BITCOIN TO $42,000 BY December!!! | 4,000,000 BTC Lost Forever!!

in this video Pantera capital CEO believes Bitcoin could reach 356 thousand dollars in a couple of years he also believes that Bitcoin could hit 40 mm by the end of 2019 and go to the Bitcoin chart I want to show you this logarithmic trend and I want to show you where Bitcoin might be if we continue to follow this trend and yes Bitcoin definitely can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars per Bitcoin let's talk about that I also want to talk about the fact that almost thirty eight billion dollars worth of Bitcoin found untouched for over five years and I also want to show you the fact that people in the u.s. trust Bitcoin more than Facebook's Libre and I also want to show you this very very important quote by Satoshi Nakamoto and if you think that that sounds interesting that I think that you should definitely watch this video hello guys and welcome to the moon my name is Carl and I want to begin this cryptic video and well so in yesterday's video I talked about the fact that we are in a downtrend and bitcoin is yeah basically still in this downtrend and we did get one nice little green candle let's take a look at that and what I want to do is go over to the Bitcoin futures chart and let me show you how to bring out the big computers chart if you still don't know so if you go over to trading view and if you don't even know what trading view is trading view is this charting program that I am using to chart these lines and bring up the ribbon and the EMAs and all of that stuff I have a link down in the description if you want to use my link to get trading you it's completely free but I use the pro version to be able to get some extra indicators and stuff like that but yeah go to trading view and sign up and when you are here on trading you just put in BTC and then an exclamation mark after it up here in the search bar and then you have bit confuse and you just click the first one coming up right there and yeah voila here you got the beacon futures and you can view these gaps and everything else alright so now we are here at the base of futures chart and just like I've said so many times this seems to be more significant and more accurate than the the bitstamp chart or the coinbase chart don't ask me exactly why that is I'm not sure but it is actually true so first off let's take a look at the the EMAs on the daily timeframe that is something that I touched on briefly yesterday we are below the 20 EMA we are above the 50 EMA I still believe that Bush vs. bearish is if you go above the 20 ma I would say that is a bullish thing here on the daily timeframe if we go below the 15 that is a bad thing in between it would be more of a no trading zone where Bitcoin is right now trying to decide whether to break bullet or to break bearish but I want to show you also the the EMA ribbon on the for hourly so here is the for hourly EMA ribbon and I think the interesting part here is that we are still below it very obviously here you can see that they can try to go above the rim right there and we tried right now with this big pump so I mean we are clearly in the downtrend in a very short term and this for hourly ribbon is acting as a resistance and I think if we go back into the chart we can see that as long as bitcoin is above this ribbon we are in an uptrend and we will break below it we are in a downtrend and we do get these wicks below but you can see that as the full bodies are always where I what I'm looking at here I mean if you just zoom out and take a look so back here you see we got some wicks below this ribbon but yeah as long as the full bodies are above we are still in an uptrend when the bull bars are below we are in a downtrend so let's say Bitcoin goes above the ribbon and get c4 are really close above the for hourly ribbon then that would be a bullish sign but so far we're still below it so but yeah this is something that you can watch and I want to go back to the bitstamp chart and just show you a few levels that are going to be important now as supporting resistance I think that this level has now become a an important level we got a bounce off of that level it was a previous bounce and yeah it's an important level this is the 9650 dollar level and of course this the previous low will be important at approximately nine thousand sixteen and we are still as I've said we are maintaining the downtrend because we have a low and then we have a lower high lower low and we're probably going to see a another lower high here but let's see how that plays out but basically these levels are going to be important and in terms of resistance I think that the this level is going to be very important that's approximately eleven point 1k and we'll also have the approximate level of ten thousand six hundred I think this level is not going to be a major level but it there will be some resistance at that level I believe so yeah and I think the summary for this analysis is that we are in a downtrend in the in this timeframe right there and we are in a downtrend in this smaller time frame also and what I am watching in terms of bullish and bearish in the very short term is the for our live ribbon on the Bitcoin futures chart like I said if brief come get say for hourly close above the four-hour ribbon here I think that the momentum is shifting and we're probably going to see some short-term bullish price action here so yeah that's what I'm watching right now and it does seem like maybe bitch one is trying to do something like that we are testing the ribbon here so yeah let's see if Bitcoin can get above the four-hour ribbon because as long as we are below it I think that the down furnace is still intact and let's go to the next story in the next part of this video almost 38 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin found untouched over five years so this chart shows us the the untouched supply of Bitcoin from different time frames and we have the yellow line that is the Bitcoin price on the logarithmic chart and if we just bring this out a little bit bigger we have yet the logarithmic chart in Bitcoin and for example this untouched 180 days this line this means that for example at this point up there 13 million Bitcoin had been untouched for 180 days and yeah so what we can see is that when Bitcoin goes up very parabolically people move their bitcoins and you can see that the these lines all of these lines go down the orange line here that is untouched for one year and the gray one is untouched for two years but basically when this yellow line goes up which means the price goes up people sell their bitcoins or at least they are moving their bitcoins from their wallets and this means that these where these bitcoins are no longer counted as untouched so how much bitcoin is untouched out there and let's say so untouched bitcoin refers to the amount of Bitcoin that have not been transferred or moved for at least five years according to the latest report almost 4 million Bitcoin are untouched for more than five years and just like crypto R and expresses here you can see that the the untouched supply for five years is reaching new all-time highs all the time here and this could mean two things either people are holding more than usual or they are lost these bitcoins are lost and basically they are locked away so you cannot touch them even if you wanted to and I personally believe that it is very likely that most of these 4 million bitcoins are lost they are gone forever because people lost their hardware wallets they lost their their private keys basically and why do I believe that well five years that's a very long time in crypto and yeah not to update your hardware cold storage not to update your Bitcoin holdings in this period of time is very unlikely I think that most people would have done so so if you haven't touched your Bitcoin for five years then most likely you don't have access to them and next up Norwegian air to accept Bitcoin opening crypto exchange one of Europe's biggest airlines is letting passengers pay in Bitcoin and trade on its own crypto exchange all right so these are no revolutionary news but Norwegian air that is one of the airlines that I regularly use myself and the fact that they will be accepting Bitcoin is just a very nice thing I think and yeah so it says here that Norwegian plans to allow customers living in Norway to start purchasing plane tickets for flights in crypto currencies including Bitcoin its new Norwegian block exchange will be available to them from August and according to dn Norwegian will roll out exchanges in neighboring countries over the coming months so yeah it seems like everyone wants a piece of the cryptocurrency pie and Norwegian is the latest corporation to announce that they are getting in on Bitcoin and crypto and next up people in the u.s. trust Bitcoin more than Facebook's Libre not very surprising but let's go through the numbers so in this poll 1,800 US adults were asked if they trust basically Facebook's cryptocurrency more than a Bitcoin and we can see here that only 2% felt they would trust Libra and calibra wallets more than Bitcoin and yeah 40% said that they would trust Bitcoin more than Facebook and 19% said they'd trust both options about the same and according to the article less than 10% of the ones that were asked actually bought cryptocurrencies themself and here we have this small little pie chart I think that this is very telling this tells us that people will not trust Facebook and this is going to put Bitcoin in such a better light because previously bit corn was the shady cryptocurrency was the shady untrusted and yeah something that you wouldn't really trust with the old money but now Facebook is taking all the blame and bitcoin is is in comparison a very good thing just like in Congress you saw Bitcoin being very bullish we talked about and Facebook very bearish we talked about so we are seeing Facebook taking the hit and yeah so when you compare it gets obvious that bitcoin is something good and Facebook is something bad and that's why I think Facebook is so good for Bitcoin right now Facebook's Libra it's very good for Bitcoin for many different reasons the obvious of course is that it was all the attention that this brings to crypto but also this shows us or this shows the mainstream why bitcoin is valuable and why the Facebook Libra is not and next up Bitcoin requires no trust and this is a quote by Satoshi Nakamoto let me read this to you called the root problem with conventional currency is all the trust that's required to make it work the central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust and this is the same for the face book Libra the face book Libra is dependent on trust some level of trust for it to work and that is the simple fact that prevents me from adopting the labor I will never use the Libra and I will make it my mission to make people understand why Libra is fundamentally a very very bad idea and next up the US Treasury secretary minutiae n– or however you pronounce that name I don't know how to do it but whatever voices new pessimism about bitcoins future so he has already talked about Bitcoin in a bearish way but now he said in a interview with squawk box yesterday the following quote I won't be talking about Bitcoin in ten years I can assure you that I would bet even in five or six years I'm no longer talking about Bitcoin as Treasury secretary I'll have other priorities I can assure you I will personally not be loaded up on Bitcoin and I think the same goes here I think it's actually a bullish thing that he's saying this about Bitcoin because this is the Treasury secretary actually talking about VidCon that is bullish in and of itself that is a big thing that means that bitcoin is no longer ignored they are trying to fight Bitcoin head on right now and next pantera Capital CEO believes Bitcoin could reach three hundred and fifty six thousand dollars in a couple of years and I tend to agree I think this is possible maybe it might be three years or whatever but two hundred to $300,000 is definitely within reach all right so pantera capital founder Dan Morehead said that Bitcoin could hit 42 thousand dollars by the end of 2019 and even has the potential to reach three 356,000 within a couple of years Moore had delivered his comments on an episode of the Unchained podcast on July the 23rd so he says here called Graff the price of bacon logarithmically its trend is going to grow at two hundred and thirty five percent compound annual growth rate and that puts Bitcoin at forty two thousand dollars at the end of 2019 all right so I think essentially what he did is he went to the chart and he went to the monthly put out the logarithmic and what he probably did is if you just put a line something like this just to kind of get a general feel of the logarithmic trend here if we take a point at let's take a look at the end of 2019 let's see so right there this would put Bitcoin approximately this is simply an approximation approximately at $25,000 according to this chart and if we just take a look at the end of 2020 if we were to follow this general trend this would put Pritikin at approximately $50,000 and yeah one important thing though is that you can see that bitcoin generally moves parabolically away from this line like this and if we were to do something like that maybe something like this then yeah maybe we can expect people to reach somewhere along the lines of $300,000 in some somewhere in like yeah two three years so this is not really technical this is just to get a general feel of where the chart is going in what he's had and what the chart has done previously and I think it's reasonable to expect that Bitcoin in the next big hype cycle could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars per Bitcoin and if you enjoyed this video please leave a thumbs up I truly appreciate all of your likes and comments and if you still haven't watched my bye bits tutorial you should go and watch it this is by bit and this is the interface it's very easy to use and if you want to go a long and short the basic on over by bit you first need to know how to do it on by bit and I made my tutorial a few weeks ago and if you haven't seen it you should click right there right now and I'll guys tomorrow you

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