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making money even when the market is down we’ve called a lot of things that
are happening right now and I’m going to share that with you guys in just a
little bit but let’s share some positive news so Steve Bannon Stevens is the
former advisor to US president Donald Trump you guys might like him you guys
might hate him this is not a political argument the point is he is invested in
Bitcoin oh he is someone with more influence than a majority of us he is
someone in the spotlight and he has said that he is invested in Bitcoin and is
exploring building a new token now there’s been a lot of field I SEOs we’ve
seen a lot of people come out with their new tokens will this be successful will
does not be successful we don’t know that is still going to be determined
when things come out but he has announced his take on the future of
cryptocurrencies and he claims that the outlook is positive so you guys can
actually love him like I said like that guys read by the article he is currently
invested in Bitcoin now he has not only promoted Bitcoin but spoke positively of
the concept of all virtual currencies saying that they have a huge aspect in
the future now I’m sure you guys would agree with this you guys
would probably also think cryptocurrencies have their place in the
future but I do love seeing the fact that we have more and more people more
more people that are in this polity that have a larger influence on board with
cryptocurrency especially that since he used to be he is the former advisor to
US president Donald Trump he is already in the pull into politics he already has
it in there so maybe this is only the first people see more politician comes
out come out and say this which obviously would make it easier for us to
get Bitcoin regulations Bitcoin adoption throughout the US and in other countries
as well now moving on this is what I wanted to ask you guys about so before
we get started with this article let me know right now if you guys think bitcoin
is going to go to $5,000 first or $50,000 first basically do you think
we’re going to $5,000 and then $50,000 or do you think we’re just going
straight to $50,000 from here I would love to know your guy’s opinion so make
sure you guys do leave that in the comments right now I would love to see
what you guys have to say no we can check back to see what actually happens
down the road so I think this could be pretty fun
now they would had an interview with Arthur Hayes who is the bit Mex
co-founder and CEO now he said that he doesn’t think we’ve seen the worst yet
now obviously he in the long term is also still very bullish on Bitcoin and
on all crypto currencies but he did say that although this was a nice little
rally he thinks we are going to see a dip to $5,000 before we head on up to
$50,000 now he did mention that the rally he thinks right now the one we’re
having right now could take Bitcoin up to eight or nine thousand dollars maybe
even get close to ten thousand dollars before correcting back down something
we’ve seen before however the $5,800 resistance has
actually held very very support has actually held very very well when it
comes to Bitcoin technical analysis so I don’t know if I believe it’s going to
fall under 5,800 all the way down to 5,000 before correcting back up I think
as always Bitcoin is going to have ups it’s going to have downs the main thing
is I’m still very bullish on Bitcoin I don’t think now is the time to sell
Bitcoin maybe Bitcoin goes up to eight or nine or ten
thousand dollars maybe secure just a little bit of profit and keep doing that
as it continues to go up but as of right now with the price at 7500 I don’t think
that’s going to happen but like I said he said that $5,000 is what he thinks it
could bottom out – now a lot some people agree some people disagree he did still
say that if he believes it’ll hit fifty thousand dollars by the end of 2018 now
that is still a very realistic that’s still a very realistic prediction
thinking if you think about everything that could happen and everything that we
have seen happened before so we’re gonna talk about that I’m just a little bit
when it comes to the actual ETFs but I want to share this reddit this reddit
image that people have been going around sure you guys have probably seen this
before maybe even in the cryptocurrency Facebook group so if you guys haven’t
joined the Facebook group I’m gonna have a link to that in the description and in
the comments as well make sure you guys do check out the cryptocurrency Facebook
group tons and tons of free information on there but this is gold this is the
chart of gold and this is ker the current chart of Bitcoin out gold ETFs
were introduced right here and if you see what happened after that it was
years and years of pure bullish trend obviously it goes up and it goes down a
little bit that is to be expected but overall it was it seems like a parabolic
Bull Run for several years on and now this is basically started as soon as
gold ETFs were introduced now people are speculating if this is going to happen
to Bitcoin when Bitcoin ETS get introduced as well then if you think
about it this was a 300% growth so this would set Bitcoin to $60,000 however we
have seen Bitcoin be a lot more volatile than gold so maybe even past $60,000
maybe it’ll bring it up to $100,000 now this is now that this obviously it was
done in a few years so that’s why the prediction for Bitcoin at $50,000 I
don’t think is crazy whatsoever I think there’s a lot of money
that still wants to get into the market which could easily propel Bitcoin to
that price and like we said before the the way this is going to happen the way
we are going to get institutional investors in is probably going to be
with Bitcoin ETF that’s what everyone is looking at a big way ETFs will make it
easier for institutions to come in for Wall Street with their trillions and
trillions of dollars to come in now a lot of people have been asking when this
is going to happen I thought I would answer this in the video since I’m sure
that’s probably the easiest way to get everyone the answer in at the same time
or at one paw at one time instead of answering everyone’s questions
individually well a lot of belove been saying August 10th and that’s not
correct now I’ve actually been correcting people on messages for this
and again another reason why I thought I would share this right now well there
was a notice from the SEC stating that the the decision will be no less than 45
days from the date of publication in the Federal Register now that would mean
that the earliest it could happen is August 16th that does still allow the
SEC to postpone it if they so please so it is from August 16 is the earth is the
earliest we can get it but it still could be a little down the road so it’s
all about being patient now I know we’re all excited for the bull run but we’ve
seen it in past Bitcoin charts as well sometimes we’ve had to hold through a
rough period like we’ve had so far the first six seven months of the year but
it might even have to be a little bit long we might have to be a little more
patient and those at the end will breathe it will be rewarded now I like
the way crypto Daily said this if you guys don’t know crypto daily hundreds
some thousand subscribers on YouTube also talks about crypto currency and
heap as you guys could probably tell by the name crypto daily right but he was
talking about how if you held through that period that rough period that we’ve
seen previously with Bitcoin it was a few years actually then what happened
next was life-changing for a lot of people now obviously we’re all in here
to make money and I think it’s important to back the technology and that’s how
you’re going to be confident in your investment actually it’s going to be
easier for you to hold through stuff if you follow the simple rules of investing
which is number one don’t invest more money than you’re willing to lose but
number two be patient long-term investment thing
long-term and understand number three understand what the technology you are
investing in is capable of and I think that’s what makes it easy for me to hold
throughout the spirit and I know talking to a lot of you guys you guys feel the
same way so who knows when it’s gonna happen hopefully I mean hopefully it’s
gonna be the 16th of August that would be absolutely great that’s going to
cause a moon time everyone’s gonna be able to buy their Lambos hopefully at
least and yeah basically let’s see what happens now it’s a waiting game there’s
still you know a little bit under a month before August 16th so let’s see
what the market does I’m very excited to see what the market does guys I can’t
stress that enough but if we look at the overall market so we’re down a little
bit to 284 billion dollars in market cap and Bitcoin dominance is at forty five
point two percent now the interesting thing you guys are going to see and
again this is what I want to link back to the cryptocurrency trade alerts group
is that in here I mentioned to keep an eye out on
Bitcoin dominance because it was getting really high and that I was not going to
be entering a position in all coins right now because of where Bitcoin
dominance was and I thought the level it was that could lead to alt coins dumping
especially because people are expecting Bitcoin to go up because of the Bitcoin
ETF so a lot of people are selling their position in all coins to put their money
in Bitcoin now I’m not doing that I’m keeping my position in all coins they’re
just because I like having my all coins I’m holding them for the long run so I
don’t mind if they drop a little bit I can get the dollar cost average like I
always suggest and pick some more up if they do drop but I do also have my
Bitcoin holdings because I think it’s important to hold Bitcoin and if you
guys see what happened the last 24 hours everything basically is up in the last
week so Stellar’s up 50% that’s absolutely crazy all the way up to
numbers in ranked number 6 we see Cardinal of 33 percent we’ve covered all
the news that led to this but bitcoins actually have 20 percent if you look at
the 24 hour change almost everything with the exception of a few like – is
falling so Bitcoin is actually is one of the few that is up now it’s not up by a
lot but it is holding its value very very well the support Andres
we’re looking at right now is very narrow bitcoins resistance is $7,500
if we break through that I think we could move all the way up to 8,000 or
the support level is 7400 both of these we’ve tested the 7500 like six or seven
times already so depending on when you’re watching this video may you may
even have tested it more times than that we’ll see what happens but it’s proving
to be difficult to break but it’s important to break that obviously before
we move up to the $8,000 and I mentioned in the trade alerts group that I was not
entering position because I thought all coins could suffer because of the level
Bitcoin dominance was getting at and sure enough this was roughly 24 hours
ago now sure enough the all coins are falling and Bitcoin is holding its value
actually up a little bit so if you guys don’t have a reason to join the
cryptocurrency trade alerts group now you possibly have one I know a lot of
people in there already made their money back from being in the group and now
everything else is pure profit so guys again firstly in the first link in the
description and in the comments go ahead and check this out but yeah just want to
end this really quick taking a look at Bitcoin so it’s been a rough a month
like I said before I don’t think we’re gonna go down to the $5,000 mark because
previously over here we had one candlestick with a long wick if I open
up trading view you guys would be able to see this but there’s one candlestick
with a long wick that went down to test that level didn’t break below it over
here we didn’t even go now again here we’ve had another candle week to go
ahead and test that doesn’t seem like we are going down to the $5,800 below the
5800 dollar mark that does hold as a very very strong support I am fully okay
with Bitcoin just being bullish from now all the way until the end of the year
but it’s going to depend obviously if August 16th comes and the ETF’s get
postponed or they don’t come out and it starts postponing longer and longer
there is a possibility for more and more people to start getting fearful in the
market and start selling but again if you follow the three rules I mentioned
before of understanding your investment not investing more than you’re willing
to lose and also being a long-term investor you can trade and trade between
all coins but the main thing is to understand that crypto currencies have
so much potential moving forward that’s not that in my
it’s not a good idea to be selling anything into cash right now but again
I’m not a financial adviser this is not financial advice but guys if you did
enjoy this video don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment letting me
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see more trading and more more than kind of like a different style more like
investment style cryptocurrency related stuff or if you go or also let me know
if you guys think bitcoins going to $5,000 and then to $50,000 or if it’s
going straight to $50,000 or if it’s never going to $50,000 maybe you just
hate Bitcoin you don’t think it’s ever going to $50,000 let me know that in the
comments as well but guys also don’t forget to subscribe and have your
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thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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