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let’s jump right into some news articles before we talk about Bitcoin to
$1,000,000 so first one is Tom Lee has accepted that he was wrong about
consensus he was wrong about what he thought was going to happen to run that
cryptocurrency was gonna have after consensus but he is staying strong when
it comes to his prediction of 25 to 35 thousand dollars or $25,000 by the end
of 2017 and the way he did this was a simple calculation of 1.8 times the
price the year before basically that’s how he predicted the 2019 price of
$35,000 he said it’s just a 1.8 times now this actually a related article
because we are going to be talking about Bitcoin price and where I think the
price could be headed and we’re gonna be talking about some much bigger number so
keep that in my first thing though is consensus we all know it hasn’t been
what it was expected to be people expected a huge run-up given that the
amount of people attending was so much higher the hype was so much higher but
it fell short and that could be for a few reasons obviously I wasn’t there so
unfortunately I can’t comment too much about it but talking from people that I
have there there were some great projects and some great explanations
some great tests going on including them power ledger and some others but I can’t
remember which one specifically I talked about in another video but it is showing
that it didn’t do what it was expected to do the run hasn’t necessarily
there now the last few days have been looking a little better but it isn’t
what people expected to see so that is unfortunate but I am happy to see that
he is holding on he was correct with his prediction of the tax day in April he
was wrong about the consensus prediction we all were at this point we were all
expecting a pretty nice run which we didn’t see happen now the next piece of
news I have for you guys before we talk about Bitcoin price is that the coin
based spoke to US regulators about acquiring a federal banking license so
it looks like coinbase is actually trying to make a big move and start
targeting some institutional investors like hedge funds so there hasn’t been
much confirmation before but it did say that a person a person familiar with the
matter they reported that coinbase spoke to the US Office of the Comptroller of
the currency of the OCC at the beginning of 2018 both about a bank Charter and
about their business model later on coinbase did comment saying that they
are committed to working closely with state and federal regulators to ensure
that they are properly licensed for the products and service that they offer
this is great I think this is fantastic I think it’s bad to try to avoid
regulation try and pretend like you don’t need them the way to go forward
when it comes to adoption in the beginning phase is to comply with the
regulations I don’t need and regulations are something that I think are needed in
cryptocurrencies in all aspects just so we can get more people on board more
people understanding the technology to get more people confident investing in
it that is the first step to adoption we cannot jump straight from you know
absolutely nothing to having all the billionaire’s okay with buying stuff on
coin base and on Finance even though the US government say that oh this might be
a bad fit that’s not gonna happen we have taken one step at a time and I’m
happy to see them take action now coinbase hasn’t been doing a lot
compared to other exchanges they still have very few cryptocurrencies on there
they have you know Bitcoin Bitcoin cash litecoin aetherium I believe that’s it I
haven’t used it for some time and they have actually predicted you know we’ve
seen Tron predictions we’ve seen ripple predictions we’ve seen a lot of
predictions on coinbase none of them have been added
have said that they want to add more all points coming into 2018 so hopefully we
do see some more added but I’m very curious to see what their plan is right
now and how they’re trying to attract institutional investors this could be
huge for the cryptocurrency space so this is a very positive sign now let’s
talk a little bit about Bitcoin and I watched this video which was with John
McAfee or John McAfee however you want to pronounce that in Patrick Bette Davis
a YouTube channel he has a YouTube channel called value tainment great
YouTube channel for entrepreneurs if you guys are interested he does some great
interviews but he was talking with John McAfee about his prediction how John
actually altered his prediction on the show saying that he thinks bitcoin could
range anywhere from five to seven million dollars rather than the 1
million dollar he predicted now you guys remember what he said I’m not gonna say
the quote on here because I don’t know if YouTube’s his strike my channel down
for saying certain words but he did say if bitcoin didn’t reach a million dollar
did not reach a million dollars by 2020 that he would eat his own blank fill in
the word something a guy has that a girl does not basic way to do it but this is
pretty interesting because the way he talked about it is he took mining for
example as one of his arguments saying that it was in order to mine the last
Bitcoin the very last Bitcoin to be mine it’s going to take anywhere from four to
five four plus billion dollars just to mine that single Bitcoin and he thinks
it’s going to be mine you know people are going to mine it but in order for
them to mind that cryptocurrency is going to have to be worth more than it
is than it is that it costs to mine so his stats obviously is in the adoption
stance that people don’t just completely give up on mining in like a this isn’t
worth they were not gonna do it his stance is on the adoption part so if
you think about it if bitcoin is going to be adopted Bitcoin being the largest
cryptocurrency right now and the one that I think is going to do very well
for some time before obviously maybe some other cryptocurrency comes along
and passes it but Bitcoin right now stands
number one position its price is going to have to increase now is it going to
change too much in the next two to three years is cryptocurrency is the overall
marketplace going to change so much that they that we’re gonna see a new number
one and bitcoins going to go down I don’t think that’s the case I think
bitcoin will still have its place in the market in the next two or three years
now I know this is gonna sound crazy a lot of you guys probably if you haven’t
clicked up the video arraign you’re like this is crazy this is such a huge number
it’s only worth ten thousand right now how is it gonna be worth $1,000,000 or
five million dollars and guys I’m gonna I’m gonna say this right now although I
agree that it seems absolutely crazy for it to be worth that much I am NOT going
to go out and say that it is impossible we have seen a lot of crazy things
happen not just in the world but in the cryptocurrency market that I’m not gonna
come out and say that this is ridiculous take a look at this for example this is
the chart of Bitcoin price history dating back to August 16th 2010 so this
was eight years ago Bitcoin was worth a little less 7 to 1/2 years ago Bitcoin
was worth 6 cents now at this day would you believe most of you guys did not get
into Bitcoin at 2010 most of you guys hadn’t heard about it but even if you
know most of us had heard about it chances are we wouldn’t have gotten
involved back in 2010 I wish I could say that oh yeah I heard about it first day
2009 it was worth the 1 cent I would totally buy ten thousand dollars worth
and now be living in a mansion with a trillion dollars somewhere and that’s
that but that’s not the case right it being worth 6 cents if someone told you
someday this is gonna hit or in 2017 or 20th at the end of 2017 start 2018 this
is going to hit twenty thousand dollars so seven years later this is gonna hit
twenty thousand dollars is worth six cents right now it’s going to hit twenty
thousand dollars guys though it would need to want the Bitcoin would
need two 100x from where it’s at right now for it to go up and hit two million
dollars in prices you know for it ain’t $1,000,000 in price let’s that’s average
I’ll be quiet 10,000 right now blud say was that
10,000 10x would be 100,000 100x would be 1 million so is it crazy to say that
Bitcoin cannot ever reach those million dollar values given that if you were to
a hundred X Bitcoin in 2010 it would be worth $6 which guess what the next year
2010 in August 2010 it was worth 6 cents 7 6 cents and then if you take August
2011 it was worth it did over a hundred X now we take August 2011 and we go on
to August 2012 it was worth a little bit about the same and if we move on to
August 2013 where are we August 2013 it was worth $97 so we did another 10x
right there so it’s not crazy to say that bit quick can have these crazy runs
because guess what if I go again at the next one we go to 12 August 2014 worth
500 so Bitcoin has been consistently multiplying to a point where seven years
ago it was worth 6 cents and just a few months ago we saw a hit 20 or get really
really close to hitting $20,000 so that in mind I think the mining argument is
pretty interesting it’s a pretty interesting one because it does make
sense and bitcoins going to continue to be mined then we are going to continue
to adopt it we need to continue to mine it and if we are going to continue to
mine it it needs to be worthwhile to mine otherwise it would not make a lot
of sense needs to be worthwhile in the long term so you know the last big ones
gonna be mine years down the road so there’s a lot of stuff that still has to
happen but that’s kind of where what puts me at 1 million dollars 2020 the
prediction by John McAfee I am NOT going to count it out simply because it it’s
weirder things have happened in cryptocurrency weirder things have
happened and we have seen 100x gains in one year so give it to three years you
never know what’s possible there’s still a lot of money to come in to
cryptocurrency there’s still a lot of a doctor and it needs to take place we
still need to get institutional investors hedge funds big big big
operations big banks all of these people still have an opportunity to get
involved now trust me when I say this two to three years down the road the
cryptocurrency market is going to look very different than it is right now just
because of how much there still is to change it how new and how early
everything is you know five years down the line ten years down line things are
gonna look very different but I’m not gonna count out the possibility of
Bitcoin being up at a million dogs I would love to see it trust me I would be
a very happy man to see this but again we have people argue that aetherium is
gonna be the one to come up and overtake Bitcoin
very very possible some people are arguing even card Donald so that leads
me up to talk about card Donna before we end the video CEO of card on oh we will
overcome Bitcoin and etherium in one year now obviously it makes sense that
card that to see your car daughter will think that they’re cryptocurrencies
better than everything else you know if you talk to CEO a brick wall I’m sure
he’ll say that they will overtake Bitcoin in aetherium as well if you talk
to the CEO of you know steam which is lower down the list they’re going to say
the same thing CEO of Tron they’re going to say the same thing but he says in one
year that’s the part that kind of intrigued me and I would love to see
this happen now keep in mind there is a few possibilities for insane it’s one
obviously to draw attention to card on him saying this obviously some people
are going to jump on Cardinal simply because they are hoping that he is right
this is also a marketing technique the article now I’m talking about the
article this was a marketing technique done by him to get more hype around card
on to get more people talking about card on oh it was a brilliant move but could
you imagine if we saw Cardinal overtake you know Bitcoin or aetherium that would
be card – ah no Fritz overtake aetherium wouldn’t need to 10x oh one one ad a
token would be worth over two and a half dollars now for it to overtake Bitcoin
it would need to be worth at the bitcoins market cap right now it would
need to be worth over $5 so getting in at 25 cents for something that could be
worth five dollars that’s pretty much a 20x more than 20x – Pik 2530 X on your
investment it’s possible now you guys know I’m a fan of cards
I think our dogs gonna do relatively well I just think it was very cool to
see that article I love to see that he’s confident obviously he should be all
CEOs should be confident in their cryptocurrency but the fact that Cardona
is has still so much to do is the part that it makes me even more excited and
interested in what they have planned to make him say this now obviously I know I
like I said this could just be a huge marketing stunt but I am gonna keep an
eye on Cardinal I’m personally pretty bullish on Cardinal very bullish on
calling to card oh no and I’m excited to see what more they do come out with but
let’s take a look at the cryptocurrency market really quick things are actually
in the green today 388 billion dollar market kept climbing back up to that 400
billion 37.3% Bitcoin domains Bikila Dom is still holding pretty steady but I do
like to see the green not much in the red we see sea cash in the red that’s
one killing ones but not even in the red by a lot we have a populist one that’s
actually very volatile populist I know I know some people are in it but I
personally choose to stay away but you have to scroll aways down to find some
random well most of them are in the green vos up six and a half over six and
a half percent run up ten point three seven percent so congratulate all you
try and holders I know you guys are very happy about this and just going down the
list I’m happy to see things in the green green is good and cryptocurrency
and we’ve actually we are looking like we are breaking above the 50-day moving
average as you guys can see the 50-day moving average looks like it’s broken
the RSI is not high so it is looking like we are having a potential reversal
hopefully if we can break above the $1400 mark we do then go up and test the
$9,000 mark again if we cannot then I do expect Bitcoin to drop to potentially
drop back down to the $8,000 mark if we cannot break above the 50-day moving
average for long enough if we do come back down and look like we’re breaking
down I do expect us to hit the eight thousand dollar mark but guys taking it
one day at a time overall long-term still very bullish on cryptocurrency
four so for those of you day traders keep an eye on the market you know
keeping pretty active on the market it’s the next few hours especially next
day or two should give us an indication of what direction we are going to be
trading but guys hopefully you did enjoy this video if you did don’t forget to
smash that thumbs up button and leave a comment down below letting me know what
you think the price of Bitcoin is gonna be in the year 2020 could we hit a
million dollars could we hit five million dollars and
down the road guys down the road I’m saying think 2030 2040 where do you
think Bitcoin could be keep in mind I know it sounds crazy to hear it right
now you know some people gonna say oh obviously the maximum it can hit is ten
thousand dollars but no the Mexican hits a hundred thousand dollars which makes
sense you give it a 10x $100,000 sounds like a lot but at six cents seven years
ago would you have believed that something would be worth $20,000 seven
years later I know I wish I’d gotten him I wish I got involved in Bitcoin in the
year 2010 – that’d be really really cool but guys hope you enjoy this video thank
you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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