Bitcoin Trending, Ohio Taxes with Crypto, Nasdaq's "All In" on Crypto and Defining Cryptocurrencies

what's going on everybody welcome to the crypto brew show where we are drinking brews and token about it it is November 29 2018 and boy do we have a packed show for you today so we're just gonna go ahead and hop right into it Jojo you got some fancy stash going on over there how you doing man oh well hello there I decided to take a trip in the woods today and enjoy this wonderful maple scotch beer and I'll tell you guys a little bit more about it later on so stick around nice nice run hiding out there man what up crypto world I am good Thirsty Thursday so I'm pounding some BIC and lo before we go ahead and jump in this let's go ahead and go to our disclaimer the information provided on the show does not constitute investment vice financial advice trade advice or any other sort of advice good the ratio is for educational and entertainment purposes only connect your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions hashtag Napa moon I financial advisor my own opinions and hashtag BYOB we did did you alright moving over to the state of the markets well well well now it doesn't look that great on the screen that you see right now sorry listeners however the last couple days have been pretty exciting we are sitting at a global market cap of 136 billion 24 hour volume of seventeen point six seven billion and a Bitcoin dominance of fifty three point nine seven percent Bitcoin seen at the top at 4200 down to point eight one percent on the seven day XRP sitting at number two at 37 cents down 10 a little over 10 percent in the seven day aetherium at number three one hundred and sixteen dollars down eight percent in the seven day seller stay at number four at sixteen cents twelve point six six percent down and the week and of course that number five Bitcoin cash sing out what's going on with that still has overtaken Yost they're actually stellar has moved up quite the most but pick one cast in $178 down almost fifteen percent on the week so pretty interesting there we've definitely recovered quite a bit from you know the last month or so Jojo I know he got some gainers losses in there what are those look like alright yeah so we do have some Gators up there one at the time pretty substantial acht Achtung Achtung the octo annoying I saw and I thought of octopus and you know what comes from octopus Inc Inc had to follow right behind it and that's why it's off there at the top to up ninety four point five three percent and then right there we had the gold poker coming in behind the octopus and that's why it's squirted the ink up eighty five point seven mmm and you know I'm gonna go ahead and jet not jet coin than jet on over it's the losers karma Carmen take it up we could turn for the worst this week it has gone down fifty two point two nine percent in right below that we've got a rent Barry down to forty four point seven three percent and agura's token rounded that one out down thirty five point four three percent and let's go ahead and hit something else here Charlie yeah yeah and just real quick I am drinking over here a little Christmas in your mouth from st. ARLA brewing ye old Christmas Ale and man it's gotta be one of my favorite beers during the holidays here I'm super excited and also before we jump into market news stick around to the end of the show because we have a little giveaway going on that you're gonna want to know more about the crypto brew show swag bag carefully crafted with love swag swag swag bag and you can learn more about that at the end of our show but I was going to jump right into headliners we've got our first headline today from CCN komm trending Google searches for Bitcoin surges to an all month hi ho buddy are we going on the up and up is this it are we back are we back run what's going on uh Eve any news is good news right so I'm sure everybody's googling is Bitcoin dying or whatever and uh you know whatever Google away the more the more exposure Bitcoin gets the better right Joe bye Joe all right so I mean just straight off the bat our listeners out there that are in the podcast they can't actually see the graphic that's in front of you in the graphics in front of you says eight-month hi look at that from 2017 when we were close to you the title for obviously there's no seriously it's only because they point hit bottom and we found the bottom and we started to up I you know hash tag knife emitter promise but I think I think that's what's going on people were like holy crap this stuff is like worthless now quote unquote in their eyes because it's hit for like hit three grand right when they saw it at some point at twenty grand so yeah I think that's exactly what's going on I think I feel like you're looking a little bit too much into it and on that regard I think I mean yes we tanked we we tanked hard in the last month or so and that certainly sparked some interest to people that have had Bitcoin maybe they bought it back in you know November December of last year so there's that and then but we also just had a pretty big spike today or the last couple days so that could easily be a thing I don't know I just like to see us trend upward regardless of actually what I mean like run said it could easily be why is Bitcoin tanking I mean it doesn't say you know it's just Bitcoin as the word not any other context behind that but either way I like that we're trending upward and not continuing our slow fall into oblivion yes I can probably agree with that however Tehran's early comment at the beginning all news is good news we've learned time and time again that that's not the case in cryptocurrency words can defeat this face oh you sound like a millennial right now words are hurtful get out I was perfect alright we're gonna end on that one you can do you could just you know guess about what you what you think on that I mean I'm searching Bitcoin all the time you know I'm saying I'm just like Hello Bitcoin how are you today on Google so you know all right what would I do our next article here this one comes from TechCrunch is first time you've had a tech res article but Ohio becomes the first state to accept Bitcoin for tax payments hello people could use their Bitcoin they lost from December to pay their taxes they're a bunch of taxes that they owe I'm just kidding but for reals Ohio is accepting tax payments for our with Bitcoin through bitpay which actually we have a video up on I think we talked about bitpay and the card and how you how to use it it's pretty interesting we'll link to that video below but what do you think Joe on this paying taxes for with your Bitcoin I mean that's pretty big right data did you carry promote this but anyway yeah so Ohio kudos to you I think this is awesome news I know Arizona really was kind of the first to the market when they were starting to expect yeah except cryptocurrency in lieu of like state fees as far as like you know traffic violations and all that stuff but seriously this is like a huge step up and I just know that this is probably closer related to just property tax on the state level I just wonder how this looks you can't really do this federally yet so your federal income tax can't be paid yet but at least you can pay the property tax for your house and I think that's really cool bye house crypto you make or our mortgage your house encrypted oh and then go ahead and pay the taxes in crypto all right yeah exactly and I can say that I mean in other places I've already kind of been talking about this apparently Arizona Georgia and illinois' we're considering this I never got past the state legislators but Rowan what are your thoughts on sargol it's good news that it's good for the widespread adoption of Bitcoin which is the backbone of crypto as of right now so good stuff good stuff absolutely so look out in your state may be a future tax payment via crypto is coming to a taxable state to you that it making sense but anyway great stuff moving on we actually have three articles from corn telegraph and before we start this article kind of like say that coin Telegraph has the best pictures on their articles like they're so awesome I don't know who their artist is but kudos to you sir artist from coin Telegraph because I love latest kudos to you a person artist from Cornell anyway Nasdaq's Bitcoin futures could launch in q1 of 2019 says Bloomberg hello Nasdaq joining in on the fun hey Joe what does this mean is this big news or huge news well I mean see the whole thing is you know we had ice come in and they went ahead and really jumped into the space as far as crypto is concerned so I think Nasdaq knows this is the New York Stock Exchange's in this it's it's time to play ball and that's what's kind of going on here and I think it's just really awesome that we've gotten multiple Bitcoin futures potentially coming out at the same time I don't know how that's gonna affect the space at all I know we had just one Bitcoin futures and it blew the space up so I wonder I think this could be really huge and you know that you may have some competition I I like the fact that I think we are I read an article about the I would not say as a chairman of Nasdaq or something was was throwing shade at Dow and said it was a terrible exchange or something like that so they are they're putting the boxing gloves on and getting ready to duke it out over crypto hello do you really think kryptos like dying come on that was a question last week is this the end run what do you thought since article yes this is no oh a bear market hello zinger oh this is great news and kind of feed off of what Joe saying competition competition competition competition makes everything better so I'm really looking forward to that and maybe we can get a little regular Joe action on this in this one fact is only for rich people so that's truly right go ahead Joe so something interesting I just kind of want to throw a wrench in all this is just devil's advocate but what about if that got backed up to q1 on purpose conspiracy mustache all right I mean hey who knows about our next article actually kind of runs into this article as well we have Nasdaq again from coin Telegraph Nasdaq partners with van eck to release regulated surveilled digital assets products now if anyone that hasn't been listening to our show we've talked quite a bit about the Vanek ETF and just crypto ETFs in general but apparently Nasdaq again putting on the put on the boxing gloves and going all in on crypto and over-the-counter trade or just futures and all that stuff so Jojo like again Nasdaq what's going on uh you know I just think it's a yeah brilliant partnership bringing it back to the fold and you know we can ETF conferences extensively on this show and I believe the last show we actually introduced the article about Sweden or Switzerland Switzerland lat rather that they came out with the ETP you know electronically traded product and I know the wincle guys have been really all over that too so I think a lot of stuff is happening in the space major things are happening in the background and that this is just some of that stuff coming to light and I'm pretty excited about it because if it's easier for the top ties gonna be easier for us true and Ron I'm gonna jump to you but I'm curious what you think about this it says here that they're gonna implement smart Nasdaq smarts market surveillance system and if anyone doesn't know smarts is a cross market cross asset multi venue surveillance tool that correlates real-time and historical data with detection patterns to trace illegal market activities such as spoofing and washed trading and anyone that's been the the crypto space for a while knows that spoofing and wash trading are kind of a big deal that people like to talk about and wonder if these big exchanges are doing these that that with bots and stuff so what are your thoughts on that and do you think that them implementing that will help um so theoretically obviously I think it's a good thing if anybody's traded NAFTA move if anybody's traded on a sketchy exchange or or even some of the popular exchanges from you know two years ago let's say there's a lot of sketchy stuff going on and you can actually like just watch patterns of pricing as you're just sitting there watching on any given coin if you if you you know notes you're looking at so I that's awesome I don't know if there's more to that surveillance system to the point where it might infringe on some information that I wouldn't want exposed about my trading and that's where decentralized exchange comes in because you know you have that aspect there but overall this is good news and it's yet another example of you know crypto coming into our current economy and ecosystem so good no I honestly I wasn't even thinking about that as far as you know and the minute II and non immunity and anonymous anonymous transactions and Amit T how did how did our lovely president say it anyway I mean again I think it's good for the market as a whole it doesn't necessarily mean that we need to use Nasdaq or there what's gonna happen with their exchange in whatever but again as our mark as a whole I definitely think it's a good thing definitely go check out twine get coin Telegraph coin Telegraph and checkouts article it is a good one all right and well again another one corn Telegraph IO major US crypto exchange coinbase launches OTC crypto trading for institutional investors again big money institutional on rap is this is this what we've been waiting for a run uh yes all right so I'm gonna I'm oh go back in time a little bit so coin based established a political action committee right and the whole basis of that was is they want crypto in the regulated world to be involved like there needs to be there needs to be some governmental regular regulatory action on crypto for these like for businesses enterprises whatever to feel safe about putting their money into crypto so here we go once again coinbase throwing down man they're they're making it possible and code base could see itself as a very very powerful financial organization in the future if this takes off yeah absolutely Jojo will your thoughts on coin Bay's jumping in the OTC crypto traded market well you know I think you know right there we've got circle that was mentioned and and I think this is already happening and this kind of goes back to all the stuff that we've already got going on in the background and I think this is huge my only worries is you know once we get the regulation and all of that stuff involved yeah it's gonna bring more money into the space but there's gonna be a lot harder instances for us to actually get into that space right you know the I CEOs of the past are no longer going to be a thing for us none of the s– will have enough money to invest in that and I I think so man because if the SEC gets its teeth in all this that's what's gonna happen so I think if coin minis can somehow finagle their way into releasing icos through their platform that may be something that could work potentially later on but right now you know I know I have to have at least you know $25,000 in an IRA before I can even start investing in Sox in an IRA and in companies so I know there's going to be some loopholes and things like that they're gonna come out of this regulation so I get them while they're hot I just know that I mean even there's a plenty of platforms out there that want to you know promote icos and issue i SEOs through their platform and I mean God knows if Nasdaq or whatever coinbase tries to do icos through their platform who knows how much that company is gonna have to pay coinbase more than one of the biggest crypto exchanges and you know platforms out there they're not gonna necessarily want to do that so I don't know if it necessarily like it might scare some my SEOs away but I don't know if they're gonna go away completely I think there's still gonna be retail investors that are to have options I think it's going to be more so the crowd funding aspect of ICS is gone fair I mean stos is the hype word of twenty nine is it not no no it's actually institutional security sto zesty nose is the hypeeeee word of 2019 for sure what we're gonna say Joe real quick well I mean I think I think that number one word of this year or at least at this timeframe is institutional it's additional please yeah right but but ya know I think that's exactly what it is I and that's the thing with stos once the regulation aspect comes in place in the SEC has its hands into it we will no longer be able to invest in new companies based on based on the SEO triggers last week last week the SEC had a huge announcement where they broke down a lot of different things there are they left the door open though for icos to exist selling a utility coin to anyone that it's still possible to do that but they have all these like tiny little things that if you do this it's a security if you do this it's a security and you just have to kind of like maneuver between all this but it's as of right now it's still possible because there has there hasn't been any regulation as you see well I mean let's be real the major coins in the space that are gonna actually improve and really do well or not the utility tokens if they are I think they are utility tokens but they're not going to be made available to people who are not institutional investors okay actually exactly what I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and stop you guys there because actually that kind of correlates with our next article however I do want to mention like like you said Joe circle has already come out with in OTC service over the counter service dubbed circle trade and the product was introduced in February of 2018 via the acquisition of the polonius exchange so this is not new what coinbase is doing is not new however there is still like I just want to like there things are happening in the background I think there are probably as two xan's out there that are already buying over-the-counter but again hashtag namu I don't know but I'm sure there are people out there that do know especially you know circle and probably coinbase so there is demand for this and I'm excited that's it as I want to say I'm so cool base has a lot of flutter about them with the introduction of new tokens and and a token on their exchange that is a few up based so that's all huge that's money you think you think coin Telegraph person artist did that on purpose that's mud coinbase square on the on the thing with his feet up he knows he knows everything that's happening alright moving on to our last article of the day this one comes from medium cryptocurrency is it a security a currency or asset now you might be thinking well charlie it says crypto currency so it must be a currency that might not necessarily be true rown you buy this article and man before you start I just want to say if you have time we'll link this article medium article in our info section down below because it is a long article and has a lot of good stuff in it so definitely check it out but run what is cryptocurrency it's a mouthful it's a mouthful not article it's actually not that long long but it's worth reading info field fo sho alright so obviously this is kind of debate right now what is cryptocurrency security asset whatever going back so russia deemed cryptocurrency a whole new type of asset whatever you want to call it they call it a digital asset so it's not security it's not currency it's not property or whatever it's it's a whole new thing right and I love that because the world of crypto currencies is so diverse there are security tokens there are currencies there are utilities there are stores of value there's there's pure investments there's technology it's all these different things and you know the term cryptocurrency it's been drug through the mud I think that maybe it's for we're thinking to start referring to these things as digital assets as a cryptocurrency community maybe that's something we should embrace because then we can you know get rid of all of the crap that's been drug through the mud just drop it we'll just let it go and let's come up with this fresh new term that way everyone can have a fresh mind when they approach a cryptocurrency a digital asset hey DJ hey I don't know if digital currency our digital asset is a fresh new term but in the eyes of like wow how crypto currency has been drug through the mud it would definitely be I'm saying when you watch new the news instead of here right no currency cryptocurrency let's give it a new spin right so Joe I'm gonna jump to you on this real quick in the eyes of regulators Bitcoin doesn't count as a security and the key distinction is because that it's a decentralized no one controls it so there's and where as securities are released by a central authority so that's like the key distinction of why bitcoin has a lot of security do you think that matters and I mean I think the biggest question is like there's so many different crypto currencies out there I mean it's not only Bitcoin there's so many their platforms and there's ones that try to be currencies I mean what are your what are your thoughts on that well I think overall it was very interesting I read an article a couple of weeks ago through Forbes and Forbes actually introduced a conversation that everyone in that is anyone in like the accounting space has deemed that they don't actually know how to quantify cryptocurrency because in the eyes of digital security and digital assets if you will there there's actually no ownership they're really confused about how the legal aspect of ownership works with these currencies because theoretically if it's not something that you can hold you can't own it and that's kind of where they're at in their mind and they're still trying to like wrap their head around this like kind of putting like almost intellectual property rights aspect on cryptocurrency because theoretically you can't exchange anything you don't own so it's actually illegal to use an exchange to actually transfer cryptocurrency because you're basically transferring money that's no longer there that's society in that area and that's and that's the way our legal system has it right no they're trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole by trying to finish cryptocurrency into the current exactly and that's that's why I think you're right run as far as like the digital asset class if they create something completely new just like Russia did that's it yeah that's what we need Russia leaving the word hey hey hey here's some fightin words and they made it to the moon first guys zeitgeist all right and real quick before we move on to our beer of the week I just want to like I won't go off on a slight tangent here one of the bolded head not headlines but one of the bold lines in this article says crypto currencies are not backed by anything other than trust and I know plenty of people out there are gonna read that and be like well why would I want to get into crypto currency if I have to trust that it's gonna be valuable well I hate to break it to a lot of people out there but that's exactly what you do with fiat currency the whole gold standard ended with what Reagan I think it was theirs our are are talking about just the u.s. here our US dollar is not backed by gold anymore it is it baffles me to think how many people that I talk to you that still think that our US dollar is backed by gold it is not people it is not anymore that stopped so long ago we you trust our government to say hey your dollar is worth this much that is all your dollars in your wallet the dodging your bank account means there is no other trust other than that your dollars are just paper in your wallet and the only reason why they mean something is because the government says they do so reach preach you not do not take that cryptocurrencies not backed by anything other than trust because I mean they are backed by the decentralization of the network they are backed by a hell a lot more than the trust of your own government you own your money with crypto currencies you do not own a dime of your money in your bank account if the government decides to say that you don't so that's all I'm gonna stop there because I could talk for days on that but just I want that to be a key point in this article and just moving forward about cryptocurrency in general but on a lighter note we're going to jump to Joe Joe because he is drinking a delicious beer I'm not even going to talk about it alleged allegedly Jojo what do you think about your our beer of the week I'm not drinking it but I want to well let me go ahead and man drop a little knowledge see about this beer of the week so a really awesome concept Sierra Nevada actually brought out this entire series called trip in the woods and the trip in the woods aspect is just kind of a play on words about you know barrel-aging so you know you've got pine and everything else oak barrels and all that stuff they're just talking about you know going through the woods in essence going through the woods of pine and oak and everything else that are in the barrels and one of the beers at the end in the series is this one right here it's called that the maple scotch and it's actually really really fantastic Scotch style aerial brewed with maple syrup in aged in bourbon barrels it's a fantastic really drinkable beer the maple tones in it are not too sweet which i think is really good it actually does have like a nice crispness to it almost and then something else that I get to with it is you know you kind of get a little bit of a bite from the barrel itself which is really awesome so this this beer really good if you're a fan of scotch Alice you're gonna love this one it's not over the top and it's fantastic and I think Sierra Nevada did a good job with it so get out there and grab a bottle and try it 9.8 percent alcohol by volume ha do you feel that or and also question do you taste the maple the maple e-myth well alright so as far as your question about the alcohol by volume not at all man the mouthfeel on this is actually impressive it's not super bulky it's not heavy it's really just nice and quality and you don't get like that Swift like slap to the face with alcohol content which is a really cool thing and the maple eNOS yeah you actually do get hints of maple right off the beginning like right as soon as it hits your tongue but then as soon as you exhale that's where it is to wait I think is even better it's not over the top super super sugary and I will go to my local store and grab one Sierra Nevada is always one of the more familiar routes I will get one for this well just we'll get a few for the show you know I'm saying alright moving on to our question of the week question of last week is this really the end how things can change within a week my friends how things can change within a week obviously all of us said no Joey's not here today but I mean we all set our piece and we're still ready to go and the last couple days have been amazing and I mean again the things that are happening the headlines that we talked about I mean things are happening in the background just because you don't see the price movement doesn't mean nothing's happening in the background and we've preached that over and over and over again we're going to crippled crypto con and just seeing these projects just so excited about what's happening guys there are things happening don't slack keep it here watch crypto brew show we will give you all the news that you need to know so you don't have to go and search for it anyway most of the news most of the news you need to know we try to get most of it to you now we're gonna give it all there we're just gonna give it all yeah oh yes we all get the virtual brew for that so cheers to everyone that knows it's not the end crypto party ain't going anywhere alright so question of this week which will be the highest seven-day percentage gain from the top ten Kryptos in the market who which what crypto is going to have the highest seven-day percentage gain in the top ten let's go with run you first I'll take stellar stellar um man I'll let's talk about institutional money it makes me makes me want to think that they're gonna kind of team up with a fellow company institution so to speak in IBM so we'll see I don't know I know it's only seven days but okay and Jojo you want me to go first or do you want to go first I can I can go first and then mine is actually not based off of anything as far as like project relations or particularly coming out there I think mine is actually just more so about the aspect of trend itself and you know just taking a look at the seven-day trends from these heõs has not picked up the slack as much as the rest of them so I'm just gonna say heõs is gonna go up to those next week could be something news related or it could just be some crime-related and we need to figure out if it's yo sore Yas because I've heard it it bothers me that I don't know which was correct but anyway I'm a you guys are gonna hate me but I'm gonna say XRP as long as you didn't say each other as I went slap you no God no hey man if you think the other goes up that means you think mark is going down again right that's true uh no but XRP I mean it's got utility do I think it's a real crypto currency no does it use a distributed ledger yes um I believe but it's not it's not decentralized and I don't necessarily like it when I talk about crypto because it's not the true vision of what Bitcoin it was created for but I do think it does have utility banks are finding that it has utility and that has some value so well what do you what do you think about a chase they just introduced some stuff and actually there are already a hundred baek's out there into space that are willing to use their coin instead what coin does Chase have they actually came out with two I think ones called quantum ledger something or the other they're actually using multiple spaces but they've actually come out with two different coins Chase has two different types of Technology JPMorgan Knesset email you're throwing some news on me and hey maybe we'll talk about this on a next episode but yeah anyway I think XRP let us know your answer in the comments down below and yeah it's gonna be super exciting to see what happens but something more exciting this is what you've all been waiting for giveaway time hello win a swag bag crafted with love by crypto brew show from World crypto con hello Jojo I know you work really hard in crafting these crypto robots cryptic on swag bags so why tell me bang what is inside of these bags that people can win all right so really cool stuff guys and you know we kind of got it first thing because we were there and we want to share it with you so make sure that you uh you get out there we've actually got a gleam set up and you can actually get in for some really awesome aspects of that but what you can win in these swag bags is a hat a shirt some crew Z's and some stickers of ours so really cool stuff and they're all housed world crypto compacts drawstring bags so you know awesome stuff you can go out there you can represent and compel round town just reppin your world crypto bag yeah should working with yeah I was there I was there he'll shout out to obviously 3bx crypto cake pyramid brewing Lee from pyramid brewing they all gave us the swag so that we can give away so she super shout out to them each bag will contain a shirt a hat some crew Z's and stickers like Joe said we will link the giveaway down below in the comments definitely check it out and win yourself a bet we have three bags three of them to give it away not one three and there's six ways to enter so your chances are six dude we had we did have some swag go missing so if anybody anybody knows where our swag went comment below fair enough alright guys well that's about the show so real quick Joe Joe any last minute comments I just forward the last of this trip in the woods and I think I'm gonna go outside and run around naked yes hey-oh Michelob was a bad choice it's not satisfying at all never again but I'll see y'all next time and be sure to sign up for that swag bag alright yeah absolutely and honestly guys thanks for watching so much this is the crypto solution we have talked about so much don't get discouraged things are happening the background beer is happening giveaways are happening and news is happening don't worry about the price just believe in what crypto stands for is freedom of your finances from your government let's all embrace that and have some fun thanks for watching like and subscribe for more show Cheers fun no fun

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