crypto zombie so before the purge I had 40 thousand five hundred subs and after the purge I had 40,000 996 subs which means I gained 406 subscribers that's you guys that's all you guys shoutout to you guys you know on the crypto zombie Channel we're all about building a real community here guys we don't buy subs and views so that being said before we go I do want to remind you I know I'm bringing this up every day but guys it's a free chance to win a wallet so we're giving away two cold'll our pro three wallets 600 $20 value each there's three days left to go we've had 1236 entries if you guys are interested I will drop the description below this is for the blockchain brief also to note that the blockchain brief is actually having a special I think if you give this a refresh it like pops up or something it usually does all right I didn't pop up I don't know well usually when you go here it pops up but there is a special that we're running for um basically if you want you can get a year for 55 bucks instead of 60 and you get the first first magazine for free so if you guys are interested there you go if you're not you can still enter for the wallet so that being said guys I want to say thank you so much for coming back to the channel everyone that's been liking subscribing commenting you guys are freaking awesome you rule it's Monday grab the week by that you know what and let's just let's just do it guys okay yeah it's Monday guys seriously pleasure honor everyone that's been liking subscribing commenting you guys freaking rule you're the reason that I do this every single day and that being said my name is Kay dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto love you guys and peace out

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