32 thoughts on “Bitcoin Whales Buying, Putin Green Light, Samsung S10, & Buffett Bashing”


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  4. A lot of people that i know, gave up on crypto since the 2018 January plunge. Only a few believers has stayed in this crypto game.The next bull run will take everyone by surprise and it will be so gigantic with institutional players coming in.It will make the 2017 bull run look like peanuts and a lot of people will be left behind, and no coming back for them unfortunately 😢

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  6. I watched enough TV show, movies, and politics and craps and know that the person and/or group that usually targets, contradicts and fud certain projects are the ones that are invested the most. Tension on both side has to be created in order to create a viable market. They need a way to influence the price so that it can work in their behalf and/or liking. And if bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were simply going up in value, big institution and/or company that are involved in crypto known and unknown, would not be able to take multiple profits. I mean why profit only once when you can do it throughout the year and the next year or so? It's common sense 101 for anyone that's involve in trading and/or market in general.

  7. Finally Bitcoin rat is gone from back ground,we need Bitcoin bear there 😁,
    Good job man,enjoying watching your video before bedtime

  8. Of course Buffet has to say something bad about Crypto, cause their stock can be dangerous also he knows the recession is coming, he wants some sucker still buy stocks. But high – Sell low. If recession will the safe haven.

  9. Samsung S10 – Do you know if it has a secure element chip in it ? In reading about the S10 they say it has "hardware" for crypto but they aren't clear that it has a secure element chip. If it does, then it will be interesting to see how Ledger and Trezor and other hardware wallet manufacturers react. They will likely need to team up with a smart phone manufacturer or introduce their own phone like Sirin Labs did. Interesting times…

  10. Bigg bullish head and shoulder pattern forming in bitcoin and altcoins , the right shoulder is forming right now as we speak ,we will break up massivly in a few days weeks

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