Bitcoin Trading Satoshi Vs Dollar

hey everybody this is Maskull cartotto crypto today I'm going to be giving a quick tutorial I mean the difference between trading in dollars dollars and cents and satoshis alright so with vetrix they do a lovely thing of converting here Soto cheese into your local currency – the US dollar and it's nice to have a visual representation of that but it can also be deceiving because as of right now ripple xrc is trading at five thousand two hundred and seventy seven satoshis run which equates to eighteen cents but it's the price of Bitcoin raises or drops than five thousand two hundred and seventy eight Satoshi no longer equals eighteen cents it can range between 17 and to say seventeen and twenty cents so how do you know exactly if you lost money for one or earned money on any given trade if they're not stagnant well it's the price of the USD to Bitcoin isn't stagnant well to fix that problem trade strictly in Satoshi's so you may see the cents you may see the sense in them you can use it as a visual representation of a ballpark of where you're at but to get a true understanding of how much you've earned or lost would be in Satoshi because that's the that's the base number so if you purchased say today you purchased a thousand ripple at 5312 Satoshi's and today that's at 18 cents what it will stay that's $18 correct but tomorrow say that the price of Bitcoin raises now those 5309 5312 Toshi is no longer equal 18 cents they equal 20 cents it will show that you want that you've actually earned money on your ripple but in all actuality you lost money based on the comparison Bitcoin because if you go in trade here so if you go and trade your ripple back into Bitcoin you'll get less Bitcoin than what you originally put into ripple now on the fist side if you see purchase at the 5000 he punches to 1000 ripple today at the 18 cent or five 5217 Satoshi even say the price of Bitcoin drops correct when you go back to trade your satoshis back in a Bitcoin you actually you will actually get more Bitcoin than you originally paid because though the price of your does all the price of your ripple may have dropped your Satoshi here's number your Satoshi did it and since we're uh Bitcoin is not at this coin cost less you still have the same amount Satoshi that you originally invested so you'll get more Bitcoin on the back end so whenever you're judging a tree you don't want to judge it in terms of cents or dollars you want to judge in a sense of the Toshi's that Satoshi because that will give you a true understanding of where you are with each tree if you have any questions you can go ahead and leave a comment and if you enjoy the video subscribe and I will have more for you in the future thank you

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  1. Basically what am asking is if I want to buy more ripple so that I gain more bitcoin ,do I buy above or below the satoshi price I paid?thanks

  2. Hey,thanks for this info.I just have one question,so if I bought ripple at eg 0.00005500 and bitcoin drops will I gain more bitcoin?and is it at this point when bitcoin is lower than what I paid that I buy more ripple?

  3. I think ive understood what you've said about deal in satoshi but let me make sure. so say i want to sell when my coin reaches 30% profit would the math go like this?

    i bought 1000 xrp at 5321 sats. 30% of 5321 is 1593.6. or (5321 + 1593.6 = 6914.6)

    so then i'd sell at 6914 sats (or 30% of what initially brought in for, or put a stop loss around there.)

    is that correct? Thanks in advance.

  4. I need help! Let's say each Dodge Coin cost 1000 Satoshis per share which equals= 1cent/.01¢(USD). Now if the Satoshi doubled(2000) it's now 2 cents right?
    2)Now if the Satoshi doubles (2000) but Bitcoin makes the USD price go down, then the price really doesn't change right?

  5. Thanks for the vid. This doesn't seem straight forward so can you tell me if I'm right here? So let's say that Bitcoin price is $18,000. Ripple is trading at 0.001 Satoshi which is 1 thousandth of a Bitcoin equalling $18 per Ripple. I buy 100 Ripple at the cost of 0.010 Satoshi or $180. The price of Ripple does not change but the price of Bitcoin doubles to $32,000. If I now change 100 Ripple back to 0.010 Satoshi it will now cost me $360 to buy the same amount of Satoshi back because Bitcoin price in $ has doubled costing me an extra $180 to have the same amount or Bitcoin as I had before. This could work the other way where the $ amount of bitcoin would stay the same but Ripple doubles in value to 0.002 Satoshis or $36 per Ripple therefore Ripple is now stronger compared to Bitcoin and If I sell 100 Ripple for my original 0.010 Satoshis the Satoshis will now cost me $90 and I will have double the amount of Bitcoin I had before but only costing me half of the amount it cost originally for the same amount which = $270 profit. Is that right??? Cheers

  6. Thanks for u videos man. I have a quick question. I think I've been doing this backwards. Let's use your example for ripple. I ALWAYS use a usd to Btc online calculator first off. When I buy at 0.18 cents and want to sell at 0.23 cents for example I can still be losing money when I convert back to btc.? I just look at the dollar $ amount.

  7. This video is great nobody is talking about this. For newbies ok there’s always 8 digits past the decimal how do you know what to put and what the *#%k! does that mean. Let’s say I wanted to buy 10 or 50 usd of a coin instead of max or the 1000 I have in wallet. All videos just do max! I don’t want to do max I want to diversify duh all eggs in one basket is pretty dumb anyways any help would be great

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