#Bitcoin – Tone Vays BIG Secret (It's Not What You Think!) – Deribit Trading

he [Laughter] [Applause] all righty good morning everyone hey happy Wednesday happy fucking hump day out there and your goddamn world but you know what I was want to be wishing everyone the happy some happy hump days in the world because you know what cryptocurrency time is now and we actually have a couple trade ID used to be aware about the current moment in time following up on this morning's straight upload video yes I did take that short that we stood that we spoke about very briefly and actually got out of it more recently cuz I took a nap so fair enough anyways as always hello Devin out there and the goddamn cryptocurrency well let's get on the live scene over here as the music dies down and this gets a lot more serious a lot more intense okay so good old G Dax over here here's what we got still got the same big supports or resistances that we've had for the last well essentially essentially like a couple months now but really you know but really the the picture hasn't really changed in the whole last like ten and a half months or so so I guys I'm actually just waking up right now as I just said I took a nap after the gym and uh it got prolonged a lot more than I thought it was gonna be anyways um okay we have had a couple of drives out this overall resistance right here the smaller descending triangle right around 6500 is scheria rejected and putting in some bearish divergence on the lower timeframes right here lower timeframes meaning a four-hour yes I do consider a four-hour day little timeframe a lower timeframe high time for him here like a weekly or a monthly but over here on the on the RSI yes we are having a little bit of bearish everton says you crawl way above there and you're kind of getting that like overall rounded off top right the the good old rounded top that tells me that you know we're probably gonna come down a little bit over here not saying that it's gonna fall under averse back to all-time lows but I would be thinking we you know very likely that you do kind of pop back down if you haven't already I mean we did get that last little run down to about 6400 even right over here but again typically speaking we need to get divergence on like a time frame like a two hour or hour you get like you know fifty to fifty fifty dollars which weren't at all is pretty pretty often over here on the four hour we definitely do have the RSI starting to trend below the exponential moving average right there which is typically a sign a sign as well so I do like that overall you know I like to see the divergence and then training below that and that typically does give a good signal and where's the next big support if we were to fail this area well to kind of mark a few things out and something if a little bit slow today but we got this guy right down right down around here right around 60 to 50 but there is some along the way don't don't you know don't don't be scared don't be scared we got this guy right here right around 60 380 which is where we worked down to yesterday and I do believe that we have some right over here as well this guy right over here as well right around about 6300 even do we have any any any more in the middle of there no I think that kind of covers it for that area anyways if you were to lose this 63 80-ish support right over here really don't see much holding up from this kind of zone right here and between about 60 to 50 and sorry 60 360 to 50 so again we do have a very unique situation coming on a little bit later today the sea bows will be expiring so a lot of the time you will get some procession during those expiration dates as traders roll their positions you know we don't really know which way it's gonna go because again we can't know like each and every traders you know disposition essentially right now but we do know that typically speaking there it does correlate with some pretty damn big movements last time we had one was I believe right over here which I'm sure a lot of people remember right over yeah right over here this guy right over here 19th of September almost a month ago was your last see books expiration date so you can see that yes it actually does correlate with some good moves and we've probably had one somewhere right around here like mid August maybe August 15th right here on this on this big fat dildo so again um you know just a few things to be aware of that's why I also don't really want to have a position right now I don't really think that it's worth it to have a position at this point in time just because there are some we just have a unique event coming into the market and especially after the other day it's like alright well maybe it's time to just watch for a little bit now yes we are at a major resistance yes we are printing bearish divergence yes I should be taking a short and I did take a short earlier but I'm happy with that scalp I'll just kind of sit back and watch for a little bit right here right now by the same token we do have we do have a nice horizontal kind of correlating with this with this diagonal resistance right around here so we can just shove that right in over there and go off of that as well on the daily so again I need to see a daily door closing above this area but we do have something unique coming onto the market with yesterday's daily dollar close closing above this yellow 21 exponential right over here on all major exchanges all major exchanges have closed above and typically speaking the next kind of drive down into it for me is almost always a buy almost always we buy however with the events of Monday and that whole tether situation going down I am a little bit more reluctant to take that trade especially when you are brushing up right against a major resistance coinciding with that so to me this is one of those ones that it's not it's not like that picture-perfect setup like it was perhaps over over here where you kind of you know you pop back above it you come back down here test it then boom up you know and same thing over here where you pop back above it come back down test it and then the next day you rally like 400 500 bucks so that that's typically what I want to see but because we are right here next to a major resistance I don't necessarily want to be taking this trade however that could provide the impetus to actually break that resistance if it were to play through but again on the lower timeframes we do have bearish divergence so you know where it's it's always a battle kind of like you know equalizing all these different all these different ones up when it comes down to it I don't really want to have a position right here and if I did I'd actually be short and I'd have a stop-loss right above this area right here or just like by some futures a very easy tray to be taking you know in in all actuality just because just because you know you're gonna know very very quickly if you're gonna be wrong which is what I like in a trade so when it comes down to it you know if you do want to take something like this that's up to you I'm just gonna kind of sit back and and wait this one through we do have a few other things kind of pointing down in this market as well we got the three our stochastic sleeves the momentum over here we got the two-hour pointing down as well we got the 4-hour crossing crossing up they gave you a little bit of a fake out there very interesting indeed okay that's interesting what about six hours six out crossing down as well a tower a tower crossing down as well what about the 10 hour 10 hour crossing down as well very very important by the way Joe play a one-credit to you 12 hour gain even to the upside so that's good and daily just crossing up to the upside as well so we do have a lot of things disagreeing with each other right now so this is kind of one of those areas of maximum package which is really where I don't want to trade you know I really don't want to trade I want it I want to trade in areas where I feel very very confident right here not much not so much I feel like if you are gonna break this resistance it's gonna come with a major green dildo in your face like two hundred three hundred dollar dildo in your face within a span of like five minutes what like one of those types of things if it were to happen but again I do believe that you probably do sell down off of this area and then well and then we'll figure it out from there the only way that I get extremely bearish is if we break 6150 if you break 6150 then yes I do start talking more about the these scenarios that point down to about mid for thousands to to to low for thousands if that happens and yes I'm a big believer in that but until that actually happens this area has been pretty damn strong support for the last ten and a half months and every time you get down there it's just a fucking battle each and every time and again like I said while I am overall Barris just by looking at the chart as a technical analyst should be when looking at a chart like this you don't you don't you don't make money for jumping the trade like there there there's that saying even if you're early you're wrong in tone Vaes we really need to fucking learn sorry Tom Bates and I mean I mean I don't mean to make an example out of you but there's a huge difference between a trader and someone as someone who does this as a living and then like a technical analyst who just goes on YouTube and all of that and hey there's nothing wrong so invades you know he's I'm sure he's a great guy he's probably really fun to go out to a nightclub with but maybe he might feel as being we not we're not really sure does anyone know is Tom basil lesbian I need to know these answers anyways so when it comes when it comes down to it you know yeah I do agree with him that that if I just looked at this this chart you just showed it to me I'd say yeah that's bearish but um but until you actually break this level right here at around 60 150 there ain't no trade to be made there ain't no trade to be made so at the end of the day that is ITER's between between myself and someone like tone Bay's tone Bay's will take that trade before it happens because he's an analysis and my analysis says that we should go down it's like yeah I would agree with that but I need to see confirmation first I'm gonna take a break out trade it and this is why I don't like actually trading breakouts you know I traded the breakout out of this guy right over here but that's the last time I'll probably do it in a little while unless we break out of the out of the up side over here if we were to break out the up side over here at around 6,500 would that mean the overall bear markets over no it doesn't mean that the overall bear markets over just means that we get to that that we get a like a clear shot out of next big since right around 6750 but really I'm not really comfortable with saying that the bear markets fully over until you get back above about 10,000 this guy right over here above 7400 I'd become a little bit more interested in like holding some big Long's above 8,000 I definitely have some very big Long's and 10,000 I'd really start to scale most of my actual trading account back you know or just you know just just have like big spot long positions to kind of soak that up right here right now we don't necessarily have confirmation on any of that we just have another bounce off this guy over here on a very unique situation again with good old teather speaking of to have them let's go check on him what's he doing 90s 95.7 cents right now again this is very concerning why is the peg not being maintained we saw it shoot back up to one dollar I think sometime yesterday or the day before but since then it's kind of drooped back down to to about four cents lower than parity very very very very very bad why is tether not coming back in and maintaining the peg again that is their business proposition that is their whole like modus operandi or fuck I forgot it there mo I'm just gonna use G's acronym the mo you know why they not doing that that is their business so you think that it's kind of like a life or death situation for them very very very very strange indeed as typically they want the chart to look like this just a straight up line chart we're gonna droops down like this again I don't really think that you can use like technical analysis on this but it just does look weird especially when you pair that information with the big with the bit for next Bitcoin wallet over here which was once a number one wallet in all of Bitcoin land at around 230,000 bitcoins inside of it inside there inside the Bitcoin wallets like it doesn't even make sense and now about three weeks later we are down to 130,000 bitcoins we've lost another 4,000 bitcoins since I did since I did the video this morning holy fucking shit again a which which basically is now a 100 percent are sorry 100 100 bitcoins leaving fleeing BitFenix over there hey oops we got a theorem crossing over over there maybe I do want to take a trade on this let me go let me go check this out guys I did have this marked off for some reason let me go see what I was thinking what was I looking for as a trade around this area I guess I was looking for a short along this area I don't know I guess I'm probably gonna take that right now do I want to take it I don't want to take him and kind of want to take him to see with the 10 minutes ten minutes right at resistance right there hmm do I want to take that okay maybe not maybe maybe no way no that's a wrong wrong time for me out there we go yeah round 204 70 and we ought to be looking for about 40 cents lower now I think I'll just keep on doing the analysis and focus on this so so yes we have a hundred thousand bitcoins leaving the finnex Walt while tether droops down so what is that telling us so it's telling us that likely people are selling their tethers and basically trading them for bitcoins and then they're transferring their bitcoins off of finex why are they doing this well of course we can't know the reason why but we do know that something's up and there's that great saying show me the charts and I'll tell you the news and this is no you know no no exception right here so I do feel like we are seeing something very unique Oh in the market I do feel like we're seeing something perhaps very deadly going on the market but uh but again until until 6150 is broken it's very hard to to have a positional like directional trade to the downside and have like a lot of edge in it now you look at this red line chart over here this is the big this is the bit for next Bitcoin wallet represented in US dollar terms and you can see that is it looks eerily similar to what we're looking at on the actual charts itself and and over here we're essentially kind of drooping down and we've actually broken the brawny wedge that we put in over here let's go back now over here the the brawny weights that we put in all of September essentially right over here and we've actually broken it down to the downside on the bit for next Bitcoin wallet now again can you actually charts a bit D bit for next wallet that that I don't know III really don't know that but it does look very interesting to me because it just it just looks similar to begin with and you would actually have broken it down and kind of found support along this area over here which if we were to come make an equation you know again I'm not sure that you can actually do this but if you were to actually just kind of eyeball it it looked eerily similar to this area over here is where you're kind of finding the next level up which is around 5500 ish area sorry no not 5500 about 50 yeah about 5500 anyways uh so when it comes down to it Bitcoin does have some fundamental things going on right now which do make me very apprehensive to be taking any sort of big positions because we have so many things disagreeing with each other and that's really not where I want to be trading I want you trading when there's a lot of agreement with with everything that I'm looking on the Sicilia agreement with other traders that typically that's a bad sign as well crypto Twitter if you agree with crypto Twitter you probably might want to rethink your stance and everything right the everyone right there is bullish right now so that is you know that that is a little bit unique and that is something to be aware of so yeah I just wanted to point that out back now over here let's go check out the higher time frame it's a two day total chart we got that we still got the two day dildo death cross right there and look with yes sorry not yesterday's but Monday's big pump up dildo we just popped up here in in just grazed the 55 exponential and rejected off of it that's a way that I read this and yes that is a rejection off of it and remember in 2014 the only the only other example of this two day dildo death cross that we even have in bitcoins almost 10 year history you get what happened you came up and you tested this area at the 55 exponential perfectly right here you actually did take a stab at that at the 200 exponential but but fair enough you know the the dildo bodies did make it all the way to the 55 and then BOOM down to sending you to your ultimate red dildo capitulation death so again something to be aware of in same thing and same thing with your weekly little time frame as well even even a little bit more clear you know you pop back up you test the yellow 21 exponential after getting the negative cross which is not a good thing this is not a good thing I'll explain in just second why and then reject off of it again we only have we only have one other example of this happening in bitcoins almost 10 year history right over here you get you're getting the cross right over here and then rejection off it and then boom you know you put in a little bit of sideways and then then then down to your ultimate capitulation so again you know things be aware of over here because overall you know these exponents moving moving average crosses are what I'd look for for overall you know for overall activity of the market movers so to say not the market makers because that they don't they don't fucking move the market Jesus fuckin Christ I hate it when people say that's just so so wrong on so many levels but the market movers you know most of the big money accounts are using they're using moving averages you know whether it's exponential or simple moving averages that can be that can be debated but they are using moving averages to basically do their directional trace most of the time most of the time because that's what moving averages do best really so so so so when I get a clear sign like this I'm looking at this and I think to myself okay well if we do get a rejection off this which again we do still have plenty of left until the end of the week right but if we were to end here or lower by and if we I would read that as a rejection and I actually want to store it start a big short at that point in time obviously we have to do a little bit of waiting as we still have like what like three four days left in the week but it just kind of posturing postulating ideas ahead of time you'll see over on this chart we never really never even got above any crazy levels on the us all exchanges if you would have looked up above 68 26 that would've been a lot more significant and especially you know 7400 over here but none of that happen you got you you got kind of stifled at a very a very obvious level actually so again you know coming back on over here to a good old bit Mexico looking like we're actually popping up right now so perhaps when we perhaps we don't play out any downside here let's go back to the let's go back to the stochastic air to our still castings are losing momentum and do kind of want to cross the upside right here but we need to see this kind of carried through very very quickly you are making a higher over this guy right here so I like that let's go look at the for our it has this change any of the picture um not really still still below all the major all the major resistances right here maybe I take a short right around 64 60 but I'm probably not gonna take this trade right now I do feel like it is a little bit of a sign of strength to keep it up this high but again an event coming in at the end of the day with the C bows expiring so I'd really really want to wait for that to actually like settle settle the dust and then I can go enter in a position right here right now you might just get whipped around and you might actually even have the right directional trade but you'll just get whipped out of your fucking position because what when that volatility comes into the market people there's gonna be you know people are just gonna be fucking you know swinging things around so goddamn hard that again you'll just get that whippy behavior and it's just something that I don't want to fucking deal with right now so again if you are trading this market right now just be aware that there is an event coming in legisla not saying that you not saying that you don't have trade I'm not your fucking doubt anything with that but uh but I'm just saying hey do be aware you know do be aware of this you know some time frames look like they want to droop down some other time frames look like they kind of want to hold it here and maybe even rally a little bit higher what about the 12 hour we haven't looked at the 12 hour just yet yeah twelve hour again you know putting in some red dildo action right on the vergence of both these trend lines right here so again it is acting as resistance for now but you will have a chance to break it by end of day if you know if you can rally back above about 60 e for 69 64 70ish area then ya start so it will start to look like a confirmed break and again if you do break to the upside there's really not much stopping you from you know 6650 technically speaking but 6750 more realistically is is where I'd be looking for also your 12-hour 200 simple and 200 exponential right over here so I do like that for good confluence overall market market kind of in an indecision mode right here as people are like really trying to figure out okay did we actually did we actually want to buy this shit on Monday you know it what's this legitimate buying or was it just people trying to get out of tether and then you know all the arbitrage BOTS got all confused and they just rallied price up a little bit we don't know we we we don't know so I think a lot I think I think the smartest people I think the smartest trade right now – honestly is to not be in the fucking market let's go check out good old where we yet yeah gbtc over here gpgc actually coming down with the overall greater market again you closed a doji estilo right here again not getting above the the coveted yellow 21 exponential but you did close above the horizontal level right here but again you know this is this takes another artist I write because you did take out this resistance right here yes 100% but you come over here you fill the gap you put in a reversal dildo right here and then you and then you follow through on to the downside the next day well to me that would it that would be indicative of more downside to come you basically reversal on a reversal filling the gap and then down so so I'm sorry that that's a little bit convoluted but it it needs to be said now the overall broad market over here on spies are coming down a little bit to open the day as well so you'd imagine that gbtc comes under pressure as well but this doesn't that this kind of looks to me like it does want it like it will bounce somewhere right around about 276 and a half so so so while gbtc might come down a little bit more it probably will bounce with the overall broad market if if the broad market bounces again I'm making you know I'm making an assumption here I'm gonna take out this level this this level right here and just go off of this horizontal right here actually and we'll just kind of monitor that one going forward so I really don't want I really don't want to see about seven dollars and seven cents on GBC break by end of day if that were to happen well then you got a problem but for right here right now it is holding above but you do again you do actually have something saying down and I would actually be leaning towards seeing some more downside so that could be lady a leading indicator for Bitcoin by the way good old check on mr. beuter all should have taken that short would have been in the money by about half a book right now so not bad but hey that is a part of the game oh man got all the way up to 205 oh they would have been at 70 65 cent trade could have been rich man could have been fucking rich but oh well anyway let's go check out mr. beuter all speaking of him at two fourteen and eighteen cents over here on Phenix how we doing on Phoenix again Phoenix is very interesting to me on mr. Buda cuz you're not really seeing the same sort of reaction that you saw from mr. Bitcoin right you actually just whipped all the way up here tested the bottom side of this of this former sport as resistance and then back down and now yes you did take out this resistance right here and you're kind of using it as support but I don't like how you're printing to doji dildos in a row and you're also getting rejected from this yellow 21 exponential moving average as well I really don't like these things in confluence with each other so to me that would be indicative of more pressure down again this would be this would be the with the assumption that you actually fail to take it out by end of day now if you do take it out by end of day then that would then then that would actually cause me to probably enter in a long position especially on the retest of the 21 exponential but for right here right now I'd be looking at this and I'd be saying hey if you end here if you end here or lower by end of day I probably take a short if you end here or if you end higher than about two 17 on Phoenix then actually then actually would take a long so there is a tray to be made it's just it's good it's gonna take a little bit of patience here and you know again like like I said with the trade that I was showing uh that I was showing last week I had a week I had to wait like you know about almost a month really for that trade to to formulate but when it comes it comes and that feels good because coming feels good anyways let's go check out what the futures are doing on CME's emé futures are interesting as well because see any futures have not taken out the 21 exponential either so all the other spot exchanges have and they are they did close at least yesterday's Daily Double above it but not CMI's which I do believe are probably the best ones to be going off of also the seamy futures do have plenty of price action his three two – to make this worthwhile but you'll notice that hey according to this chart which is a little bit more a little bit more orderly than than that then other spot exchanges I would say I would say you know it would be saying well let's let's actually readjust this yeah right around there would be saying hey you know hold your horses for now yes it still can happen but I need to see it cleared above here and actually I would put more weight on the CMU chart just by the nature of of the fact that it's actually being used now there is some data there is some decent training ball and going on in this in this in this baby over here so again it is relevant in my opinion and the fact that that that the most professional regulated exchange is has not confirmed above any little any major level does make me apprehensive as well so again a lot of things disagreeing with each other a lot of things disagreeing with each other and I'm actually just gonna get rid of this guy right here the trading range according to this guy would be around sixty seven hundred and sixty one fifty so yep I'm gonna get back on over here – good old bit cone how we doing mister bit cone have you done anything different in the last ten minutes well oh you might have a little bit of a rally killer right there perhaps well we'll just have to monitor this one I don't really think we have anything more two more to look at on that one let's go look at the Emmy T so the MU T signal also makes me very apprehensive to be taking Long's over here because the NBT signal is still extremely fucking high anything any time this thing gets you know above this level right here it basically calls it fucking do it basically calls the tops you know through all the history of Bitcoin has got just about every major top and and as you can see we're still above the critical level right now so again that also makes me very apprehensive if I had a trick to take a trade right now I'd probably take a short but and it is a very easy tray to make to be to be honest this this should be the trade that I do take it's just I'm being a pussy right now but um but I will I will take a trade by by by by the by the next daily I'd say by the next daily I will be in a trade because I think that we will have resolution on this on this area over here so again that you know just kind of offering up differences of opinions but you know if you are taking this trade where you manage risk somewhere right around about 64 80 6500 so you know it's it's about 65 you know for 40 to 60 bucks risk depending upon how you manage it but again you know the the beauty of this one is that if you are wrong in the short you can just jump in the long run afterwards again this is not fun and shahboz I'm not a financial advisor bla bla but I am a tone Bay's inspector tell me your secret tone vase you fuck you need to know alrighty let's go down to the lower timeframes over here and I'm gonna get on over here to the comments see what we got going on can we there he is hey a light for this awesome track indeed man good old deadmau5 Roby strobe dxx x79 he is a woman who's a woman who am i woman would you liked it would you like to see proof of my womanhood Italian barber hood would whopper with cheese my main man crown could taste music gee hey what's up at telling whopper good to see in here man indica here atthe nice track indeed my friend a good old deadmau5 fan just don't discover yoga retreats hey how you doing man how you doing good to see you LBX bit secret is it going to shaft shit I mean shift the market it's home bays big secret going to shaft or shift the market find out next time fuck it I'm long to 10% 5x long says indica hearth well it's I think you probably did catch that last little $10 move but it's also just $10 move isn't that isn't the secret that Tony is a lesbo Shh stop can't spread the show like that BG what's up man good to take a good day to you as well there he is drew cash goddamn it drew cash good to see you my friend I see yeah and I just need to take a sip of this water over him Oh ma'am oh man been stuck let's de are at it again let's get this tape ETA indeed they won't stop us today that's right they won't do anything they I hate they brad's 808 love this shit you want my favorite couldn't do it on crypto on YouTube hey thanks man I appreciate that and Ivan seen you before Brad so I just want to say welcome man and pleasure to meet you and I really do appreciate that Rick Lewis says I am only here to here I'm only here for the big secret please say it first thank you you want the secret do you want the real secret or just the secret cuz secrets a book but but for tone BAE's what's your secret Tony BAE's tone vaids tell me your secrets show me the way I need to know tone Vaes where are you there you are are you a lesbian or not oh yes we have a td9 on my hair and now we have td9 on my quinoa yes Lisbeth thank you for that be smooth says bit cone Jesus is back I don't know if that's a good thing mr. bivas dammit you are too prolific with these vids blame on Co Jesus yeah man two two videos every day my friend awesomeness crowned what's up Michael K how you doing man good good morning you filthy animals good morning to you my filthy animal friends hey James Quan what's up man kicked her rider he's back in the house what's up man we need our moon boots yet or should I take them back to the goodwill well again like I said you know we're just kind of floating in this range over here so it's you know really the tray to be taking is a short yes cuz you're right at resistance I just don't like being a buyer right at resistance if you're buying right here you're basically you're basically anticipating a breakout before it happens and you're fighting against about ten months more than about ten and a half months of price action history essentially you would be fighting against this guy right here which has been going on for the last since July so what that's that's like two three months ago but really the overall downturn resistance on over here it says that hey you haven't made a higher height um well you know in like we said about ten and a half months so that would so it's so you are going against history right now again I'd be a waiter I think the best trade to do is wait right now cash is position guys cash is a position you don't always need to be in a trade you know again I think really the only trade here is if you want to short this area but I don't think that this is the best entry right here I think that you will get a little bit higher let's do you look at a few different things over here I do want to throw on the troll injure bands to troll a little lolz and let's get this guy over here and let's see what we got going on yeah so the troll injured bands are pretty damn interesting on the daily right you pop that you pop down here tested the lower band and then it immediately bolted up and even tested the upper band right here perfectly I mean the the troll injure band got the upper band perfect right there and and then close a day below the skidmark median line over here which is sloped downwards so to me that is that is just another rejection the way that I look at it to be honest again the troll enjoy bands would actually be bearish right here what about the two day 200 bands same thing quite literally there's quite literally the same fucking thing where you pop down here nailed the upside right over here and then and then find comfort right in the middle essentially but closing below the median point and again you'll notice that these that these troll injure bands are actually getting tighter they're actually getting tighter right now now we spoke about you we spoke about like the last couple weeks where the troll injured bands were getting extremely fucking tight well even with the even with the volatility coming in the last like a few days I would say in the last week or so they're actually still getting tighter so so the big move is brewing the big the big move is is still brewing three-day over here three days same thing a little bit less so you didn't you didn't really test the upside band over here but that but the bands are just in general getting tighter indeed that is very concerning weekly weekly is I mean weekly is just even a greater degree right here is what is telling is again a rejection of this guy right here if you end here or lower if you end here a little big big deal but hey if it were if the weekly were to end here lowered that would be very bearish to me very fucking bearish Wow yeah this is so fucking tight right now let's actually look at the bbws over here the good old BB dubs the best kind the kind that you find on redtube there you go get your bbw on belt and type the troll and your band widths alrighty so let's look at the weekly over here let's go to stamp as well and when was the last time we were this low yeah we are we are quite literally at the low so so so this is the third lowest and history of ever been and again you know look at this anytime that you really get this slow you basically V bottom out of here now I should say that each time that actually has gone this load does line up with a major move to the upside so fair enough maybe that's something to be aware of but again that would also be just adjusting that any time bitcoins consolidates that is that is always gonna have an upwards move I think that would be very naive to think let's go maybe to like the the daily as we did get a little bit of movement over there yeah it is kind of popping up over here but kind of drooping back down again so we are tidying up again just kind of winding up so so yeah it does seem to me like the higher time forms are getting a little bit better he had three days saying same sort of thing so just wanted to quickly look at that quickly gloss that over get this guy back on over here come on baby come on baby and let's actually look at the accumulation distribution indicator as well I'm curious what he's saying um let's see let's see yeah there we go let's get him on and let's go to to stamp over here yeah so stamp which was actually sloped to the down side yesterday holy shit yes it's actually continued so this is the this is the three day over here we are sloped to the downside on the three day and again I only care about slope on this guy what about the two day to day is ticking in the red and sloping down okay so that's that's concerning as well what about the daily daily is has got another taken it's actually increase its slope to the downside this is very interesting to me this would be another bearish thing so again when we do go over the when we drove over the over the the higher time frames they are actually a lot more bearish so I would be looking at this and I would not be you know it again this this is like another secondary or tertiary confirmation tool not something that I used first and foremost in my analysis but it does kind of help round out what we were looking at before in saying hey there were some things disagreeing with each other but when you come to this and come to these sorts of tools it does kind of help round it off it's like the rubber match so to say so yeah man I just wanted to quickly look at that and let's go back on OB here to like the 10 minute and go to do a little bit Maskell there we go there we go all right and back now be here uh let's see B to C chat there he is just made it happy Wednesday to you too my friend guess we're out of CNBC says hot off did did they really look Rick Lewis did they really that's awesome man they tell you they tell you to huddle good old BK good old BK looking out for your ripples over there the Internet will never live it down never no jakey what's up man have an emoji in your life ha ha ha ha exFAT kripp says writings in the pudding that's right guys don't forget about the trees forget the trees that's right the forest trees tone bays is a lesbian what guys I just read the comments over here tome bays are you a lesbian it is not being a lesbian to have good taste in a man the fuck tonight is here Italian WAP says Finex selling a Bitcoin to buy tether no no that would that would suggest the chart suggests that they're actually selling their tether to buy Bitcoin they're trading their tethers for Bitcoin essentially again going over here to the to the tether tribe we can see that tethers trading around ninety five ninety five and a half cents nine ninety five to have sense but you know basically just been kind of drooping down over the last two weeks ever since late late September slowly but surely first just one sent over here then two cents and then all in one day it's it went all the way down to eighty five cents so so the only way to put pressure on price action like that is for people to actually just be trading their tethers for Bitcoin that would force a price action down or there's some sort of inconsistent with the way that you know their assets and liabilities were calculated they actually did they actually did put up a transparency page on their on their website and they actually did have more liabilities and assets which is really concerning which is really fuckin concerning you know so I look at that and and and again I'm not saying I'm not trying to spread foot or any of that kind of shit on tether anything or anything like that but I do look at the choice and I do think that something's up and again I don't deal with any tether myself but I also I can also tell you that I that after looking at that I will not deal with each other in my life anyways definitely after looking at that he back now over here and back on over here to the comments frost uh says the files are inside the computer that's right man they're inside baby they're inside just like the goddamn just like the good old bit cones are inside the wallet let's put on these exponential moving averages over here I'm blind man and now I can see and now I can see already let's see Johnny from somebody there he is lmao BFX ain't sellin tether to buy Bitcoin they are making a ton of money binds bought Bitcoin and so on each to their own their own exchanges own their own exchanges well that that would be pretty fucked to if you can move Fiat quickly and others can't you're fine with fear it's Rinna dollar profit per Bitcoin they move well well he well here's the thing Johnny is that it's not necessarily $300 profit right because one teller does not does not equal one dollar one tether equals ninety five cents 95 census we just saw so so when it comes down to it there is there they're the only reason why there's a premium on an exchange like finex is because it is to represent that difference right so if they were to actually transfer it off and if they actually were doing that which I you know again I can put on my tinfoil hat and I'm down to and I'm down to get what's with some with some conspiracies do not get me wrong I love a good conspiracy theory but I think that it's a little bit unlikely there are a lot of things to be aware of when you're actually like doing that to other exchanges you know you have to you have to be aware of first first things first you have to you have to be aware of transfer time but you know Bitcoin takes you know what like 20 minutes to transfer you have to you have to be aware of like transaction costs you know it's gonna cost like however much odd percent like not point out 3% or something like that typically speaking on most exchanges to buy Bitcoin then you have to know then you have to sell it again so that's another not point out 3% and then all this kind of stuff and then also the actual spread of tether versus the dollar to begin with so there's a lot of things that come into that equation so it's not necessarily as cut and dry as that it's possible I mean it's possible if you can make one cent you know on an arbitrage and you can like make an actual 1 cent people will do it people will fucking do it but again there is a lot of risk actually involved with that Nate scene or what's up man crowd Bitcoin gives no fucks you perma bears are not giving the pump days ago enough credit Bitcoin slap in the face in my opinion bought or sought it bottom slap in the face in my opinion oh yeah you said that three bottoms ago as well I'm sorry I apologize about that but hey man the reason why I'm not giving Bitcoin that much credit is because that that pump was due to a very unique situation we have a lot of things still saying that the overall big picture has not changed doesn't mean that I can't change no of course it can change of course can change but I need to see confirmation first the difference between me and you is that you will actually look at that and you're gonna say hey we're definitely going up right now and I'd say well hold on no not so fast you might go up you might go up but I need to see confirmation first and it's just it like that would be the same thing as Tom Bayes shorting 6150 quite literally the low of where I said hey you know it's not until you should go below this level where where you actually have a good directional short trade so again man that is not the way that I trade if you want to trade that way if you want to be mr. prophecy teller then by all means do that I'm gonna you know that's that that is up to you but for me I didn't see confirmation first again I'm not saying that it can't happen it's just it has not happened yet so that would so that to me would not be a good trade rush tag hey what's up rushed rushed aquent one vase liquidation went liquidation is that what everyone's saying – now when liquidation hey what's up good morning expose hi hi cute I'm on the moon says priya Nick what's up ria cute i'm on the moon alright well let's go look at QM you know you know that that the market could be turning around if all the shit people are people are asking about shit coins again let's go cute Emma on treks and yes it is on the moon right now but I haven't touched this chart in ages an ages Priya and it is actually right here at that resistance that I've had marked off for quite some time quite some time good volume on this so very good volume on this pump up right here so I so III think that it probably does get fall if you wanted to be honest with you but again same thing I was big point I need to see it take out this level but we do see a lot of all coins actually stepping up right now so I wouldn't be surprised if if queue them kind of joined the party if it did take another step up and destroy this resistance don't see much stopping it from this area right over here at around sixty eight hund but really the next big resistance would be right around to you around seventy six seven hundred that look pretty pretty alright to me overall okay back now I'm here to good old bit cones and back on to be here to the comments Trader whoops where is he where is he trader trading McQuaid if if I were Vaes obviously I just keep the trade open we don't really know yet um you know so if I actually want to talk very seriously about what tone BAE's for a second you know I can I can I can go into a little bit more depth there's there's a couple big reasons why I would certainly not take the trade that he took even even though I kind of had like the same disposition in a way the reason the biggest reason being is opportunity cost because we don't have confirmation of a full-on breakout and again I don't like being a breakout try to begin with but because we don't have full-on confirmation for a confirmation of a breakout just yet you're risking something that's not necessarily represented in the charts and that's opportunity cost so when you enter in a trade and it doesn't go your way immediately you're stuck in a trade that's basically not making you money and in a market of thousands of coins or just are just in a world of fucking a million opportunities you can have your money out working other things that are moving like we just saw Kudo is moving right now Aikido is moving you know you could you know again wooden tray that myself but hey you know you could have put money in there and now it in and by that and by that measurement you are actually losing money by being in a trade that is not essentially making money right now your your you're basically moot losing money both ways right is what I'm trying to say so yep unknown now what's up man sold DRX at hi last night and made 54% fucking nice man fucking nice let's go check out 0x right now I need to stand up man I need stand up okay 0x BTC on let's go treks and yeah I think I think you did a good job so on it last night nailed the measure move over here and nailed this this horizontal resistance yes it did get a little bit higher but hey you gotta take profit when it's time to take profit massive bearish divergence on the hourly right here so yeah I think you did really really good while I don't think that this rally is necessarily over just yet I think that you probably do popped pop back down to about 13,000 Satoshi and then probably bounce off there and then maybe you know maybe have another stab at the at the resistance that we're at currently at around 14400 but uh but hey piranhas needs do you consult it a little bit first before before trying again back now over here Jim burrows is crown Jim what's up Jim can you do eat CUSD sure man I'd rather do a u.s. dollar valuation if that's cool with you just cuz it's an easier thing to chart let's go I guess finnex is probably the best one um okay so did it did it join in on the big on the big green dildo party the other day no boy yes it did but not in the same way that other exchanges did very important right here actually this this actually needs to be up again we're not really seeing a theorem classic get that same sort of major move that we saw you know Bitcoin in aetherium get its itself even though it is trading against tether right here you're not closing above that yellow 21 exponential so that also does call in a question the overall market again again I'm not saying that I'm not saying that 100% it can't be done I'm just saying it hasn't been done yet so you're probably on instant that but hey buddy what can I say that's a little more tangible well you're right here to add a resistance right around 10 dollars and 28 cents does not look too strong to me and again if Bitcoin does take this next resistance you're probably gonna see a theorem classic fall follow along I would I would imagine so and at that point in time where's annex be resistance somewhere right around here right around about eleven dollars and sixty eight cents if that were to happen made again that's a big if Bitcoin has not done it just yet doesn't mean it can't do it but it hasn't done it just yet do we have any sort of also just given us a signal we got daily stochastic crossing up so that's good we got daily RSI not putting in any sort of divergence so that would be a little bit more bearish still still hanging on the bearish zone but again you know it's probably depend on Bitcoin so I'd give the I give the nod to Bitcoin over here mister mister butor all classic is actually put in a little bit a little bit of divergence on this last run right here so I'd be I'd be careful with it but again Bitcoin first and watch Bitcoin first a Bitcoin takes up this level a theorem class of will like will very likely follow it Bitcoin you know falls back down over here probably it probably does the same flusher Bruce has no reason to think short its moon time fact okay well that is very interesting okay let's see trade trading McQuaid says you dig fibs pin the points in ranging markets um I don't I don't really use them myself I used to Bonacci numbers on my on my Fibonacci tool so I do I do that sometimes but I don't really I don't really like actively go out of my way to do it because a tenant cuz technically speaking it should line up with that stuff but uh but let's see I mean do you seen anything represented in the fibs right now I mean that I guess that's a real question let's see okay so if we're using dildo bodies Jesus Christ it's like nothing to look at right here what if we use wicks um you are now you're right in no-man's land doesn't really tell you much let's see what if we took like the last hi maybe what about this area what about this do we have something here nope still no so yeah yeah I will look at it sometimes man it's just it's it's not like my first way of doing things I trust the Exponential's to get it for me Jared have Brosky says yeah bro crown is best hey thanks man I appreciate that I really do appreciate that man hey thanks Jared no jakey says any any good tutorials for trading on bit I do have one myself I do have one myself in the in the treasures of the cave playlists but it depends what you're looking for like like some people think about tutorials is like actual like how to trade and it's like well I'm not gonna teach you how to how to press a green or red button you know I I trust that people can configure that one out but there actually has been a couple of people who do ask me about that and it's like I mean you know like you want to be nice about it you also want to be like hey man you know I you know I'm like I'm trying to live my life – yeah there are internet resources but yeah man I do have a tutorial on it unlike the actual you know like how to actually use the exchange and all that kind of stuff all the tools and whatnot but I probably also need to update it I do probably need to update it as I didn't really record it the best that I think that I could there's probably a million tutorials out there on YouTube to be quite honest hey what's up Tomcat good to see you man Greg my there he is what's up Greg my Lee Haeri norm says bitcoin has have the thinnest Ichi cloud now if this cannot be broken then the bear should take control again and the next Ichi cloud is kind of big I'm not an I'm not an Ichi mocha cloud but I guess the way that I I guess the way that I understand that is that is that would mean that you have a very small patch of resistance here but if you fail to get above this resistance then a little bit later it would just turn into very very very very thick resistance it's a way that I understand what you just said but please feel free to to confirm or deny that and enlighten me sure hey what's up sharee good to see you man I think we pump on futures X breathe and dump um yeah I mean here here's the thing man actually coming into the last few SIBO expirations they actually dumped right before and then pump after is what typically happens again this guy over here you probably remember this guy over here where we dumped dumped essentially almost took new lows and then pumped up about $500 in the same day now that was pretty damn pretty damn significant this guy over here I believe the same sort of thing like you dumped back down and then he closed the day up you know and and I'm sure you had one over here as well so again I think but I think that it's very limited to say something like that just cuz we don't know which way those traders are rolling their positions or not we can't know we can't know is though is the whole problem with it so yeah man all right back now over here uh sway hey what's up see beat easy there he is man there he is Tony vase is a Bjorn loves jazz what's up you in let's dance chewy orange what's up man long time no talk yeah man too long man too long how's the mother of all Kryptos doing well she's on the verge she's on the verge of a either a major breakout or a major breakdown but even if it is a breakout right here it's not necessarily like a full-on confirmed like reversal of markets it's it's still way too way too early ah let's see I see snakebite over here bullish bullish divergence on daily MACD histogram I don't like using MACD histogram for for divergences if we're gonna see divergences I want to see I want to see it on the I want to see it on the on the RSI over here MACD will lie to you because what I mean what is MACD is just basically a couple of Exponential's and we can see over here that the 21 in the 55 are not really gaining momentum or losing momentum well actually well they were gaining momentum over here and now they just flatline so there's not really much to see now I do in a sense that the MACD histogram is you know that's a 12 that's a 12 and a 26 exponential so it's probably to be a little bit more a little bit more responsible well let's just fucking put it on Jesus Christ man we can just we can see it um okay the MACD again it's it's definitely not my favorite indicator and people just don't use this one right to begin with do we have do we have bullish divergence um technically speaking yeah you do according to the MACD yeah you do you actually do according to the MACD from this point and this point it's not strong but again here's a thing is that I don't see it represented in my RSI which is a lot more important to me you made you made art yeah you met you may lower lows over here on your RSI compared to this guy over here so to me that is that that is not divergence and again I would put the rubber match to the to the to the RSI over there I do want to I do want to do a quick look on the MACD right now I guess let's go – um yeah let's go – lets go – bitstamp and let's see what the two day says are we ready green let's use it like the most the most newbie way possible we're kind of what kind of closing it down but again this is this is this is consolidation airy ish MACD action is what we're looking at right here what about three days three days ticking green but kind of ticking down right now what about the weekly weekly MACD is green very so slightly and monthly MACD oh don't show me the monthly MACD fuck it's red god damn it yeah Monte Mac do you still read men overall man I don't I don't put too much faith in them into the Mac to you to be honest with you though probably probably one of my least favorite indicators to be honest with you and no one uses it right either I do have a video and actually on like how to actually use it there's again people to think that like you wait for it to cross and it's like no that's not that's not at all how you use it not at all it's very it's very weird that people think that that's that that that's the way you're supposed to use it it's a very strange can't be says crown what are your thoughts on geopolitical relations in Uganda Basin region all you need to know is Bitcoin will solve it Bowl logic that's right man Bitcoin will also solve cancer so guys just don't worry about anything like that bitcoin is gonna sing kumbaya it kumbaya Chia is gonna tuck you in at night it's gonna fucking sing you sweet songs so goddamn it by Bitcoin cuz cuz it's gonna help my bags – wait I shouldn't have said that yeah manbo logic but again man you know I'm not saying that Bitcoin can traverse from here I'm just saying that there are more things pointing down right here and you haven't had any sort of like I just don't understand I don't understand both sides right yeah well I understand the Bears I do understand the bearish case a lot more than the bullish case right now I just don't understand how Bulls don't get above any sort of major resistance and everyone's claiming that that this is a major reversal we haven't confirmed anything just yet in fact you're getting stopped right here as it stands doesn't mean that you can't get above it you can you can you can you can but hey it's like off of off of a very unique event with tether collapsing that's not necessarily the way that I want to see a bull market started guys bull Marcus do not start off of a farce bull market start when the last seller has sold essentially has the last seller sold over here well we actually see momentum again gaining to the downside on the RSI when we when we made it when we made this flow over here so to me that would be more indicative that that would not be true but again that's very that's that'd be a very naive way to even talk about that as well so again lower timeframes over here at the hourly Jesus Christ man this chart is very convoluted already it just looks ugly because of that major green that that major green don't like offsets a whole you know price scale right been stuck Allah says crown what about yo bit pump and dump that's right guys head on over to yo 'but they are hosting an exchange an exchange an exchange hosted pump and dump don't and get your Putin coins right now because it's going to the fucking moon james quan says what stone base liquidation press that i think it's like it's a very strange trade that he's made man it's like a $7,700 liquidation price and then like people were really given a hard time about his like wrist reward which I understand but I also understand his explanation of it and I don't know people are interested to like in for me to like actually interpret what he's trying to say but actually do understand what he's trying to say and it does make sense just I still you know most people are still gonna say hey no you don't you don't fucking take that trade you know you don't take that trade Greg Mises what's the difference between confirmation trader and breakout trader confirmation trader just waits for you to actually like well confirmation traded in a breakout trade are pretty damn similar right but a Brit you know a confirmation trader a breakout trader is a confirmation trader but a confirmation trader is not always a breakout trader so to say so a breakout trader is gonna wait for like a big level to be smashed right through a confirmation trader is gonna be gonna wait for like you know this to me would be a confirmation of a rejection right here to me it's like oh you have you have a long way to the upside right around a ride around resistance I take a straw right there and you get you know I don't know like 50 50 bucks edge on that so you know it's a nice little scalp but a breakout trader would be looking for like a big breakout out of a big pattern so they're more like pad and trade and maybe it's like a better word but again you know you I mean yes you have had breakouts here and there like one two three you know all these areas over here but they but they all fail in the grand scheme of things we haven't had a breakout really since you know about three I'm gonna say something crazy but about three years ago over here if you're looking at the higher time frames yes that would be the correct way to be looking at it right over here you know you broke above your yellow 21 exponential right here and then BOOM off to the races so I let me put on the ten simple moving average over here by the way I'm losing my voice like crazy this is fucking gnarly 10 something now we're just oh Jesus yeah sorry about that guys that's really highly unprofessional but still lasted by this still putting pressure on price action really don't like you know the the analogy with with 2014 over here again even on the weekly look at the weekly where the weeklies find resistance the 10 simple moving average is still resisting price right here you still have that cross the this very bad across the yellow 20 minus 10 so the downside of the green 55 right there and you basically have a test right there and you're still respecting the 10 simply we're now much as resistance to me that is very bad again let me show you what when the last time this actually even happened in bitcoins history was right over here you got that cross right here test it over here and then boom actually break the 10 simple right over here and then down very very very very very bad so yeah back on over here to bit Mexico and back on I'll be here to the comments exposed says elbow tone tone gays is live now why why indeed um let's see what's can't we says message retracted what's up butyl fam what's up squad squad Mary whose ski says rumor has that large amounts of us CTR beach are being loaded onto by Nance hot wallets really loaded onto – hot Walt's Jim Maru I'm curious where you getting that information I'm not insinuating anything that that uh any anything else I'm just curious where you actually get this information because I'm yeah I mean like like I don't know how do people how do people know I guess I guess you can actually I see the wallet address or but if you actually have like some sort of a link to their to their wallet please share in the discord may cuz I'd love to track them and I'd love to track that so thank you for sharing that information whisky 15 says all a bit next tutorials on YouTube set trust me I watch them all and then i got rekked practice on bit next test test first well there you go there you go don't don't watch any tutorials just get just get first-hand experience cuz that's always the best thing to be doing man it's always best thing to be doing good old its first hand experience Daniel chase says I just joined so what is tone based secrets well he might be a lesbian good to meet you Daniel chase lucky luke says yo crown what do you think an percent how many traders are human and how many are algos everything it's like 80 percent algo BOTS trading crypto I mean it's very high men it doesn't here's the thing man except for mental masturbation it doesn't matter it doesn't matter trade is a trade anything that comes through the the recent trades list is a trade by the definition of it whether it came from a bot or a human it doesn't fucking matter because who programs the bots well it's a human right it's just a it's just a human putting putting there sort of static thinking into an algorithm and algorithm so I don't think it really matters but if you want like an actual number I don't know it's probably like 65 to 69 it's 69 percent because 69 is a great number sixty nine point six nine actually Greg Molly says what do you think what do you call the daily doula we had on the 15th on the 15th let's see right over here it's not it's not an engulfing it's just it's just a very powerful dildo man with a very long look to the upside as well not really too much this I mean there's not really a name for this sort of thing right here at least not that I'm aware of at least not that I'm aware of Dani noce said did the boys didn't tell him about the the push to fill scenario to push to fill scenario what what's that I'm not sure what that is Daniel chase Jim burrow says Mac D Donald's is bad for you don't trust it yeah it's Mac d-don't it's Mac Donald's indeed that's that's actually the fucking McDonald's indeed my friend Jim burrow thank you for that luckily says the Daly is pretty important I would say if we closed about the 21 or below again yeah if we can close above the 21 exponential again that would make me a lot more of a believer below and I still don't think that we fall straight from this area right here I think that if you're gonna fall from this area you still have to wait like another half day to a day you know it's it's really hard to dump after a major move like we had on Monday Kent B says don't forget Bitcoin will have a nice rub-and-tug before it tucks you into bed that's right guys Bitcoin will actually masturbate you as well and suck you off at the same time you don't even know how that works now do you but it's true one of lost our buses if tone may have if tone vase falls in the woods do the trees laughs well tone see you looking very strange at mr. Haggin tree over there interesting can we says but how awesome would it be if tone short at the bottom I mean it would it would be pretty poetic it would be pretty pretty pretty poetic let's go check this out I do want to show something else over here again the good old inverted chart as it's a great buy especially cuz a lot of times we want to just see you know upside right we just want to see upside because that's that's where that a human brains are traded or trained but again what does this look like to you over here well this to me looks like an ascending triangle now do we have the right volume cared for this of an ascending triangle actually no actually no we do not with this with this red dildo over here that we put on on Monday but again remember that was spun off of a very unique event so I'm not sure how to judge it just yet when those events happen technical analysis has to kind of be you can't it's hard to use technical analysis in those sorts of events you kind of have to just pay attention to the big levels which still are respected but it does really call in a question do we do we look at that as as legitimate you know buying for you know I don't know like buying to hold it for the rescue life I'm gonna buy and hold you I'm gonna buy and haul you for the rest of my life I love you Bitcoin I'll never let you go Intel red dildo time baby but again you know duh is this an ascending triangle over here I mean if you if you erase this over here yes but then you're erasing price section so you can only trade what's in front of you and that would break them up one of my rules that would be breaking one of my rules right there so yeah it's gonna be imperative to see how we how we react around this area now again if it if it does act as and it's sending triangle then you can make a measure move off this baby and that would be pointing you all the way let's see all the way over here whoops let's try this guy right over here yeah which would be pointing you all the way over here around 3,900 4000 – area which does line up with the weekly sorry whoops I guess you can't see it on I guess you can't see it on bit Mex but if we were to make this on on Phenix it'd be lined up with the weekly 200 exponential moving average so again well we can just show it over here why not yeah right over here right around about 40 100 so that that would be good confluence for that area but again you know it's you got it you got to actually break that that level first again I see that pattern in there it is in there but until you actually confirm below of 6150 you can't play it before it happens otherwise you're gonna end up like tone bass man you will end up like tone birds and well he might actually he might actually end up being right he might actually end up being right I mean it's you're still underneath this major resistance right here so I mean technically speaking nothing's really changed um um um can we says and we really don't go lower again maybe that would be pretty crazy that would be pretty like I said that'll be pretty poetic thoughts on link BGC sure man 55,000 satoshis needed for it to hold for a bullish case all right let's go check it out link good old Shane link over here this is definitely the next Bitcoin for sure 100 cent um looking good though hey looking good Hey look at that man you did take out this guy right here as long as you're above about 50 yeah about 54 54 to 55 hundred satoshis just kind of this zone right here as long as you're kind of holding above this area about 50 yeah about 53 52 5400 as long as long as you're closing Daly's above there I like it now the volume on this breakout does leave a little bit to be true to be desired I really want to see a more slap in the face signal we do have daily stochastic pointing up so I really like that gaining a lot of momentum side so I really like that actually daily our aside just getting into the bullish zone so let's see if it wants to maintain there but overall I think that you see a lot more positives and negatives in this I mean I mean overall you just basically broke out of a large following following channel over here to the upside which is been brewing for you know almost you know almost about 10 10 10 11 months now so not bad not bad at all I don't see much stop it from about 60 150 but that is your next big resistance so be letting some go right around there most likely but again I must hold this level must hold see what is that 53 yeah 33 50 must hold that area otherwise gonna lose it's good it's good it's good formation right there Adam $10 what a crown have a look at Neo Sherman sure sure sure let's go look at Neil I'm guessing you want to look at it verse the verse um we can definitely do that but let me know if you want to look at it verse versus the bit cones over here and we got neo actually having a good rally as well but again not above any critical levels just yet doesn't mean that I can't happen but it's not above there just yet I need to see it close above $17.50 if you can do that it looks a little bit better to me but again we are seeing some all to really take off and kind of uh mmm and kind of initiate some pretty powerful runs just like we saw on on chain-link and I believe like ZRX had one but that's kind of news driven as well so it's you know it's hard to say man it's hard to say it's not the strongest of the bunch doesn't mean that I can't have any follow-through but again it's gonna depend on Bitcoin it is probably the most important thing to say you know a Bitcoin check step up here probably gonna take a step up as well a Bitcoin is not well you'll see it you'll see it reject all for this 21 like it kind of is right now and then fall back down and you'll be once again right around to you right around fifteen dollars and fifty cents overall though overall it does look like it once kind of pop up to me you know daily Stokes popping back up mm-hmm I'm losing my voice again back above your exponential on the on the RSI so I like that and getting a buy signal down here as well so yeah it probably is fine you are getting some oh hey I'm glad that looked at this as well getting some good bullish divergence on this area as well is this is this a formation though let's get rid of this let's get rid of this triangle of some sort descending triangle I suppose but again we we do see a lot of bison was actually done here I don't hate it I don't hate it man but again you're right a resistance again III need to see this level taken out I need to see you close a dill a daily dildo above $17 and a half if you can do that a lot better and I don't see much stop me from this area right here right around twenty twenty dollars and seventy five cents if that were to happen again if if if lots of this over there um let's see let's see hey what's up Mike that was smart good to see you man all the way from Sweden Lucky Luke says I really think we are moving down a very fast with the triangle gets broken down like down to the two hundred EMA or children to Ma and stabilizer if you do break 6150 yes it will very likely be a very violent move very very quickly to the downside yeah how do gree with you Maori says gotta find a workaround for weblinks but Bitcoin 4% of tether us UTS circulating supply transfer to finance after a three percent okay okay so it's an article gotcha so so it's some sort of new new source thank thank you for sharing that Mario I'm gonna actually call it copy and paste ID over here in my browser thank you I appreciate that you can't say that word on huge shoe man god damn it I'll just call you I don't know which don't you know there's social justice warriors on here man you can't just say stuff Jesus Christ first I'm watching you are amazing well it's thank you I appreciate I don't like other streamers like Mickey Mickey Harris I don't know who that is buncha scammers you talk about the real important things it's obviously know what you're talking about hey man I appreciate that I do appreciate that my nameless friend name was friend over there hey what's up flan doe voice voice feeling a little bit better I did actually take a nappy for this but um probably gonna have to probably enough to rest a little bit more man boskie says bear Jesus will save you money hole USD and bear Jesus will bless you with better with better prices can you check Steam please sure sure rush jack servant let's go check out steam I'm guessing we have to look at verse Bitcoin right let's try let's try a Polonius actually okay Polonius over here and hmm okay again it's not my favorite chart in the world when we're seeing some altcoins take off this one's just kind of going flatline right here I'd rather have my money and better things if I were gonna trade some like this not that I'm gonna trace them like this I mean I mean I don't mean that bad in an arrogant way it's just you know it's a fucking all coin you're right at a resistance right here again I need to see it take out 12500 but again that's not even like a huge level your your huge level is is all the way appeared about 14,000 Satoshi so overall this thing is just kind of grinding low and it's just it's just not not a standout in this market right now don't really have anything profound to say about this man don't really have anything too much to say about this be quite honest with you below below all major moving averages I don't like that I really don't like that doesn't mean that I can't pop up but it's gonna be reliant on Bitcoin it Bitcoin to step up it's probably gonna follow in a Bitcoin check step down you probably to fall as well daily stochastic SAR cross down but they they look like they actually want to kind of switch around pretty soon it's very difficult to say right here very difficult to say it's just basically and go with the rest of markers is what I kind of think again you know you do every sisters right here you do have resistance right here but even but but those two are not big resistances it's this guy right here that you have to be worried about right around 14,000 and if you do fail this area over here there ain't much holding you up from about you know your prior load around 11,000 area so yeah be aware of that mem be aware of that all right back now over here okay lucky luke says do you think we have this bubble mark cycle again in the near future 2019 or 2020 i think the institutions also will foam pretty hard in the future that they showed they can do it like retails um probably probably not I mean wait hold on let me read that let me reread that do you think we have this bubble mark cycle again in the near future the well is it okay you're making an assumption here that Bitcoin actually reverses back to to a bull market cycle if that would have happened I would say it's very unlikely the scenario that you're presenting over there that'd go back to a bear market cycle in basically a year what's more likely to happen is I mean this there there's there there's not a lot of good things to say about this chart to be honest with you man very little has changed very little has changed if you just stopped right here and there's just gone back up yeah no I mean market cycles as you can see man they take years you know the this last market cycle that we had basically started over here in October 15th with our first major monthly dildo closing back above this yellow 21 exponential which kind of marked the the beginning of your new bull phase I mean that lasted about three years right that was three years this one over here lasted about how long was this about half a year actually not that long or three months not that long for four or five months you actually this guy over here lasted about about a year about a year and then this guy over here well I mean this really isn't one this is just like the Genesis over here in 2010 so yeah when it comes down to it man you know market cycles they're gonna take longer and longer overtime again you know I always want to point out where my sort of background comes from like looking at legacy markets the this is this is what actual market cycles look like this goes all the way back to 1994 right I mean you know it's I mean this represents quite literally about you know 30 years there 30 years of price action you have you know just a couple of different market cycles really so so typically speaking it gets slow over time is what I'm trying to say I was look at the DJI as well um yeah this guy should have a little bit more history yeah you can see over here and legacy marks I mean you know you have a bear market kind of over here and you know the this is quite quite little bit the Great Depression right over here then you got this guy over here in oh wait but really really all besides that is basically just up you know so I know that Bitcoin isn't like legacy marks or anything like that but in general over time these market cycles will get longer and longer that's what I'm trying to say okay back now be here um let's see Adam ten doses thanks man I've always appreciated hey man my pleasure I just recently heard that neo FA are completely dogshit that's what I've heard as well can we I've heard that neo has like less shit in their in their github than like a project like Tron so take that as you will again I haven't done that research myself just kind of just kind of parroting things so rash a what's up Suresh hey bro can you please please update me with my favorite GBC and also could you have a look at Z Rex man we've already looked at both of those but you know what Suresh I'll look at it just for you Suresh you've you motherfucker already Suresh gbtc right over here GBC not looking too good to me today by the way opening the day with follow-through to the downside after putting in a doji ass dildo formation right here rejecting the 10 simple moving average now yes you are resist you are resting right on this horizontal support right here but to me this is this is just kind of popping back up filling the gap right here that you put in last week and rejecting off of all your major moving averages even even your lowest one the ten simple moon out right here and then back down again with fall through to the downside now now the one big thing on this is that you don't have like severe volume taking it back to the downside but I don't like the overall formation that's going on right here if if GBC can hold $7 and in seven cents or seven yeah seven dollars and seven dollars and eight cents we'll call it then it looks it looks okay I guess I mean it's not it doesn't look okay it just looks like it hasn't really like full-on broken down just yet but I don't like this overall formation right here this is this is a very hard chart to love especially on like a weekly the way that it's currently the way that it's currently situated the weekly does not look too healthy either doesn't mean that I can't change around but I need to see the daily hold at the very least seven dollars and eight cents if you start losing this area right here this is gonna look like it's good this is gonna look like it wants to dump a little bit more for ZRX we can check that one out really really fast over here on let's go Polonius just kind of waking up testing our next big horizontal right over here that's that's all we're doing but a good volume on this guy over here it looks to me like it does want to consolidate a little bit lower you had some pretty hefty bearish divergence on this on this last move over here probably gonna pop back down and at the very least test about 13,000 Satoshi 13,200 probably bounced around there but you know do you consolidate there and then try again higher that's probably very very likely but if you do lose this area if you do lose 13300 the next big area you'd be kind of finding support around is right around to your right around 12,000 25 12250 is what I'm trying to say already back now over here to bate Mexico expose says can we go back about 20 minutes I got distracted never mind let's just take it from the top one two three you motherfucker exposed got Tim 80 mil says indica herethe eighty million what 80 million what Harry norm says Mike Novogratz the first custody client of fidelity digital assets holy Moines man really that's pretty big that is pretty big news that that fidelity's getting the name or sorry getting to the game that is very very big news make no mistake guys fidelity get into the game is big that's big they are legit they are they're very legit Lucky Luke says yeah I actually meant that a lot of institution waiting outside to get clear regulation and good exchanges to move money and if someone starts they will get FOMO yeah I mean I mean yeah I don't I don't disagree I don't disagree that that that bigger institutions entering in the game probably probably better thing for the overall price action probably better John Schofield says TRX is my BAE well BAE baby bye bye bye baby baby I don't know you want to go look at t-rex chairman let's see ITX is doing over here let's see if it looks better than me oh that's a real question does it look better than neo it does it does actually well no I kind of take that back looks like the one it's kind of consulting a little bit lower I need to redraw this chart man it is way too conflated over here but uh yeah I really don't see much holding if you do lose the support right here which it looks like it looks like you likely will around 365 I don't see much holding up from well you do have a support right around here I suppose right around 350 but that's not a strong support your next big strong support is right around here actually right around about 335 overall really wanted to see it take half continuation up up over here the fact that it kind of sold back down pretty aggressively is not a good sign not a good sign but again it's gonna depend on the overall market see does the overall market move up or down basically does that mean does does Bitcoin move up or down cuz that something like that's just gonna follow most likely I'm just gonna fall what is gbtc fundamentally gbtc is kind of like an investment trusts for Bitcoin so the idea is that it's a little bit more of a regulated thing I guess you could say although it does trade OTC on Oh tea tea Markus I should say but you know it does seem to be a leading indicator so that's you know fundamentally speaking I don't care about fundamentals be honest with you man I don't trade fundamentals you can't trade fundamentals I've seen so many people go broke trading fundamentals or trying or I should say trying to trade fundamentals you can't trade fundamentals fundamentals do not matter when it comes to trading you trip I mean trading over here we're trading all we're trading is human emotions we're basically looking at chart we're basically looking at a chart of human emotions with regards to Bitcoin kind of but mainly human emotions so gbtc seems to be a leading indicator for Bitcoin just like the just like the Fed Ex wallet as well Liam hunt has to be tracked as much as how dare you and it cos says that was a finance hot wallet address 80 million in oh really holy moly man 80 million in that is crazy so they just have a shit heather's right now I wonder if they're gonna dump it and then pump their own fucking stable coin anyways guys I'm at the end of this stream over here I'm going to start wrapping up the most important thing to be aware of on back home then I'll leave you off till tomorrow guys we are at a very pivotal moment and we have a very unique situation coming in at the end of the day we have the C Bo's futures expiration a little bit later today and typically speaking we do get price action coming into that into that into that kind of date I guess you could say our event event is aware that I'm looking for over here while all that is going on we are at a major resistance right here right around sixty five sixty nine ish area I'm just gonna round up and say about sixty five hundred yes it is a little bit lower but it's just easier to say so as long as your blows sixty five hundred you haven't really had a major break out to the upside not that that's even a major break out but it would kind of clear the skies all the way to about sixty seven fifty I just don't see much stopping if that were to happen by the same token we are having bearish divergence on lower timeframes we have not changed anything from the overall higher time frames as well like like our daily over here not breaking any major levels our two days still is death crossed over here death cross and still respecting the the the 21 exponential moving average as resistance and still still even below all major moving averages three days same sort of thing as well and weekly same sort of thing as well with a rejection of the crossover here as a way that I kind of read this so again overall very little has changed doesn't mean that I can't but as of right now as long as we're below 6500 that is the way that I interpret the charts if we do break below 60 150 that's the point where I get super bearish not necessarily right now although there are things saying you know you probably do you probably do go a little bit lower but again if Bitcoin does take out 6500 and close a daily above there that's where I that's where I start start to reconsider a lot of these things above 7400 I start to really reconsider a lot of the things above 10,000 I'm I'm just gonna be I'm just gonna be saying hey I think I think the lows is are very likely and not I think is I'll be saying very likely the lows are in and I'm gonna be going all-in on my accounts but I would be scaling in above sunny 408 thousand as well those are about two big areas so again guys you know things could change by end of tonight but again we do have bearish divergence on these lower timeframes over here we do own them we do have an event a little bit later tonight so be aware of these things as again nothing has changed either which way doesn't mean that I can but be aware of the major levels again I cannot get too bearish until you actually officially break 6150 and I cannot get too bullish until you really break you know one of those higher levels but you know a good start would be sixty five hundred seventy four hundred would be a little bit better but sixty sixty-five one would be okay cuz who wants to wait for 7400 anyways God's been an absolute post being with you on this lovely lovely Wednesday evening or the evening hope you're doing well in your part of the world and I'll see you guys soon take care of

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