bitcoin, watch how I buy btc locally safely & instantly, your city USA, 2500 merchants.

today is a tipping point and breakthrough for you and everyone you know in the United States today you can drive right down to over 2,500 merchants across the country and exchange your cash for bitcoins and instantaneously have them deposited into your digital wallet with no fees this is significant because it finally allows the United States to catch up with the rest of the world and what are bitcoins we ought to know about them there's a reason why companies like Microsoft Dell computer tigerdirect and billion-dollar companies are accepting bitcoins in exchange for goods and services there's a reason why investors that founded companies like Facebook and other billion-dollar companies are now plowing millions and hundreds of millions of dollars into companies matter of fact one company has already received over 75 million dollars in investments because they are basically creating a Bitcoin wallet and a way to easily use bitcoins and they've created a Bitcoin exchange that's gonna be trading bitcoins just like you would stocks this is a game changer and it levels the playing field for you and everyone I use bitcoins as one of the mechanisms that I have that allows people to double the value of their dollars and also to regardless of their background history gender or anything create a business right from their kitchen table that can go local to global to anywhere without boundaries with all the banking hassles without all the fees with all the headaches without all the risk it's amazing what Bitcoin can do for you some people have bitcoins because they want to get great deals at businesses that offer to accept bitcoins some people have bitcoins because they want it as a hedge against a crashing fiat some people have bitcoins just because they want to be cool some people have bitcoins just because it's another way to diversify their investments there's all types of reasons to have bitcoins and you should educate yourself about them everyone knows today that technology is changing more rapid than ever and what you know from yesterday isn't going to be here tomorrow everything is changing and if you don't adapt you're gonna be left behind and being left behind will be very painful so I encourage you to educate yourself about Bitcoin because it is significant and it is a game changer it allows you to do many things so today by the end of this video you will know exactly what you need to do to create your very own free digital currency wallet online right now you can have it set up and you also know where you can create a free account to find local merchants to you that will accept your cash for some bitcoins and you're gonna go along with me and I invite you to come with me as I go visit a merchant but I've never been to before but I found them online because they accept cash for bitcoins and you're gonna go with me and see exactly what I have to do to buy some bitcoins and how quick that happens and then I'm gonna log right into my digital wallet and show you exactly how I transferred the bitcoins over to my own digital wallet and you'll see exactly what that looks like what bitcoins look like and what the account looks like and by the end you'll be able to do this all for yourself if you want to and by all means this is not a solicitation for you to invest your money into bitcoins this is not a solicitation for you to convert all your cash into bitcoins it's simply an invitation to get a little bit of education to find out more about what bitcoin is and why really smart people are involved in bitcoin and you should be too so welcome aboard and let's go get some bitcoins alright so the first thing I did is I created an account on Liberty X this is a brand new account it's pretty simple to set up you simply fill out the questions I think you put your name and your address and phone number in there and you create your account once you have their account then you'll be able to log in you can simply go here to locations which I did and I want to buy a Bitcoin and I just simply click that buy a Bitcoin in person put in your zip code or your area that you live in like the closest city to me is Everett Washington I put that in there of course there's a whole list here of different places and you can click on the link to go to and I actually went to this one here the 1-800 cellular that was the closest one to me so I clicked on that and of course it has the directions right there so I printed this page off and I went and so let's go ahead and do that let's go to go down and buy some bitcoins it's huge all righty so I came down to buy some bitcoins today and interesting enough I met I'm at 1-800 well you say 1-800 settled are all right 1-800 cellular here in Everett Washington and as you guys know it's been just a headache to try to get bitcoins and the scale has tipped it's time now finally the US is catching up with the rest of the world and I'm here with Walter and Walter a matter fact Walter didn't even know that he could accept Bitcoin I came in here and we had to do a little research and investigation and and he was he was blown away and he's so here's the way it worked I came in and I basically told Walter I wanted to get some big coins and I gave him my cash I gave him a $60 cash gave me $10 back because I was buying 50 dollars worth of bitcoins he put some information into his computer and printed up a code a pin that I take home might take my pin home I entered I the end of my account and I have it automatically transferred to my Bitcoin wallets I just bought 50 dollars and this is my first test and Walter what is your opinion of this incredible great niche most definitely so the game-changer you get on to Liberty X put your your location that you want to that you live in in there and it'll show you right on the Google Maps where you can go to get your bitcoins I'll talk to you soon make it a great day all right so now that I'm back I have my Bitcoin receipt and there's a PIN number on it and I printed this off at one eight hundred seven your city or whatever story you're going to it'll be from your store so I'm just gonna simply enter in my pin number let's go to account my account go in here I click on locations if you don't say anything and you'll see right here you have I want to and you buy that's we already did that step now I want to redeem my pin to gain my bitcoins so here's the pin code now you need to input the address of your digital Bitcoin wallet and that's where the bitcoins will be sent to and you put them in this slot here where it says send to address we need to add that address so now we simply go over to our place where we have our Bitcoin all it which I have an account here at coinbase and you could also use like circle calm or coinbase there's also bitpay these are all great places to set up your Bitcoin wallet so you simply sign in so once you log in you want to come down here to tools once you click on the tools you can simply pick one of your Bitcoin wallets if you have already created wallets you can you have addresses here for each payment on coinbase what I'm doing is I'm gonna go ahead and reuse you can reuse these addresses again and again I'm just gonna reuse one I created here it's actually I have a label here called ski and I'm just gonna copy that and I'm going to come back to Liberty X I'm going to paste that into the address there and I'm gonna click redeem pin so there you go once I've done that it looks like it transferred it to my Bitcoin wallet I have the ability to send more to this address if I wanted to put a pin in here it looks like it's stored it here or it can add a new address to send to as well so pretty cool so now we go back to our coin base and let's go in here and look into my wallet you can see here there's a pending and it says here will be confirmed in 20 minutes so according to the information here it says that it will the transaction actually shows up instantly however it can stay in a pending status for up to an hour all that being verified by the network as you can see here the transaction went through and it appears that it was all completed and the value of my dollars that were converted to Bitcoin shows up right here and this was actually a $50 transaction as you can see here you I also got an email notification that includes my pin number and the address which my bitcoins were sent to so I do have a record of it as well just through my email and that's the minimum that Liberty X allows you to do now keep in mind you may see a difference here than what you expect it could be higher could be lower Bitcoin value does fluctuate a little bit against your currency and depending on timing and so on that's how it happens now just keep in mind here in the u.s. one of the first purchases made with Bitcoin was a pizza for 10,000 bitcoins and there was a point where that 10,000 bitcoins was actually worth 10 million dollars so it was a 10 million dollar pizza imagine selling that pizza so anyway it's probably a good idea to have a few bitcoins so you never know this thing could go either way but also get in there and get some bitcoins start discovering what merchants are offering services and goods for exchange for Bitcoin and go out and get some bitcoins it's really easy now talk to you soon you

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  1. Nice Video. Value of btc when you made this vid was $219 but now it is $1,296
    and you have 5h btc in your wallet just wow.

  2. Elated to have found out about this earlier today. Will definitely be visiting soon as BOA is noncooperative in buying BTC. Thank you.

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