27 thoughts on “Bitcoin to $1M? HODLING is Crap, Mining Tax, Cryptojacking, Iceland, Ethereum and Bitcoin stats”

  1. Hopefully ligntning will be smooth and then big adoptions will happen, perhaps amazon which will grow the economy bigtime! Thanks for all the awesome videos Ivan!

  2. noob question – use and replace? What is the best way to do this strategy? Thank you as I truly want to know!

  3. As far as Hodling is concerned, I do not agree. Bitcoin is also considered the digital gold. And gold is generally considered the safe haven asset at all. So if Bitcoin really should be the digital gold then you have to allow Hodling. The supply is known to be limited to 21 million and Hodler’s are on the demand side. That stabilizes the bitcoin price and not the other way round.

  4. I started using LTC/ETH because it costs less to send to the wallet attached to debit card. When lightening network is up and running I'll use BTC again.

  5. Hi Ivan- I want to tell the world to play 1933 in pick four lottery so they can buy more Cryptos and your Course ???

  6. Hi Ivan
    Can you please do a video on how bitcoin development works ? Meaning how does a proposal get approved on github, who decides what gets approved and how do they actually deploy updates to something like bitcoin? How do miners and nodes get the updated code for the protocol?

  7. In the USA, if you spend and replace you are just creating a tax nightmare – even if the tax is not that much, the number of taxable events can become difficult to manage and costly to have processed by a tax professional. In these early days, crypto is simply not ready for mainstream because securing your funds is very difficult to do for non-technical people. So, IMO… this is a time to invest in the technology, and hodl is a perfectly good strategy if you are confident in your buy price and the long term prospects, in addition to getting a favorable low capital gains tax rate.

  8. Thanks Ivan for all. I have one thing I'd love for you to speak of that I have not heard in any recent videos.
    I don't understand the significance of the downward price pressure of $1 million/btc from coins distributed to the miners.
    At that price (1,800 btc/day to the miners x $1 million x 365 days/year = $650 billion/year given to the miners or $1.8 billion/day ).
    It is not free to mine btc anymore, so most miners have to sell their btc immediately, correct? That would mean that ~ $1.8 billion /day would have to come into the market just to keep the price of btc stable against the $, right? That seems like a HUGE amount of downward pressure?
    I really don't have any idea when it comes to what the market can produce as far as daily input into btc, but $1.8 billion/daily certainly sounds high. This isn't really a problem unless you want btc/$ price to continue to escalate.
    Also, with POS Ethereum how much $ (or Ether) would have to go to the stakeholders daily at the current price of ~ $900/ETher? I have not been able to calculate that.
    Not saying pow is over, but it sure seems that more $ will go into cryptos with cheaper network operating costs?
    I love btc and own a bunch, but this ^ just makes no sense to me at all.

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  10. Ethereum is very much over valued… i am a programmer and its a sht coin, their architecture really caveman…. thats something charles hoskinson the co founder of Ethereum and founder of Cardano talks about its also something Dan Larimer the founder of Bitshares, Steem and EOS talks about. If just 1 Dapp goes mainstream the whole network will be stunned and if you though bitcoin fees were high thats just pennies compared to what Ethereum fees would be. and no its not just a 'update' in the code… as many of you non coders think, this is a live blockchain with a architecture, this means that the future so called 'updates' has to be backwards compatible WHICH MEANS they have to stick with a shitty architecture…. Ethereum is great for ICO's and the baby stage of crypto, but its not suited for anything real, take it for what it is it is pure facts. Vitalik is in a sht boat. Invest in real projects NOT LIKE NEO ITS THE SAME SHTTY THING… but Lisk, Cardano and EOS… or atleast keep an eye on them if your the dude 'BUT BRO THEY'RE NOT EVEN LIVE YET' …. No and thats a good thing, they have the time to build a solid structure for a real produt. and oh yeah the solidity language which Ethereum Dapps are build on are very unsecure and very cave men aswell. And if i have gramma mistakes so be it english is not my mother language.

  11. Hi Ivan. I strongly disagree with your assertion that it is helpful or important to buy stuff with Bitcoin, when: 1) you will likely have to spend more for a less convenient retail transaction (compared to using Visa) with fewer consumer protections, and 2) the payment processing service the retailer is using will immediately sell the BTC, helping to LOWER the value of your Bitcoin holdings. What evidence do you have that increasing the usage of BTC for retail payments will increase its value relative to fiat? If you look at the historic values of fiat currencies versus gold, you'll find evidence of the exact opposite.

  12. I disagree with the "hodl is bad" view. Hodlers are just waiting until the value of the Bitcoin network increases and this is when it becomes easier to use Bitcoin. There is no point in exchanging Bitcoin for something you don't want. Bitcoin has the potential to be the best money ever so why not have as much of it as possible?

  13. The energy issue remains.. As long as their are people that want to rule by force then there will be a monopoly on energy. Unless we make our own currency or if our needs met in smart communties. Then the demand for goverment or crime will continue to exist. Inform the people. We are the creditors. The little guys and gals.. Never a brute with a gun

  14. In USA, Govt need to stop treating as property or we will never be able to spend it. Who wants to pay capital gains tax when you buy a cup of coffee or a sandwich…

  15. Right now I'm HODL ING waiting for lighting and v other technical advances to improve the product. I live in an analog world w analog payments. When crypto gets here I'll use it. Until then my mortgage is paid in fiat.

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