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cowboy Jew shoots from the hip yeah right now I got a bead on Bitcoin USA president from Bitcoin USA president Trump you know that this here blockchain technology is a wave of the future and if we are going to make America great again we have got to be at the cutting edge of the blockchain technology that will revolutionize business transactions and every other organization in the world we've got to be doing it President Trump and from what I understand the Office of Management budget agrees there's an article of y'all on a coin desk dot-com and a lot about exactly that topic and the State Department is holding a gonna hold a forum on it and Congress Department is sending a mission to discuss that topic with the UAE United Arab Emirates in other words President Trump we got to get the full force of the government into this technology so the United States of America can be the leader in this field in the world a global leader not China or Russia or any other country but the United States of America we're gonna make America great again we've got to be ahead of the ahead of the curve we've got to be and this is a way to do it with that block technology now the currency and the reason that the blockchain technology was invented was to support Bitcoin the currency of the blockchain and president Trump we've got to be number one in the Bitcoin Monitor we've got to be not China not Japan we've got to be if we're gonna make America great again we've got to be ahead of the curve we can't be doing it the old-fashioned way and expect to compete with the rest of the world does that make any sense president Trump y'all does that make any sense if you don't know what the blockchain technology is I'll tell you real briefly it's a kind of software that's open what they call open source in other words it's not centralized you don't need a server or any of that stuff it's not controlled by any one person it's it's an oak what they call open-source technology you can see a whole bunch of videos on it and look it up and get it explained a real simple like and study about it and study about what bitcoin is bitcoin is likewise as something that's applicable to this here blockchain technology and it's a one to one thing that's what I'm trying to say people can communicate one-to-one what they call peer-to-peer and with no intermediary no no need to have a bank or a credit card to exchange value with the Bitcoin that's the that's how it works no more fees for transactions that's what it means and it's fast its immediate almost great great advantage think of the repercussions in a world as the world becomes more and more integrated into this system from one side of the world to the other people can exchange value in a matter of seconds that's what it's going to be so y'all I would suggest if you don't know what this is and what it's all about do a little research it and find out because this is going to change the world just like the internet did President Trump back in the early 1990s and following so our countries should be head of it not like China where they're banning the banning the trading of the ah SEOs which is initial core no friends and new coins that are coming out and having a government clamp down on ROI so as a result the the some of the people trading these coins and making these coins are leaving or defy the government or go or go or the markets going Japan the market should be in the United States of America that's what I'm saying president Trump this is crucial you keep harping on the jobs and the economy know it and that's that's the that's a ticket if you ask me we can't have a great country if we're destitute and if we're in a if we're in debt for 22 trillion dollars plus can't do it we can't do it so we got to have something that's gonna like you said we got to become wealthy again you can't become a debtor nation we've got to become the creditor of the world that's the way to do it president Trump is through this blocking blockchain technology and the Bitcoin or how about a us a coin us a coin as our currency how about that President Trump now the signs are that all the big money is even gravitating towards it like Goldman Sachs I'm not a fan of Goldman Sachs but even they're telling their clients now about Bitcoin and some of the other big bank bank affirms and you know stuff like that investment firms what I'm trying to say are starting to see their value because that returns on this thing are phenomenal phenomenal so if y'all who wants to make money ain't nobody in the world don't want to make money now it's true you know I got a I got a biblical perspective and and and Jesus says it's harder for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle and what he was talking about was I the needle would say a gate to the City of Jerusalem and it was always crowded with traffic so what Jesus was saying was it's harder for us for a rich man to get into God's kingdom into the Kingdom of Heaven that it is for that for that camel to get through that traffic jam in other words is nearly impossible so why why even go after world worldly goods why even go after wealth creating wealth it's well yeah okay it's a a lot of people need help and you you know takes takes money to do it and if you want to live and everybody should have a a decent house to live in and good food to eat and clothing on their back so that they can be protected from the elements and be be modest but so you do need some kind of in this fallen world in his fallen world we do we do have material needs and if we're going to be a nation that's gonna not only survive but thrive then we've got to be at the forefront of this technology and this currency we've got to be otherwise nations that may not have our best interests at heart when it comes right down to it can you trust China which would you would with demilitarize completely and Chuck trust China or Russia well we would we never mind them how about the the how about the people who run the Federal Reserve System who are we beholding – who are we beholden to and why isn't it the right of the people to have their own currency in this country isn't that it for the for the people of the United States to have their own money they did it in the colonial times prilep revolutionary times and that was the reason really if you study the history of it for a revolution because the British crown didn't want the colonists to to be successful and have their own money that's what that's what a bow that's what I think that was Benjamin Franklin he said dad the crown didn't like the idea of the colonists having their own currency and they tried to stop it but they didn't and they're not gonna stop this Bitcoin nothing neither the ones that don't want the people of the United States and that's what we're talking about President Trump when we say coin USA the people of the United States having control over the currency printing they're all making their own money and your believer in the nation-state as the basic unit for for it for for for the world you know political and social organization well there it is how can we have President Trump how can we have a nation-state with any integrity if it's not solvent and don't have its own currency its own money and the same thing what happened after Civil War President Lincoln he also got the u.s. greenbacks and that was a big change and and that some people say and I think it makes sense that's the reason he was assassinated because he wanted the United States to have is its own money which it should have the people of the United States should have their own money so President Trump you're gonna make America great again we got to have we got to have some kind of money and the money of of the future is and it will be the money of the world in it in a wild quarter john mcafee there's the guy who knew how to invest but he knows a lot about technology and he knows about he knows about software and viruses and all that stuff he says is going to conquer the world and and it it looks that way to anybody just like the Internet again folks you don't know about it find out about it go on a corn desk go on going to coinbase earth and then start start finding out about this new technology and there's these new currencies because it's gonna make it's gonna rock this world President Trump left all the all the miners and all that stuff all the biggest mine big coin mines are in China why are they there why aren't they in the USA that's what I'm trying that's a question I'm getting to why aren't the biggest Bitcoin mines and all the ICO is being done in the USA you said made in the USA should be the proud label of everything well this is the this is that these are the products that are gonna gonna form the whole world for the future they should that should be that should be the priority here shouldn't it if that's what's gonna change shape the whole global economy in a few years why aren't all the the Bitcoin miners and and and ICO is being done here in the USA government should be helping out with that shouldn't it if we want to make America great again does that make sense y'all like I say on individual level what's more what's going to be the most valuable currency in the world go silver US dollar or Bitcoin God ask yourself that question think about it a little bit if you don't want to be in debt for the rest of your life debt is sin we don't want that you don't need it let's get rich pitching the love of God and get the get the economy back where it belongs which is leading the world does that make any sense y'all how about a president Trump Bitcoin USA or USA coin how about that cowboy Jew a rocking voice of freedom sheep from him

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  1. Its all part of the human chipping rfid chip is already hitting drivers license and soon be the mark of the beast

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