BITCOIN vs BITCOIN CASH vs BITCOIN GOLD? Which Coin you should earn?

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Today I am going to show you You know that Bitcoin price is increasing
Everyday Today the Bitcoin price is $7,300
For this reason Which faucets you are working You are getting less satoshis
its may 15, 20 or 30 satoshi Not more than satoshis are paying from faucets
in every claim The reson you need more time to get
1 Bitcoin when you see the faucets pay you less then
you loose your interest to earn So today i will suggest you, who are mining
bitcoin they should continue And who are tired to claim bitcoin, they can
mine bitcoin cash (BCH) Later Bitcoin cash (BCH) will also high. And one more update that, Like as Bitcoin
and Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin gold is coming So may have some competition among them
After Bitcoin cash in the market, the value… …of bitcoin goes more
I saw its not stay in 6000 If i show you the bitcoin price, then you
see its price is $7286 Few mint ago it was $7300. Its not decreasing below $7000
Bitcoin Cash is almost $667 And Ethereum coin and litecoin price is not
so high, you can mine it as well You should concentrate to bitcoin cash now. If you catch it’s you will be benefited. Bitcoin cash may goes higher like bitcoin. And the Bitcoin rate may touch approximate
$10000 at the end of this year Who are interested to earn bitcoin, who are
familiar with good faucet or you can watch my videos
Which faucets gives you more… May be you watch videos but don’t work here,
i can understand. Who works or not, its doesnot mattar, i just
make video for help. I only make videos for people who doesn’t
know about it, its not for mine 16th November Bitcoin Gold is launching
You will get same bitcoin gold if you have bitcoin or bitcoin cash in your account. in your coinbase or faucethub wallet. Who are mining bitcoin or bitcoin cash just
keep them deposit in your wallet You will get same amount of bitcoin gold as free It is uncertain about bitcoin gold price
Just earn bitcoin in this 10 or 11 days as you can coinbase will support bitcoin cash in January 2018
So you need to earn bitcoin. you can visit my channel and watch video. i made many videos on bitcoin fucets
You can watch this video earn 150000 satoshi with short link
you can work by your own You can earn $2 to $5 daily One think is good for it you dont need to mine more satoshis
just 15000 satoshi is now $1 It can say its easy to earn more money with
less units. 75000 satoshis is $5. so you can easily earn from this site
if you cannot 150000satoshi them easily make at least 70000 Everyday i am suggesting you that just mine Bitcoin
Cash, if you wish Today i show you 2 or 3 faucets when you can
mine bitcoin cash easily Go to
the description box and get the link to earn First is queen faucet, second is get free
coin, next is You can earn unlimited bitcoin cash
Approximate 500000 to 1000000 satoshis I am suggesting you again, just concentrate
to bitcoin cash Then you will be benefited
you can not mine bitcoin so easily after 2 to 6 month later bitcoin cash price
will higher as you know bitcoin price was low also You can easily work here, just fill in the box with address with captcha
You know well how to claim now. so i am not showing its today
how to to work in these sites Fill with wallet address and solve the captcha you can get unlimited bitcoin cash from this site every 15 to 20 Sec you will get 100 500 to 6000 satoshi every minute Each claim will give you 100
So this is the topic which i talked about Todays video is only about information abou
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin gold So today is no more
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See you on the next video, till then tc. Allah Hafez

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