Bitcoin Whales Awaken!!! Dormant Bitcoin Wallets Holding 60% of ALL $BTC Recently Active!

but I should live and wait till Bitcoin rises again wise man said that we should reach 100 Keynes but really no so why are you lying to me then I don't know what's going on guys it's k-dubb here with another episode of crypto zombies so today is Saturday hope you are having an awesome weekend so far shout out to everyone that's been liking subscribing and commenting you guys rule side note before we get into it few people were telling me they didn't get the updates I do know that YouTube has been doing a little bit of tweaks in the background I notice my duh you know my YouTube creator studio there they're updating it so that being said turn on the bail notification if you're not getting the updates just wanted to pass that forward to you guys having a look at the markets today we are seeing it's a relatively mild day compared to what we've seen in the past now having a look at the markets Bitcoin is sitting around three thousand six hundred and sixty two dollars XRP still holding steady at that number two spot 33 cents followed by etherium one hundred and twenty seven dollars and we have Bitcoin cash also holding steady at the fourth spot now I wanted to talk about the biggest gainers of the day we have hyper cash up a hyper amounts 56 percent followed by cash another cash up twenty one point six eight percent and Bitcoin sv which is a fork of Bitcoin cash so there you go guys today the secret was invest in things that have cash in them okay also we have chain link digit X Futures Odom polymath Mixon and Walton chain all doing quite well today having a look at the charts not too much to go off of today guys you know I'm not massive ta over here but I will say that this is looking a little dismal it's kind of like it almost looks like the chart is just giving up right now so personally what am i doing right now I'm not buying I'm not selling I'm just doing nothing honestly guys I'm just keeping an eye on it you know you don't always have to buy every time you know the chart moves so having a look we do want to keep an eye on the chart you know as soon as I see something you know I'll let you guys know now I wanted to talk about yesterday we had Sonny sing he's the CEO of FinTech start-up bitpay now I'm not sure if you guys were aware of this excuse me he's actually the CCO anyway he sat down with Bloomberg opinions Steven Gandil and host Emily Chiang and they were talking about the Bitcoin price because let's be real that's what everybody's talking about right well we obviously know that Gandil is a bit of a skeptic right he doesn't really believe in Bitcoin first noting that a leading driver for cryptocurrency is in 2017 s bull run was that they were as he put it a port in the storm or a hedge if you will specifically due to the non inflation Ettore nature of the assets however we do know that he is a skeptic of the theory that Bitcoin is clearly non-correlated explains that a US stock fell so he thinks that because the stocks fell Bitcoin fell and he says that they're connected now we've gotten over this time and time again Bitcoin appears to be quite unrelated to what happens in traditional stocks okay for example you had Bill Miller the chief investment of Miller value partners he explained that while no investor needs exposure to cryptocurrencies they're close to zero correlation with traditional equities makes them a great diversifier we also had Anthony pop Leon Oh coming out and he's been one of the you know de-facto poster children of Bitcoin recently you know and he even noted that the firm's data indicates that the correlation between Bitcoin and the sp500 is near zero in fact he's even got that bet going on right now that he says that Bitcoin will outperform the S&P 500 in the next decade and he's doing a million-dollar bet and that's still open if anybody out there wants to take the offer okay now of course if he wins he's they'll donate to charity but so that they're pretty confident on that but Singh also is calling for a potential $20,000 Bitcoin by the end of this year now granted 20,000 being our all-time high of last year it's not improbable we've seen a lot of charts that tend to think that if we follow the exact pattern we should do somewhat of a bottoming out mid May which is a year leading up to the happening but there is still that potential for an unseen catalyst now while we do have Black Swan events that are often tied to very negative things happening we can have a positive Black Swan event – there could be some amazing catalyst right that we don't even know right now that's unforeseen so it's just something to keep in mind moving forward now I want to just talk about this interesting article so you have the Federal Reserve Bank of st. Louis has released an article today about Bitcoin and in it the bank notes that the price of Bitcoin has three potential futures indefinite infinite appreciation zero or somewhere in between they believe it will be somewhere in between Thank You captain obvious okay well outside of that very vague prediction we have the author's David and Andrew conclude that one of the factors dragging down the price of Bitcoin is an ever-expanding supply of alternatives Bitcoin is inherently you know it's speculative and very volatile but a fixed supply doesn't mean an ever increasing value demand determines value after all other tokens are frequently launched which have properties attractive to a portion of the market so if bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency something which was the case for a very short period of time then they would assume more money would go into Bitcoin yet another really obvious thing that they're pointing out here Federal Reserve but I mean realistically I mean if you guys want to just go back and see the visual it's pretty apparent you can see there's over two thousand 104 crypto currencies in the space right now and obviously it is diluting it I mean if we go to the Bitcoin dominance which is more than half the market right now which is still pretty incredible so some people still ask well I don't understand why bitcoins price fall you know Falls why does my alt coin fall well because it's more than half percentage of the market and most people are using Bitcoin to get in and out of the market and also most trading pairs are with Bitcoin but as you can see right here you know if we were to go all the way back Bitcoin had a 93 point eight percent way way way way way back in May of 2013 obviously as you can see here there's not as many coins because this gray line represents all all kryptos so you can see that all Kryptos are actually higher than any other individual crypto outside of Bitcoin so basically it goes Bitcoin all other Kryptos and then the top kryptos so there is obviously a lot of competition and as we could see moving forward so the Bitcoin maximalist argument that Bitcoin will usurp any improvements by any tokens has never actually come to fruition right we have seen a lot of other tokens out there developing other DAPs that you know people tend to call them you know shit coins or whatever you want to call them but there are a lot of projects out there that are able to do things I mean even smart contracts which we know that smart contracts are something that could potentially be brought to the Lightning Network and is being brought to the Lightning Network currently right now Bitcoin itself does not have the capability of smart contract functions also talking about the intrinsic value of Bitcoin they say you know what let's just consider the bearish situation the outlook is based on the view that Bitcoin has no fundamental value and that sooner or later the market will recognize this fact so they say in our view one can accept that Bitcoin trades above its fundamental value without claiming that its fundamental value is zero in fact many securities trade above what might be considered their fundamental value for example you have gold trades well above its value as measured by its industrial applications I mean if you think about it realistically okay we do use gold in electronics for certain things but as you guys know the entire global you know of supply of gold could fit in an Olympic sized swimming pool and that's worth over seven trillion dollars so you have to ask yourself is that really an accurate representation of the value of gold well whether or not you believe it is it is right so as noted before bitcoins actual utility is a secure digital store of value and transfer of the same other blockchains have taken and dominated the blockchain aspect of cryptocurrency despite the global chaos demand for cryptographically secure payment systems isn't necessarily popping I would argue it is in certain countries we've seen okay Venezuela everyone talks about that but you know is it feasible that people will come into contact with blockchain technologies their banking applications as well as other decentralized applications in established countries uh you know outside of speculation like we're getting into it because we actually need it well that comes down to the killer app or the killer dap right developing something that's not only just as good but better and once we can do that well why wouldn't you switch right so such things will generate demand for tokens that underpin those blockchains des mentioned tokens like aetherium tron neo they even talked about elf they have long term technical propositions that bitcoin you know somewhat lags on as well now i wanted to talk about the sec because um apparently they are making the examination of kryptos an absolute priority in 2019 which i'm sure half of you are gonna say that's a bad thing and half of people out there might say it's a good thing but i think that the fact that they're paying attention just adds the legitimacy to the space so they say crypto currencies will be one of the biggest priorities for the sec in 2019 according to the SCC's office of compliance inspections and examinations or the OCIE this will be done with a view of protecting retail investors in the nascent asset class among the market activities that the OCI will monitor include the offer and sale trading and management of digital assets in cases where the digital asset is clarified as a security the goal of the SCC's compliance wing will be to ensure regulatory compliance going forward market participation in the digital asset space can expect a higher level of scrutiny from the OCIE so now we have the OCI again involved right so the inclusion of crypto currencies as an examination priority was also on the agenda of the OCIE in 2018 but then the focus was more on ensuring the security of digital assets and enlightening investors of the risks of making such investments but like I said take this as you will I think the fact that they're just looking at it that they're considering it of importance is good enough for me right now however like I've stated I do hope that the US isn't too slow to make regulatory advancements as these other jurisdictions are really taking off as far as the blockchain in crypto space is concerned so that's something I just wanted to note now some people are saying that the selling pressure from Bitcoin from long-term holders is almost exhausted now this is according Delfy digital in their most recent report entitled bitcoin holder analysis through cycles so there are new york-based crypto research firm and they updated their analysis of UTX OS or unspent transaction outputs okay among other data as well but on the Bitcoin network over time they've looked at this and based on their analysis they predict that this is the bottom or that were extremely close to the bottom they think that the longest it'll take is somewhere maybe potentially in this q1 or by the second half now we've had our eyes on May so this isn't any type of surprise and in fact they're doubling down on their earlier assessments again stating that they're UT Excel analysis results in a cluster of dates that indicates a bottom in queue 2019 is very very possible we went into some of this yesterday but I'm gonna dive a little bit deeper so they surmise that the longer coin has been dormant and unmoved the less likely it is that the coins owner will sell it the owner has officially become a holder now we're gonna exclude all of the bitcoins that we know that got lost that were you know people threw away their private keys and also Satoshi has his own so that's roughly around 4 million so we're gonna try to just ignore those ok for now now the research group have applied the principles to this UT X pools across the entire Bitcoin history and derived a pattern relationship between the age of the pool and a Bitcoin they observed that the UT EXO pool reaches its maximum overall age where it is its least volatile during the starts of uptrends obverse Lee they see that the pool reaches its minimum age which is when it's most volatile so after price speaks and during the bubble pops so what they found right now is that the pool is aging and in accordance with the historical example they consider this to be a period of accumulation now take this with a grain of salt we know that past performance doesn't mean that this is what we're gonna see happening again but based on the data they think that this is what's happening now what's crazy is if you look at the fact that you have all these dormant wallets you also have this other article looking at the flip side saying that according to a high number of long inactive Bitcoin holders defined as those that have transferred their Bitcoin between six and thirty months they have begun to actually transfer their coins resulting in wallets active over the past months now holding around 60% of the coins circulating supply that's a lot of wallet so some of these wallets that have been dormant for firfer you know months and months and months are now springing back to activity and they're saying that they're holding more than 60% of bitcoins circulating supply so the question is why are these guys getting so active when we're so far low on the totem pole I mean you know what I'm saying you held all the way down from 20k and now at you know 3600 you're gonna start moving the Bitcoin around I'm just curious what that means but overall the supply of active bitcoins has reportedly surged 40 percent since summer of 2018 okay so that's like mid year last year right we were halfway through the bear market and they said it's definitely a big shift there's more potential than usual for pipe price swings so this is why I say going forward we could definitely see a turbulent turbulent q1 and q2 so flipside CEO David Balter emphasized to Bloomberg that it's long term holders in particular many of whom remain idle during the volatile markets of the past years who are now back on the active radar Stone added that the trend could continue saying we have no reason to expect them to remain stagnant for another two plus years also tightly clustered ownership of Bitcoin with around 1,000 wallet addresses as we know is reported to own around 85% of all bitcoins as you guys know I put out a video we were talking about this the other day about how the Wales you know it's such a small percentage of holders that owned such a massive amount right so this is something to be you know conscious of and this is also one of the reasons why I've heard a lot of new investors are scared to get involved because of the amount that's held in such small you know percentage of wallets so that is just something I wanted to point out now speaking about you know investing and getting rekt and the average individual well there was basically this dude over here what's his name Peter mcCormick so he was he was a Bitcoin investor that lost a million dollars in the bear market now grant this is his amazing story he only started with $6,400 okay and he he invested in 2016 obviously as the price went up oh it says he did buy more Bitcoin and then the value of his holdings spiked to $300,000 in the spring of 2017 as the excitement you know bill he got more excited he you know it eventually says his portfolio went up to 1.2 million dollars at the all-time high of 2017 and then he goes on to say like other newbie investors who you know had that get-rich-quick mentality he basically you know he cashed out he spent it on a bunch of a bunch of things he says I was traveling the world doing interviews for my podcast it's not a bad thing I mean spending your money on traveling the world oh no you know something it's not that big of a deal man I would love to travel more taking friends out to expensive restaurants and buying extravagant gifts for my family still not a bad thing I mean you know nice to buy people gifts but anyway long story short by January 2018 the Bitcoin price Korea you know came down from its all-time highs he lost most of his money but he still does his podcast and according to him he says that he would prefer his podcast over the 1.2 million that he lost okay we would assume most people would say that but despite his experience he still believes that bitcoin is a force for good for example he noted that women in Afghanistan are not allowed to open bank accounts but can still work and get paid in Bitcoin he says my main focus now is exploring how bitcoin can help stabilize an increasingly volatile world and you know Peter McCormick's riches-to-rags story is being touted on social media as a cautionary tale about the dangers of crypto however it bears noting that far from you know people that have invested in traditional stocks and traditional investments have lost far more this is a funny story actually when I was a kid my dad had the opportunity to invest in two different companies one was called my social life calm and one was called myspace calm well he didn't invest in MySpace let's just say that and you know not that myspace is even around right now but had he invested at that time man that would have been uh but we all make mistakes you know and it's funny because you know for example you have John McAfee he lost a hundred million dollars during the tour to 2008 global recession and he straight-out says he's not paying taxes anymore he's publicly saying this to the IRS we declared our independence from Britain and fought a bloody war to escape burdensome taxes yet here we are less than 250 years later being burdened by income taxes that are more crushing than anything the British dreamed of free ourselves people by the way I have no issue with any of my friends from the UK that happened a while ago guys but I don't like paying taxes either I'm not a fan of it but we all have to do it I do have a poll on Twitter guys I'm curious right now so I put this out I put this out actually just before the video and I said 2018 was a rough year for many in the space I'm curious how bad has your portfolio actually been hit if you're down and then why have you decided to stay in the space and also I was curious what lessons have you learned and what do you plan on doing differently this time around so as of right now 7% have lost less than 25% 33% have lost between 25% and 75% 46% have lost more than 75% and congratulations to the 14% of you guys that are actually still up right now so if you guys want head over to Twitter and uh you know you can vote on this poll see what's going on yeah if you guys want you can follow me it's at the crypto zombie on Twitter or honestly if you want you could just leave it right here I get it you know you don't want to go to another site just drop your comments below now before we get on guys I just wanted to point out this crazy crazy thing that happened on Twitch so this dude was just doing his live stream he's a sick sick nerd I believe his name is and all of a sudden look at this he literally just got for Bitcoin look he and he's in he's in shock like you can hear him like so yeah that's nuts dude maybe I should quit just start doing gaming channels what do you guys think it seems like this guy gets for Bitcoin donated I'm in the wrong I'm in the wrong business here I need to start doing gaming videos but anyways segwaying into talking about some stuff this is weird okay so H hbus which has been the exclusive u.s. partner of john of crypto giant exchange who OB will now be called by the same name the rebranding includes a change in domain names for both companies so it was who OB then they separated they broke it into two differ entities but now hbus is being called Hobie and now hallo B is being moved over to H G be calm so this report literally says this change will probably throw people off for some time yeah I agree I agree okay now here is some okay let's talk about this so according to Simon Morris former chief strategy officer at BitTorrent he says Tron will not be able to manage the transaction volume needed to tokenize BitTorrent nowt ron has been having a really really good run recently we've seen them having a lot of I thought good news but according to the interview Morris noted that when he worked at BitTorrent he and his team discovered that bringing a token and automated auctions to prioritize download cues could increase the speed of the network by up to 40% nevertheless though he states that there's no way that the Tron blockchain could handle the transaction volumes that such a great system would require according to him his team needs hundreds of transactions per second just to get started he added that you hear all the BS out there like Oh 10,000 transactions this and that he says it's all crap we're going to melt Tron literally destroy it he also described Tron saying it's basically a marketing machine layered on a very thin veneer of Technology explaining his point he reportedly told the news outlet that Justin's son is very strong at marketing but he does have a technical nobody doesn't have a technical bone in his body Morris left BitTorrent last July reportedly after concluding that he would not be able to develop any trust in relationships with Tron executives now in response to Tron spokesperson basically said in private that Morris appears to have little insight into BitTorrent and their operational plan since his departure saying that actions and executions will prove louder than the words of a disgruntled former employee what do you guys think about this what is your take on this right now also just so you guys know you know I haven't really done a lot of interviews on the channel lately and I haven't really done a lot of coin reviews been pulling back right now I notice more people are concerned about what's happening however I did reach out to Justin son to do an interview on the channel just just so you guys know I reached out to them on two different platforms and they've yet to agree to do an interview on the channel so I don't know why I'd like to talk to Justin son so I'm very interested with all this Tron excitement if you guys would like me to get Justin on the on the channel you know not as a shill just like sit down talk with the guys see what's going on discuss the ecosystem let me know cuz that's something that I've been interested in and if you know if you guys are in the Tron community maybe someone can you know let them know I'm interested I'd like to see what's going on so anyway let's talk about Cardone oh that's another guy I'd like to have on the channel Hoskinson he'd be cool but anyway cardano's says they're going to enter their next phase Shelly so the Shelly phase of the project follows the Byron phase and will introduce a fully decentralized network with staking and delegation to the network so the key feature in the next phase is going to be the introduction of the open aura Boris delegation which Cardno is currently implementing in code Cardinal also Lee recently released their white paper on proof of stake sidechains I know a lot of you have already seen that so that's pretty good news moving forward and Charles Hoskinson actually said that the network will be 50 to 100 times more decentralized with the Shelly update the distribution of power is made possible through cardano's decision to allow for more than 1,000 staking pools and complete autonomy so you got a respect card on oh man they're really really really really stressing that decentralized thing in fact that whole issue that they had before you know where you had people stepping down and all that stuff right that was all based on you know they're concerned with there being too much power in the hands of you know the few which I think is a really really cool thing moving forward also on a real quick just give a shout-out to alas dose they have 900,000 TV boxes sold 180,000 registered d ID users view of you chain and our new wallet hit the App Store all in their weekly update which you guys can check out here I'll drop a link below to that also I forget who it was that was reaching out to me in the telegram the crypto zombies chat we were talking about high performance blockchain well they've recently released their launch event and they have their HP BB OE acceleration engine there's some shots of the chips not too many it's mostly them just talking you can see right here these are some of their hardware that boards that they've created most of this is just talking and a lot of it is translated so if you guys want check it out that's from high-performance blockchain now moving on I got a little bit of good news before we go and then we are out of here because it's Saturday and who wants to sit around watching YouTube videos all day right so we have Wyoming has reportedly passed two new house bills that aim to foster a regulatory environment conducive to cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation so looks like Wyoming's really been you know moving lately is that why cardano's is so interested in Wyoming interesting maybe I'll have to check it out so this is good so only the status of one bills though the bill 62 has been updated on their state legislator page so entitled Wyoming utility token Act property amendments bill 62 is significant in establishing a new asset class defining open blockchain tokens with specific consumptive characteristics etc the open blockchain tokens governed by this act I'm not going to read this because really it just classifies it okay but Bill's 57 is the second one and this is called financial technology sandbox and pertains to the creation of a FinTech regulatory sandbox a supervised and flexible testing environment that provides waivers for certain statuses and rules that would otherwise hamper innovation so more good news I mean it's this is not bad news you know these are all just baby steps that we're taking you know towards making all the fist makes sense right so I like to see these things moving forward they make me happy and before we get going I do want to remind you I found this chart on reddit and it's 20 years of internet giants and it just really puts into perspective how early you know for example people in 1998 look you had a o L number one number two Yahoo number three geo cities right fast forward to 2003 now AOL is number two and Yahoo is number one right but now you got some new guys on here you got eBay you got The Weather Channel you got Walmart now fast forward to 2008 Google's on top okay Microsoft is now in there as well yeah guys and now you can see Google Facebook Amazon Microsoft Disney okay PayPal which wasn't even in there in 2013 so guys technology is an ever evolving space we don't know what's gonna happen you know bitcoin he's the granddaddy he's been around for a while but will he be replaced by another crypto it's possible it could be you know but short term it has the most establishment has the highest percentage of the market cap been around the longest lyndie effect says if something's been around for so long chances are it'll be around for that long again so we already celebrated a decade of Bitcoin chances are we're gonna be celebrating another decade of Bitcoin that being said guys I want to say thank you so much for coming back to my channel but know I did not forget the giveaway guys we are giving away a Jupiter cold storage wallet right here guys you're gonna get one just like this it's gonna be black which is pretty cool because the one on the website is is white so you have a collectible there okay so oh yeah let's go to the video from yesterday and we will do our raffle here we go let's check this baby out all right so it looks wow 561 comments geez you guys that's a lot of comments guys alright let's check it this is why I have difficulty getting back to all these comments I try to read them guys I really do alright um hi I just want to let you know that my friends and I love your videos and the comments about crypto on your videos keep up the great work thank you awesome appreciate it Ronald but you didn't say anything about the shirt I don't know if you wanted one um usually we we say to say something about the shirt so I'm gonna pick another winner but if for some reason you did want the shirt let me know maybe I could get you one although I don't have a lot right now you got to talk to crypto J okay there we go boy peple pick me want to win well I didn't pick you this picked you but hey you won so boy peple all you got to do is go over here to the about Me section and just email me will verify we'll get that all figured out etc and you'll be good to go that being said guys I also wanted to just remind you the ledger nano X is available for pre-order right here they are still doing the Genesis block edition I do have an affiliate link below guys doesn't cost you anything extra definitely helps the channel out and I do appreciate it that being said guys if you want you know head over here to my crypto poll on Twitter definitely let me know how much have you lost why have you stayed in it if you have law and then what are you gonna do different this time I'm curious and maybe we'll discuss this in tomorrow's video okay that being said you guys freaking roll everyone that's been liking subscribing commenting seriously you're the reason that I wake up and I do this every single day I swear it really is that being said my name is Kay dub enjoy the rest of your weekend okay and until then stay crypto and peace out

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    I hold almost a whole BTC but only paid for .3 of them. I learned to long/short on Bitmex by keeping my cost around 0.1BTC with 20-50x leverage. I’ll throw 0.2 extra BTC on margin to push liquidation way out and I kind of kicked serious ass. We seem too close to the bottom to be shorting right now so I’m giving it a rest.

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