23 thoughts on “Bitcoin to Hit from $10,000, to $100,000 & even $1 Million USD”

  1. This is mind-blowing because of we were to look when the video was published, it was literally 11 months ago before bitcoin reached to its peak which is 20k. I’m definitely still bullish on bitcoin.

  2. btc is a product as a store of value – if i buy stocks and two months later i lose 60% i guess i better leave it under my pillow

  3. I am a wizard with a billion dollars because I say so .. Youtube is now just PR for CEO BULL SHIT ! Minting Coins is some immigrant the FBI need to monitor.,

  4. The usual reaction of the beginners who lose a deposit due to the lack of experience and errors analysis before the transaction, and then accuse the exchange, instead of drawing conclusions and work on their mistakes.

  5. A new and promising project! The TokenGo platform opens up wide opportunities for the successful implementation of our ideas, with a generous bounty program, where everyone can participate. I was pleased with the easy-to-use website, I think that the TokenGo platform is not a bad option for investing.

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