33 thoughts on “Bitcoin Whale Pumping Prices!!! 20,000 $BTC Order! 40% MORE Gains to Go?!?”

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  2. Hey Kman keep up the good work, would love to see you do an interview with Wanchain or Fusion team if possible.

  3. Hey crypto zombie,

    Love your videos man, can’t go a day without watching them! Makes thanks for all the time you put into your vids

  4. Well bitcoin has smooched that 20k Mark once it’ll def surpass it this time around. And pull back is still eminent

  5. I leave this comment with the hopes of effecting future search algorithms in such a way that this comment will bring more attention to your important plight of spreading knowledge about blockchain technology in an environment that can often be discourteous.

  6. The big drop is the pole, trend lines on top is parallel, the bottom trendline should have a trend line pointing up on the 2 lows. hence the picture of a pennant

  7. Brother u now spend too much time in ur vedio give away this n that n commercial i love ur old style vedio straight to the point

  8. All these people are talking about a double bottom that will come one of these months… 3200 area… Now that is the time to accumulate some alts..

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